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  1. I'm definitely interested in seeing your 1:25 scale version! That's fun stuff! Please feel free to contact me if you need reference photos.
  2. Which one? Slixx makes a lot of the factory cars.
  3. It's finished! When I have better light tomorrow, I'll post more photos. Thanks for looking.
  4. I meant no harm or disrespect. My intention was to share in the camaraderie of having done the same model in different scales. The OP's is 1:25 scale and mine is 1:18 scale. I kinda viewed his as a "Mini-me." I'm not familiar with the posting environment here. If I've crossed a line, my apologies. Again, it was not intentional.
  5. Cool! You did a really nice job. Here's one I did in 1:18 scale diecast.
  6. I reworked a couple of Supercar Collectible models too.
  7. OK, OK, OK! I know! The last installment I said the next would be my final and the model would be finished. I estimated it would be done in a week. However, even though I knew that the painting and final assembly would not go as planned (These modifications are always full of unanticipated surprises) I really thought the final line was only a week away. Hanging the doors proved to be a time consuming issue and I had to scrap my firewall and fabricate an entire new one because I didn't factor in the space required for door hinges. It's also been blistering hot so my paint time has been limited too. At any rate, as you can see, the finish line is close! I will declare that the NEXT installment will be the final one! (I think)
  8. Very cool! What a nice model and a fantastic build!
  9. "I love it when a plan comes together." 95% of the fabrication has been completed and I'm getting real close to final preparation for painting, final assembly, and decals. Barring any unforeseen obstacles, I estimate that the model will be finished in about one week! Next post should be "Chevoom - Final."
  10. You've captured the look of the 1:1 beautifully. I have to imagine that getting the proportions right on the chopped top must have been a bear!
  11. That's awfully clever and very creative. I'll have to remember that one!
  12. Failure! Failure! Failure! Photos 1 and 2: I covered the interior with aluminum sheathing and it looked horrible. Instead of the aluminum tin work that I was going for, it looked more like a 6 year old did Christmas gift wrapping. Horrible! This would not do so I stripped of the aluminum, sanded out the rough spots, and began again but this time using my old standard, steel sheathing. Photos 3 and 4: Ahhhhh..... much better now.
  13. It's got the perfect backyard look. Your description is spot on! Well done!
  14. A CMC machine in your hands is like a paintbrush with Picasso. It's just beautiful art.
  15. This is superb! The decals are great and the paint is off the charts! You managed to capture the look of an early '70s funny car quite well. Very well done.
  16. Lance, Just a thought but here's a couple of optional ideas for the rear seat area. You mentioned that the rear seat I sent you is too narrow. One option would be to widened it using a second rear seat. (I have one if you want it). The chrome trim pieces could be covered with bare metal foil. That might be a bit more work than you wanted to invest. The other option would be to use the front buckets in the rear. But heck, it's your model so perhaps your original bench seat idea might still be the best way to go too.
  17. Thanks for the link! I didn't know that DeAgostini was now offering the subscription to the USA. Years ago, it was only available in the UK. I'm not sure I'm going to pull the trigger on the Mustang. After closer inspection, I'm not too thrilled with the lack of detail on a number of pieces. The engine in particular looks very suspect and definitely would require some additional detailing. However, perhaps that's most of the fun, 'eh?
  18. Is this out yet? I didn't know this was a DeAgostini model. I have the Enzo and the F430 Spyder.
  19. Correct! I used JB Weld to build the chassis. It'll all be filed, sanded, and painted black.
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