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  1. Just got mine in the mail from Missing Link - WOW ! What a nice piece. Thanks Kevin .
  2. Thanks guys, I filled the backside of the bumperettes , and I think I will just grind / sand them smooth.
  3. Does anyone make bumpers for the MPC 70s Cuda without the bumperettes , like would be used on pro stock cars ? Thanks, Chris
  4. Great tips, I am going in to dig out one of these kits & give it a try. Thanks, Chris
  5. Did you get anywhere on this project ? Chris
  6. I agree with everyone else, fantastic job ! Love the stance . Can we get a pic of the chassis ? Chris
  7. This would be an interesting build , Where did you get the decals in 1/25 th ? Chris
  8. Are them decals going to be available ?
  9. Chuck is a member on here. His decals are nice.
  10. Ordered a set of Golden Commando decals last week , got them in less then a week.
  11. The baby moons in the Kenworth kits are alittle to large for the hubs on the Peterbilt kits. Would have to switch out the hubs also. The studded belt idea , or searching a craft store , might be a better option then buying another KW kit just for the hubs. Thanks, Chris
  12. Anyone find anything suitable to use as "baby moons" for the rear drive axles for these AMT Peterbilts ? Thanks, Chris
  13. This is going to be good. Killer stance. I remember Scale Speed Shop, They had a great product line. Would be good to see them come back. Chris
  14. Yes, great info. Thanks Walt for the transmission info. Chris
  15. Walt, I wondering about the Tasca , Russ Davis, Bonner , & Platt cars. Thanks, Chris
  16. OK, I have a question on transmissions , Anyone know which cars were 4 speeds & which were autos ? Thanks, Chris
  17. I think Scale Modeling By Chris has them. Chris
  18. There are a lot of 440 cars racing today with full length , under chassis headers. Not back in the day, today you don`t see many fender exit headers. Chris
  19. It would be nice if somebody would cast them 440 headers. The Hemi ones to .While they are at it - how about that nice cool can that is in some of the Revell Mopar super stock kits. Chris
  20. Sent him a letter a couple weeks ago , still have not heard anything . Chris
  21. Check AMT`s 1970 1/2 Camaro Z28 . It has an LT1 , so it should be close. You would have to source the old style "ram horn" exhaust manifolds and the chrome open air cleaner from somewhere else, but they should be easy to find.
  22. I have his address, I will send a letter out in the morning .
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