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  1. The amount of detail and work is awesome, been great following this along!
  2. Very cool start! Look forward to following this one thru!
  3. Came out looking really good! Actually reminds of a similar year Dodge truck a neighbor had when I was kid, would see it everyday walking to and from school.
  4. I've had good luck with flocking, I paint a base color down similar to the flocking color, then either use a white glue reduction or bottled clear I can brush on for flocking. In this case I would have painted, either taped off and sprayed or brushed the floor pan flat black, then flocked over.
  5. Yes, it is growing on me! Yeah, hopefully it will look very similar to the 1:1 he had in the pic above in initial thread. Here is the color I got made up
  6. Sorry to hear about your buddy, I can see where the car could grow on you, I've seen some really nice 1:1's built up as I've been looking at photos online and I read about the X Levi edition, pretty cool! Those old raceways make for some great memories indeed! Thank you David! Thank you for the information and the pics! Been a little task for sure getting this thing to come together right! See a lot of potential and ideas in the kit itself though! Yeah, it has been growing on me for sure, have some ideas for some future builds with this kit!
  7. Nice, definitely fun trying to replicate some of these cars with what is available! Cragars do look good! The more I started looking at images, there are some sweet Gremlins out there. The frame is awful, if I wasnt building this to replicate someone's, I'd be chopping into this!
  8. What's good all, along with a number of other builds, jumped into this one, similar to the Dodge pickup i'm working on, this is another I probably would have never guessed I'd be building one day! My lady friend's father owned a Gremlin, it was his first new car, we chatted about it one evening, had some good laughs but they liked it and it had some value to them so I decided to build him a model of it. I ordered the kit last week and it arrived yesterday, spent a good amount of time last night sanding/filing on the interior tub and chassis to get the fit a lot better, out of the box it was awful as you can see in the pic below. I've got it sitting a lot better, not perfect but I also do not want to sand through a few areas. The build is going to be relatively stock, I've only got a few pics to go by and it is a surprise for him so I can't ask him too many questions regarding it. I had a friend mix up the medium blue for me at his paint shop based off the pics and color codes we found online, should be a fun little build, nothing fancy and so far nothing has fit well, lol!
  9. Thank you, had been some time since spraying the Urethane, it looks like I should be able to nib this down and get it where I want it! Using the Stratto blue base worked out well, aside from it making the blue a hair darker than I was aiming for, having the blue base compared to one of my golds or silvers cut down on the amount of urethane needed, not as heavy. I gave that some thought, honestly I'm thinking of getting this one together and then building a second one with a detailed chassis, hemi or newer style engine etc., sounds like a fun project!
  10. Appreciate all the comments everyone! My 59's are on the back burner for a few weeks, dove into an AMT Gremlin, building it for someone who owned one as their first new car, chipping away on a Revell 57 Ford and a few other old projects, little work here and there on this and that at the moment. May end up creating an on going, WIP Thread rather than having several for each project with random updates
  11. Looking good, like that stance and chassis mod!
  12. Thank you all for the comments, this is one of the more simple builds but looks so good! Think my daughter Bell and I are going to take the 1:1 out after we finish our BBQ this evening ?
  13. Thank you both for the comments, it was a fun build, have some ideas for another one!!
  14. Thank you both, there some things in the color I'm not happy with, will let it sit for a few days and see if it is salvageable or I'll strip it down and start fresh, dunno times ?
  15. Got the Oriental Blue down, have a few spots to nob down and clean up before and clear gets sprayed
  16. Three coats of HOK Stratto Blue base is on and things are looking pretty good!
  17. Got some work in on the Dodge this morning, just finished yard work with my son and thinking of some Kandy Blue, debating on bases, right now I'm looking at Orion Silver or Stratto Blue then covering it in Oriental Blue. Should be fun, hopefully everything comes out decent!
  18. Thank you Doorsovdoon, awesome kit, we have a number of them with a number of ideas!! Thank you Gary, means a lot coming from you! Gary's work was very inspiring for me as a youth, always looked forward chopping it up at the NNL's back in the day! Thank you Bigdrag!
  19. What's good all, thought I'd post one of my pops builds today, this was built from an older version of AMT's 1957 Chevy Bel Air, relatively box stock, few parts to dress up the engine, chrome wheels and white walls to build a simple 60's style cruiser. Body was cleaned up, paint is a single stage jet black, not 100% on the brand, it something we were experimenting with on some parts for the 1:1 chevy during restoration. Thank you and enjoy!
  20. Thank you for the comments AMF and Paul, I grew up around the hobby and the real cars, love em all! I can't tell you how happy I am my youngest is enjoying the hobby and now taking a huge interest in the real ones, she has claimed my 63 Riviera as her first car...We are very fortunate as my father was a painter/auto body guy so we have always had access to the full size guns, touch up guns and materials. I grew up spraying HOK, PPG, Sikkens etc and now teaching Bell. It has been sad to see the hobby slow down so much over the years, I myself am guilty of falling in and out with everything else but since diving back in and having Bell working and learning, it has been great! Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have some updates on Bell's pick up in here! Thanks again guys, Bell appreciates the comments and support!
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