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  1. Thanks for the nice comments, I ve had this kit for years and built several on my young days but get tired of it at a moment until I saw an old b&w movie where cars were provide by Ford and it gives me inspiration to build this one ?
  2. Hi guys, Here is my last build, an AMT 56 Ford Victoria, simply box stock except the skirts with scratch chrome molding, to me it's really something missing on this kit, the car looks too "small" without them. Spray can paint without any clear coat, just polished. Hope you'll like it
  3. Hi guys, Here is my last project finally done : a Dick Landy Dodge 1965 D700 race car hauler and the Hemi Dart. It's a long time project which I stopped during a few years and get back to it to bring at a car show next week end. It starts life as an AMT Ford Louisville with a RMR resin cab, both were highly modified, cab gets home made truck fender, Fireball Modelworks doors handle, MCG emblems, resin wheels, scratch fuel tank, rear platform was modified to look like the 1/1, engine was replace for a Dodge big block of course :), cab decals designed by a good friend of mine The Hemi Dart is a Revell kit, with correct Dodge A100 seats, Charger steering wheel, correct painted Hemi to look like the Landy's Dart one. Believe me it was a hard project as it was very hard to find good pictures of the truck, finally a friend of mine bought the book of the story of Dick Landy which helps me to have some nice view about it. Didn't know where to post it between Big Rig or Light commercial so..... Hope you will like it
  4. Thank yo guys, glad you like hem !!
  5. Thanks for the nice comments, let’s see what 2019 will bring ?
  6. Hi guys, didn't have lot's of time this year to post everything here but here is my kits for this year, hope you'll like them :
  7. Very realistic and nice weathering !!!
  8. Very good job, I like the Bronco and the Torino
  9. Very nice, special mention to the Plymouth, you corrected the rear stance and it does a lot !!!!
  10. Here is one I just finished to restore a few days ago, was equiped with a small block V8 still, I think I got it this way !!
  11. Hi guys, Back with a new built. Sometime a project take a longer time than what's expected, and even when doing your best it's still far from perfect. So is with this one, started years ago, then put on side, it' a resin which I kitbashed with a Revell 59 Ford kit, engine is resin also, some scratch to have the 50ies valve cover and air filter. I've put a pic of what I begin with, I don't want to touch it again so here it is
  12. Piece of art !!! Wow very nice !!!
  13. Thanks for the nice comments !!! Don't worry I was very carefaul doing that !!
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