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  1. Is there a kitted exhaust cut-out? If not I`d welcome any suggestions on how to best replicate this configuration. Also I`m looking for Glass Pack style mufflers....any lead on finding them will be greatly appropriated. Thanks for looking.
  2. Looking to fabricate my own exhaust pipes coming of the headers to the mufflers using round styrene rod. What or best methods of bending styrene. Also, any tips, how tow tricks or recommendations would be appropriated as well.
  3. Can anyone give me a lead on where I can find bomber seats
  4. Oldmopars after looking at your pictures I`m starting to think the AMT Galaxies 429 block might be a good option in the absents of a Jo-Han 429 block. Once painted up, an air cleaner thrown on top and it dropped into an engine compartment I think it will do a good job of representing Ford`s Boss 429. Thanks
  5. ANYTHING cast by Jo-Han is always good. Correct me if I`m wrong but wasn't the Jo-han Maverick also kitted with a 429 option
  6. Has Ford`s big block 429 Blue Crescent engine every been kitted.
  7. You are correct..I should have said AMT NOT Revell...sorry about the mixed signals.
  8. Oooh..I like the direction this is going..hope to see more soon
  9. Thank yoou all for responding. All of your responses have been informative & have shed a lot of light on why I was not getting good results. Any and all additional advise or tips are welcomed.
  10. Look for a rear spoiler for Revell`s `70 1/2 Baldwin Motion Camaro.
  11. You said "Cut a fresh edge with a sharp knife." Is the he manufacturers edge prone to leaking? And no I haven't tried spraying a light coat or two of the base colour or clear coat of the same type of paint to seal the edge.
  12. My Tape: Scotch Blue painters tape. My Technique Cut to size and apply to body
  13. Have a heck of a time doing 2 tone paint scheme. What tape/techniques are you guys & gals using to mask off your bodies
  14. Can you good folks enlighten me on what 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engines have been kitted.
  15. In need of shifter assembly for Lenco Transmission. I know it can be found in Revell `s `57 Chevy Pro Sportsman "Soff Seal" kit on chrome tree...part #45 Long Shifter and part#46 "Short Shifter". I suspect the`55 Chevy Pro Sportsman kit by Revell may also has the part.🤔 Thanks for looking.
  16. ELO is a mainstay for me. I have soaked small parts. Generally overnight soak does the job. Sometimes you may have to do a second pass. As far as large parts like whole bodies I brush ELO on and let set overnight. ELO can be reused multiple times before its stripping powers are diminished. You can also mix "FRESH" ELO to the used solution to "extend" the life of the used solution.
  17. Thanks StevenGuthmiller for the advise. I`ll have to give Super Clean a try.👍
  18. So if I`m understanding this correctly...certain strippers work better on stripping certain brands (Tamiya-Testors etc) as well as types (enamel-ayrclic-laqure-acyrlic laqure etc.) of paints.
  19. Wow.. StevenGuthmiller I`ve never seen paint come off like that before..its like a snake shedding it skin.
  20. Haven't had an opportunity to use Super Clean but, I have tried Purple Power and was not impressed with its stripping power.
  21. After search the forum and reading several past post on paint strippers I still have several questions. My original go to stripper has been Testors ELO. GREAT stuff. Gets the job done quickly and doesn't harm the plastic. The only time it did was when I had a body in the dip tank (Tupperware tube) filled with ELO and forgot to take it out before leaving for a two week vacation. Upon returning I discovered the body was now a gooey white lump of dissolved plastic on the bottom of the dip tank. My ELO stash is nearly depleted & I`ve been told Testors stopped making it. So I`m looking for a new go to stripper. I`ve done Ez-Off, but found the fums and over-spray messy not to mention having to suit up in gloves and respirator. Brake Fluid was just an oily mess and it`s slooooow to work. Not to mention, It works best on enamel and painfully slowly on lacquer..if at all. What is best stripper for removing lacquer paint without damaging plastic. Has anyone tried Scalecoat paint stripper. I`m open to suggestions and input. Thanks
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