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  1. yes thats the one thank you for posting picture, been looking for picture
  2. ive always liked the chopped off rear fenderwells, couldnt u put the ss frame and interier in this to make a fancy stock chevy
  3. i love this truck been reissued alot, ive got the pink version and blue version, and still love it, even my profile picture is a 4x4 version of this. wish they would make the stripes for this truck.
  4. they also made a nissan dually, and a 4x4 that they reissued not long ago
  5. great job, i just bought this kit, i want to try to build my 2017 fx truck
  6. wasnt there a camao this year called night prowler, blue with big fender bulges on the side, i cant remember who made it, its been so long since i seen one
  7. i drive a 2017 f150 Fx2, silver supercab with the 3.5 , i love it would love to have a model of it
  8. i have the custom 99 silverado, and i dont know where they got the grill at
  9. i might have a few if u need more
  10. looking great, vans are going crazy again, ive got a custom 75 dodge in my yard, so i will be following this build.
  11. looks awesome, love the way it turned out.
  12. i sold one of the buick this past summer to a guy that has a real one.
  13. yes thats it, i love that kit built it many times.
  14. wasnt there one that had a silver body with black fenders on it, i think it was called early iron series.
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