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  1. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Peterbilt Devil's Cut Whiskey Hauler   

    WOW!  What a beautiful piece of art!  This wicked little Pete is cool to look at (from all angles)!  I wish this was a kit I could buy and display on MY shelf!  AWESOME!!
  2. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic White 7400 & Detroit 6V71 project   

    You make the exhaust look so easy to do!  Of course we only see the finished product and not the time spent designing/measuring/assembling and routing.  Looks really good!  I like your choice of cabover, interesting to see it progress.
  3. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Mack DM800 concrete truck   

    WOW!  This is such a nice looking build.  You captured every detail from the real mixer...great eye for detail and accuracy!
  4. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Mystery Frame   

    I believe the frame is from a Revell W900 kit.  The mounts to the sleeper are already on the frame.  Flip the rails over and the air bags will be open (as if they were saving on material)
  5. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Mack DM600 roll-off truck 11-08-15 update   

    Beautiful work!  I like that dumpster.
    This is great scratch building!
  6. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic My Coors KW Project   

    Thanks for the comments guys! 
    I had to paint the white stripe on the cab due to the decals going bad.  I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to get to make this Coors combo.  Thankfully another modeler told me a guy was offering them online. 
    I was pretty happy with the paint on this one.  I'll make an update here shortly!
  7. Rigzndiesel added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    My Coors KW Project
    Slowly plugging away at this project.  As pics show, it's the Coors KW and I'm using a Great Dane for the trailer.  Decals were shot on both models so I got online and got some from Ebay.  2‌-hole budds for trailer from Class A resin.  Moebius tires on tractor and home-made budds for drive wheels.  Used an 8 air bag suspension from another kit.  Using extra stacks and air cleaner cap from Revell KW.  I think the stacks are too tall for a company rig, I may change them.  Other than that just going box stock.
    I remember this combo as a kid when I used to visit my Dad when he lived in Colorado (I'm from Illinois).  Nowhere to be seen anywhere now that I am an adult living in this state.  One of my early influences on why I love trucks and COEs.
    Oh ya, I stretched the frame about an inch to make a west coast rig.


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  8. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Freightliner FLC with Great Dane Reefer   

    This is a beautiful build!  Both the tractor and trailer are really outstanding pieces of work!  I enjoyed looking at them from front to back!
  9. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic In need of one rim   

    Still looking for one rim  I just learned the Super Boss rim is smaller in diameter so it wont work.  It needs to be a rim from one of AMTs Aerodyne kits.
  10. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic In need of one rim   

    PM sent.
  11. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic In need of one rim   

    No prob on getting back to me.  I realize this is a long shot so if you can help ...cool...if not then I really appreciate the time taken to look at your spare parts.
    Sorry for the poor pic on the rim but if it is the type of rim that sits in the two (white) pieces (inner rim) and "snaps" onto the axle then it would work.  The Super Boss uses the same thing although it is a 5-hole which I could use.  I just don't want a fellow modeler to "break up" a good kit to help me.  I'm turning them into two hole buds.  Unfortunately I didn't do my research well enough when I swapped in the 8 air bag suspension.  I can't use any of the older style AMT rims to go on the snap axles.
    Hopefully anyone who has this rim style has spares...

  12. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic In need of one rim   

    Hi Chu,
    This is the rim before I took the chrome off.  These rims are flat on the bottom which makes it unique but also hard to find a suitable sub.

  13. Rigzndiesel added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    In need of one rim
    I'm looking for just ONE rim.  The rim in need would be from the AMT Aerodyne kits (i.e. Papa hauler, Hideout, BJ, or the blue truck).  It is the outer chrome rim.  It doesn't matter whether the chrome is good or if it is painted.  I turned the three I have into (white) two hole buds.  Just need one, let me know if I can buy or trade with anyone.  Thanks
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  14. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic peterbilt 359 in progress   

    Looking good...looking real GOOD. Always a joy to see the progress and paint schemes of your trucks. Thanks Ken!
  15. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic post just your cabovers here   

    I finished up this one.