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  1. FORD v FERRARI | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

    Matt Damon's a good actor, but not sure he's the guy I would have cast for the role of Carroll Shelby. Matthew McConaughey would have been a better likeness, and being a native Texan, would have been more suited to the role. One man's opinion. I'll be going to see it, just the same.
  2. Ford '29 "Model A " Hotrod

    Very nice!! Love this approach.
  3. 'recent' Camaro concept car kit

    I've not picked up one of these kits, but the cover art and the actual concept vehicle both omit the "B pillar and quarter glass, making it a pillarless hardtop, where the production vehicle has a fixed 'B' pillar that the fixed quarter glass covers, creating the illusion of a "no-post" hardtop.
  4. 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan Resto-Rod

    Love this! I have a similar project going that stalled out a few months ago. This has served to inspire me to press on. Nice job, and thanks for sharing!
  5. Some talk on car movies.

    I know this is a "movie cars" thread, but when it comes to accuracy and Hollywood, it's hard to knock the Mad Men TV series. I always looked forward to seeing what car Don or the other Madison Avenue boys would be driving during every episode. https://www.autoblog.com/2015/04/07/top-five-cars-mad-men/
  6. 40 years!

    Bill, having followed your builds over the years, you should know that you've awed and inspired many. Hearing of your humble beginnings just gives hope to that many more. Thanks for sharing the story. Keep on building, my friend!
  7. AMT 40 Ford Sedan Box Art

    I'm convinced that gremlins randomly select kit boxes to take up residence in. No rhyme or reason for which kits are selected, but you can take solace in the fact that you bested this one by completing the kit—and quite nicely, I might add.
  8. My son's first model

    Congratulations to your son on the fine build. I wish mine had turned out so well at that age! Lastly, high praise to you as his father, encouraging him to create something he can share, display and be continually proud of, may be the best gift, and is quite frankly the best part of this story. Thanks for sharing, this wins best post today honors.
  9. Old Hobby Shop Photos

    Whenever I would fly back to Wisconsin, this was a "must visit" destination. So sad to hear that it's gone.
  10. 58 Edsel

    Couldn't agree more. 58 Buick and Oldsmobile come to mind.
  11. 61 Plymouth Fury

    Gorgeous!! Nicely done, and I love the color selection.
  12. 29 Model A 823c

    Best example of pioneer hot rodding In scale I've seen yet! Nice work!
  13. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Love it! Not overstated on appearance, but long on power. Great build!
  14. Revell 1966 and 1969 GTO

    The ’69 kit, as mentioned, is simplified, but produces a nice end result. One caution, however, avoid the molded-in-orange version if you can, as that kit can pose some paint opacity issues.
  15. El Camino SS 1968 Weathered AMT model

    The weathered vinyl top separating and lifting at the seam is a nice touch and deftly handled. Nice job.