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  1. Nice production, favorite goes to the Nash and the Olds 57 ?
  2. Happy new year from France to all my fellow modelers friends :)
  3. Thanks for the nice comments, all the build have been posted here, the truck is in the right section so I think if you looking at Dick Landy Hauler on the research portion you will find it ?
  4. There it is, time to look at the mirror to see how productive I was this year, and well not unhappy of myself ? 10 models finished
  5. Very nice built !! It's a not often seen model, always liked this generation of Daytona. Got the approach as you but with the first Turbo Z from DD Mc Call ;)
  6. Don't know who built that Plymouth duet but the Golden Commando bronze one is particulary very well built and painted !!! ?
  7. Thanks for the nice comments, the wheels cover came from Trumpeter Falcon/Ranchero kits
  8. Thanks, concerning the engine, it was correct looking regarding the few pics I found with Fairlane 6 engine, maybe the inches were more important on trucks, but it's not choking from the outside ?
  9. Hi guys, Here are my last build, an AMT 65 Galaxie and a Revell 64 Fairlane. The Fairlane is build as a grocery getters with a Moebius 6 under hood and Trumpeter Hubcaps, wanted to done it like an AMT annual instead of a drag model, color is champagne metallic from Tamiya, had to scratch build a center console also. Thé Galaxie is box stock minus wheels and tires, from parts box, I saw this car on a Muscle Car of the Week video and had to build it ? Hope you will like them ?
  10. Wow that is absolutely gorgeous, incredible underhood details, really really beautiful !!! :)
  11. Really nice !! Remind me one from an old movie....
  12. Very very nice !!! Have to restore mine, have a second one but missing the glasses...
  13. Don't know if the people at AMT/MPC read this topic but it would be nice if they could reissued this kit :
  14. Nice build and nice color combo !!
  15. Very nice build !! Will look good close to my 69 !!
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