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  1. Nice clean build David!....by the way, I also can read your name, loud and clear!
  2. Beautiful concept.....an absolute jewel!
  3. I ordered mine from gmscustoms as well....appears that they currently have the best price on eBay.
  4. These photos should serve as a wake-up call to the car collecting community. The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of the cars crossing the block carry minimal provenance and of course, are always sold "as-is". The only way to discern irregularities and shoddy body work is via an extensive PPI....or by a desert hurricane!
  5. Perhaps its my aging eyes, but it certainly appears that good ole pink bondo was used in copious amounts on a few of those cars. If I were a high end collector, I would certainly be leery now of purchasing anything at these auctions without first going over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb. I wonder how many of these spur of the moment buyers (phone, internet bidders) later regret their purchase.
  6. Now that I think of it, makes me wonder about how good the restorations of some of those cars actually was vs how much was being asked for them:angry:
  7. Get a copy of the February issue of HotRod magazine..has a little feature on a guy who has 14 Mustang IIs.
  8. Beautiful work and craftsmanship....looking forward to more! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I thoroughly enjoy it, its a virtual car show in my living room in the dead of winter! Where else will you see an original '57 Savoy with 29 miles? I enjoy the running commentary as well, just when I think I know everything about a particular model, I learn something new. Sure, the auction has hysterically driven up prices by catering to wealthy 'wanna-be-seen" types but who cares...its just a car show to me.
  10. George, have you been to Nankin Hobby (Ford Rd. and Wayne Rd), that's the only "true" hobby store in my area...its actually part of an ACE hardware. All kinds of modeling supplies and goodies but their kits are quite pricey although they always seem to have the latest releases. As an aside, I understand that Michael's has clearanced a lot of kits and did find several that were marked down to $9.99 (of course, ones that I already have )
  11. That is truly stunning!! Beautiful build!
  12. There's a Hobby Lobby store on Ford Rd. in Canton, haven't been there in awhile but at the time, it struck me as a cross between Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics...not much emphasis on modeling.
  13. That's simply a flat-out beautiful build! Thanks for sharing.
  14. This is really nice work...I like the look, your color choices, wheels and the Recaros. I think I'll build one of my own! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Extraordinary....right down to the markings on the heater hoses!
  16. The SLR is one of my favorite cars. Absolutely beautiful build and it looks sensational in white!
  17. Really nice build! Are the various tire markings decals or did you mark them up by hand?
  18. A stunning build with impeccable craftsmanship...truly a masterpiece!
  19. Good looking paint ...plus a nice stance..long and low.
  20. The G car is my favorite Lambo....your rendition is a stunner!!!
  21. I'm looking forward to the release of the LTD and would also snap up a wagon version.
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