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  1. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic In need of one rim   

    No prob on getting back to me.  I realize this is a long shot so if you can help ...cool...if not then I really appreciate the time taken to look at your spare parts.
    Sorry for the poor pic on the rim but if it is the type of rim that sits in the two (white) pieces (inner rim) and "snaps" onto the axle then it would work.  The Super Boss uses the same thing although it is a 5-hole which I could use.  I just don't want a fellow modeler to "break up" a good kit to help me.  I'm turning them into two hole buds.  Unfortunately I didn't do my research well enough when I swapped in the 8 air bag suspension.  I can't use any of the older style AMT rims to go on the snap axles.
    Hopefully anyone who has this rim style has spares...

  2. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic In need of one rim   

    Hi Chu,
    This is the rim before I took the chrome off.  These rims are flat on the bottom which makes it unique but also hard to find a suitable sub.

  3. Rigzndiesel added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    In need of one rim
    I'm looking for just ONE rim.  The rim in need would be from the AMT Aerodyne kits (i.e. Papa hauler, Hideout, BJ, or the blue truck).  It is the outer chrome rim.  The Super Boss uses them too but I think it is a five hole budd.  It would work but I realize they are pretty rare.  It doesn't matter whether the chrome is good or if it is painted.  I turned the three I have into (white) two hole buds.  Just need one, let me know if I can buy or trade with anyone.  Thanks
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  4. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic peterbilt 359 in progress   

    Looking good...looking real GOOD. Always a joy to see the progress and paint schemes of your trucks. Thanks Ken!
  5. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic post just your cabovers here   

    I finished up this one.


  6. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Baldwin Motion- Titan/hauler/camaro's   

    SUH-WEEET....! I call dibs on the blue Camaro! Beautiful setup with cars and semi. Really, really nice!!

  7. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Second build complete   

    The green and the chrome is gorgeous! Sharp looking truck! The metallic green really stands out on a nice sunny day!

  8. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic all Peterbilt Conventionals here   

    Here's some of the Revell Pete's I built. This kit and Revell's KW K100 are my favorite kits to build. Jeff

  9. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic 53' Smoothie and T-600 Anteater   

    That's a nice looking truck and trailer (T600 and GD). The Volvo is really nice too! You have a good looking fleet!!

  10. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic all Peterbilt Conventionals here   

    Here's a pair of little window Petes that I built in the late 90's when I discovered Ebay. Prices weren't too outta this world at that time.

    My first Revell Pete I built for my daughter. I remember thinking this was a great kit and where the heck was I when these kits were on the shelves???? Musta been around the time I ditched my BMX bike for my first car...

    All got destroyed during moves, the black one got rebuilt the same and the other T-500 got built as a 358 wrecker. The Revell kit is/has been a work in progress.


  11. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Russell's Apollo -116 Diamond Reo * complete *   

    Beautiful build Sean! Your paint work is Outstanding! Please show us the mudflaps!

  12. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Pete 352 Restart   

    Worked a little on the fifth wheel. Made a release handle and a air lock coil and sanded down that big clunky base plate and added angle styrene to it. Interior in place.

    Made some mud flaps and hangers from wire. Once the paint dries I'll find a decal for the flaps. No chunky mud flap girls for this Pete!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!


  13. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Pete 352 Restart   

    Hey Randy,

    I have only built this kit once before in my younger days (in 1976 age 9). As memory serves me - I remember painting this truck green and gold with a paint brush. Those were the only colors at my disposal (it was a sick looking truck; green cab gold doors. This time around I want to do a better job for this 352. Anyways, I'm not gonna use the kit mirrors as they are the same for the 359 and they want you to omit the triangular brackets and only use the outer frame and mirror. They should actually be using the same mirrors that come in the KW K123 kits. But I think the KW mirrors are scaled too big to use on the 352. I will probably make mine using angle styrene (for the base that is attached to the door) to glue my outer mirror frame to. As far as the other chrome goes, I used longer grab handles from the snap Pete 359 on this build. I used a pin vise and drilled holes and pushed the grab handles into the cab and glued them from the inside once they were pushed thru. Scrape the chrome plating off the surfaces to be glued with a sharp Xacto and use tweezers to place the parts onto the cab. Just lay the cab on one side and take your time and be patient as your putting parts on. I think the biggest problem can be handling the model too soon as we all want to mock up the model to see how it looks with the new parts on. I am guilty of this...lol.

    Thanks for the comments!

  14. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Pete 352 Restart   

    A small update:

    Worked on the air cleaner piping and mount.

    Also mounted the air tanks under the battery box and changed my exhaust pipes.

    I wanted to have the stacks mounted on the frame but the resin site I usually buy from is all sold out of the mounts. I will mount them on the cab now.

  15. Rigzndiesel added a post in a topic Pete 352 Restart   

    Tim, Andre, Casey thank you for the comments.

    Here, I'm trying out if these stacks will look good. Interior painted and fitted in cab. I had to trim a 8mm X 8mm chunk out of the passenger side dog house for the tub to fit with the inline 6. It fits, now I can continue with the seats. This truck is actually the "Turnpiker" kit. I Think I will use the low backed seats since this paint scheme is looking more like a company truck than a O/O.