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  1. frame? scratchbuilt...door jambs? scratchbuilt...hinges? scratchbuilt...did the kit come with opening doors and trunk? no it didnt...did it come with the frame and hinges in the box? no it didnt... therefore he has "scratchbuilt" opening doors, trunk, and a full frame....in my opinion that makes it "ALMOST" scratchbuilt which is what the OP stated.
  2. i got one of these, and ill gladly loan it out to ANYONE that may need it
  3. after seeing your work on other builds im sure you wont have any trouble making a silk purse out of this sows ear from mpc. ill be watching
  4. my username pretty much sums it up LOL I like any of the older pre-1980 Mopars but especially the late 60's to early 70's musclecars
  5. heres some pics of my previous daily driver and my current one previous: 1985 s-10 had a slightly warmed over 355 SBC in it...ran decent for a street truck i guess lol current daily driver: 1985 Buick Regal
  6. ahhhhh yes....the Grand Camino....i built one of these a few years back after seeing some pics online of it....its now in the "reconstruction" phase lol heres a shot of mine
  7. Keef

    70 Chevelles

    heres a few pics of mine...its the amt kit its a work in progress...i start one, get almost finished, then start another....then later on i drag some started kits back out and finish them up
  8. i built this one using the Revell 69 Camaro Z-28 kit but the entire drivetrain was Mopar.....i called it the "HemiMaro"
  9. im sure that works with enamel paints but it BMF compatible with Dupli-Color Lacquers?
  10. :shock: *picks jaw up off floor* that car is AWESOME!!!!!...cant wait to see finished pics of it
  11. any updates on this sweet looking truck??
  12. after looking on the net the past few days i have become infatuated with this car and id love to see an AFFORDABLE full detail kit of this car 1978 XC Falcon Cobra...preferrably in either 1/24 or 1/25 scale
  13. in issue # 109 of the magazine your sketchpad centerfold shows a green 53-55 corvette with a nice looking hardtop ....i was wondering if you had a certain donor in mind when you drew that or did it just pop into your head? reason im asking is because im thinking seriously of building that car if i can figure out what to use as a donor Keith
  14. looks real good to me...but why does the interior shot make the whole car look green but it looks blue in the rest of the pics?
  15. 35... been modeling since i was 12 and hope to continue modeling til im laid to rest
  16. welcome and i love that wheels up launch pic
  17. ive been using the MM lacquers for awhile too...i use the PlastiKote white sandable primer on all of my cars and the only problem ive had out of the MM paints is the Mopar Plum Crazy...i painted a 71 GTX with it and wasnt happy with the results...soaked it for 1 week in CSC and it didnt budge the paint a bit so i ended up buying another kit...other than that i have had no problems with their line of lacquer paints at all but i mostly use Dupli-Color automotive paints
  18. I agree with what's already been said, that is an absolutely stunning car
  19. http://www.carnut.com/photo/list/flist.html dont know if this one has been posted here before or not but thought it could help someone out maybe
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