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  1. I have done this before on the piece I use for the build, but that makes sense for the left over pieces as well.
  2. will be watching this one for sure, I am the same way have been wanting to do a truck like this for a long time.
  3. David, Thank you for the kind words.
  4. Thank you very much, for the kind words and everything. I really appreciate all the kinds words from the crew. It makes me realize I am not the only one that has to endure this.
  5. There are a lot more in progress build pics on my website for this build and many others. modelsinc.yolasite.com
  6. Thank you for the kind words, it is the revel kafer 1/16th scale kit. This is a pic of the box.
  7. Carl, thank you for the encouraging words, yes it's a very dark time for me but they say time heals. we will see. Thank you for the kind words.
  8. Thank you for the kind words, I never thought of that but yes it will be dedicated to her now.
  9. I just noticed I never finished adding the pics for the finished build. It has been a while and had a very tragic year. Want to get away from 2022. Lost my beautiful wife of 22 years two months ago and just now trying to get back to life. Here are the finished pics for the finished product.
  10. wow I love this, very creative and mean looking at the same time. I know what you mean about scribing, its a learned technique, but your lines look good to me. This is amazing.
  11. You can do the same thing with craft foam sheets, they come colored and they retain the embossing on the foam.
  12. This is a very important point. I once built a fantastic hinge for a trunk for a 1962 Pontiac and did not test fit the base. Come to find out it was hitting the wheel tub. Had to start all over.
  13. Brilliant idea and technique, awesome photos too. Thank you very much for sharing.....
  14. Thank you, I will post more soon.
  15. Awesome builds, very very nice!
  16. I have been gone from here for a while due to Instagram. Found Instagram and been over there mostly. I thought I would share my only finished build for 2020. It is finished except for the swamp cooler I have to add and a cool rag top. Other than that it is finished. I removed the fenders, opened up the doors, built a custom blower for the engine, among a few.
  17. also added an over flow hose on the fuel tank.
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