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  1. Seems that you had a good year !!! The only fact of finishing a Heller kit is a little miracle by itself !!!
  2. Man this car is baaaaaad !!! The stance and the big/small tires really does the job on your model !!!
  3. Seems that you have a good year !!!!
  4. One thing I like looking at your work is that your models are very realistic, seems that you can come inside and turn the key !!!! Favorite goes to the 3 first ones
  5. You did a nice work !!! Black is beautiful !!!
  6. Very nice, and very good idea !!!
  7. Gorgeous, I was wondering if I buy this kit or not as I still have the convertible and Woody to build, you make me think about it !!! Very good work !!!
  8. What can I say ???? Very very impressive built !!! Engine details are top notch !!! What's next ???? What is your source for the hubcaps and the up top ?
  9. Man that's for model kits here, no real car !!!
  10. Thanks for the nice comments, hope I will be more productive next year !!!!
  11. As usual with you Yuri, amazing work, it's a good thing to show our production in the end of the year as we sometimes miss some topic, and that's the case with the majority of your build this year for me, don't know why, anyway simply gorgeous !!!!
  12. Nice work !!! Special mention for the Fairlane 64
  13. Nice build !! I like that 71 Mustang and the 'Cuda !!!
  14. Good job Ron, I'm not a fan of the All white combo but you sure did a nice build !!
  15. Very high quality builds here, I especially like that Shelby, gorgeous !!!
  16. mangodart

    My 2016

    Very prolific year !!!! Good job !!
  17. Black is beautiful ?? I really like that 57 Ford chassis, very good idea !!
  18. Good job as usual, wasn't the 67 Mustang this year built ??
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