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  1. I love your workshop and i love how you have all the projects in a row. thats a lot of muscle cars. I wish i could get to my work bench in the garage, but till spring its way to cold to be in the workshop at the bench, i have to work at the kitchen table till it thaws. Love your cars and dislay. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I have to agree with Dave here. I have like 5 projects going on right now, to let the paint fully cure on all of them. I would love to have a dehydrator as that would cure them in a 3rd of the time but cant bring my self to stop buying kits to save up for one, so what i do is paint a project, go on to the next one and go back and forth until its done. this also helps me with getting modelers block. If i get tired of one project there are other ones to work on till there done. Thats just what i do however. Darren
  3. its kinda funny (well, not FUNNY funny...) the paint just did not adhere at all to portions of the plastic. its tamiya black and it just kind of peeled off there...stuck together like no getout but not at all to the body in spots as you can see. ive never had anything like that happen to me before.
  4. cool ill have to give that a try, it really looks like ice.
  5. Awesome idea and it looks awesome finished. My questions is how did you cut the sprue to look so good?
  6. I too use Testors Clear, the Model Master High Gloss Clearcoat number 2936. Its cheaper to buy it in the little bottles and airbrush it, but what I do is use the rattle can and before spraying the model or part or parts, ill heat it up (the can) in very hot tap water. That way it is highly atomized and always comes out with out any orange peel and lays very smooth that way. And as far as decals that are non race car decals ill do as Raul_Perez and others on this forum, spray the decal, let it dry, wet sand with 2000, spray again, let dry wetsand repeat until there are no edges. I also do spray, sand, respray for my lowrider paint jobs that have multi painted patterns to get rid of any tape edges.....The good thing about sanding between the coats is to also get rid of enough of the clear coat so that it doesnt build up and make the model look as if it was dipped in a jar of clear coat. This eliminates that problem. I have sprayed as many as 10-15 coats of clear on a lowrider model to get rid of any tape edges and by sanding each coat it looks as if it has had only 2-3 coats of total paint.
  7. Yes they were in the acura rsx kit. Im building that kit as a lowrider too.
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