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  1. My submission for this topic would be the MPC 1988/89 Chevy C1500 which became the USA-1 monster truck. The monster truck seems to be re-released almost every year now, but I feel the original 2WD model was better from a build-variety standpoint. Yes there are the shortbox and stepside kits as well, but the former is rare-ish, and the latter is more common but still hasn't been released since the late 90s.
  2. I mentioned in another thread that Monogram used the incorrect NP205 in their 80's Bronco and F150 kits, rather than the correct NP208. AMT/MPC did get the transfer case correct in their Bronco kit, unsure if Revell did or not in theirs.
  3. To be fair, AMT did that also in the 90's and their kits were very well done (albeit a couple didn't quite match the box, such as the 2WD GMC Sonoma kit with the 4WD Sonoma on the box).
  4. Maybe they need to do this in order to bring back the 90's Chevy C1500 kits in a form other than the monster truck!
  5. From what I can tell in this pic, it looks the correct full width, but otherwise looks very basic and sparse.
  6. Doing a quick Google search shows that it does have the correct engine bay. The one I have is an old built kit, so I'm thinking I may try to swap it in despite the scale difference.
  7. I understand that Monogram didn't make a 1979 kit, but I am saying that they, for some reason, put a 1979 engine bay in the 1980+ kits. 1979 Ford engine bay: Monogram 1980 Bronco engine bay: Notice the ribs coming down from the firewall, the similar heater core, and jack locations. Now here's a 1:1 1980 Bronco engine bay:
  8. One other interesting thing I found: for some reason they decided to use the 1979 engine bay for the 1980+ kits, despite them being different generations.
  9. Agree on the modern pickups, and especially agree on the F150 comment! You would think, that with how many are sold, they would see that there would be a market for a scale (non-snap) version of them!
  10. My bad, I forgot that the 4x4 kit is a '66, which you're right that it has a different wheelbase than the '65. Granted, the frame could be shortened to the 120", though I guess I don't know how different the widths and layout of the two frames are.
  11. That would be great, I'm rebuilding this kit and apparently didn't keep the part from the first time I built it.
  12. As the title states, I'm looking for the convertible-down boot piece for the Revell/Monogram 90's Mustang Cobra Convertible.
  13. This is looking great so far! I really think you should reach out to Joseph at Fireball Modelworks and see if he would be interested in working with you to make a resin conversion for the '65 4x4 kit. This would be great to go along with his 1970 F250 conversion kit!
  14. My goal is just to finish some builds, rather than starting them and then putting them back in the box! ?
  15. It's possible they just weren't that popular since most using them off-road or on a farm would probably prefer the shorter wheelbase for maneuverability.
  16. Looks awesome! It's a very clean...dirty build! ? As far as cab and bed combo, the brochure I found says the crew cab could be had with both the 6.5' and 8' beds.
  17. I think for me, the Firebird feels sleeker and more refined compared to the Camaro. Plus, BBS style wheels!
  18. My favorite is the Revell 1/16 Trans Am GTA kit. Other than the incorrect 4-speed manual transmission, it is a well detailed and fairly accurate kit.
  19. Looks very rad and very 80's/90's! Good wheel and engine choice!
  20. Surprisingly, it may be tough to adapt the Olds front end to the S10 chassis. The suspension mounts end up a bit wider than the frame, there aren’t any buckets for the “coil springs”, and it pushes the wheel hubs fairly close to the edge of the wheel well.
  21. I do have both kits actually, so I could test it as long as I haven't already glued the Cutlass suspension to the frame. I will check tonight.
  22. Good to know. Yeah the 2wd wheels have a deeper offset compared to the 4wd wheels, so perhaps the Olds suspension will still be more accurate.
  23. Bump back up to the top. One interesting thing to note is the 4WD kits have what appears to be an NP205 transfer case, which is incorrect for the third-gen Broncos. They should have the NP208, which is what looks to be in AMT/MPC's version of the 1980 Bronco. From what I can tell, the NP205 is used across multiple kits because it was easy for Monogram, which is why it ended up incorrectly in the Bronco and F150 kits.
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