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  1. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic Tamiya Morris cooper mini Mk.1   

    Very nice build of your Mini!  What did you use for the chrome trim (e.g. around the wheels and on the windows)?
  2. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic White Freightliner   

    Great build - really enjoyed looking at your pictures of it.  I have one of these to do and if it comes out half as good as yours I'll be happy.
  3. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 48 Ford Convertible   

    Nice job Geoff!
  4. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic What happened to the B.R.B.O. finished trucks?   

    I logged in today for the first time in a while - work has been extremely busy, hence having to pull out of the Big Rig Build Off.  I wanted to see how it was all going as it was such a good idea with lots of inspirational builds going on.  Definitely disappointed to see it has all come to a stop.  It'd be great if those involved would add their completed builds to Jordan's thread.
  5. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Hi Guys,
    Unfortunately July has been a busy month with work and I don't see myself getting the time in the coming months I need to complete this project to the level I would like before the deadline for the B.R.B.O. competition.  Regrettably, I'm going to have to pull out of the competition but hope to be able to vote when the time comes to pick the winners as I would like to be able support the B.R.B.O.  Hopefully, there'll be one next year as well when I will pick a less ambitious project and, with a bit of luck, have a work schedule that allows me to complete an entry.
  6. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic Alclad Chrome - ARRRRGGHHH!!!!!   

    A gravity-fed airbrush at the lowest setting you can go without it spitting, spray at a low angle a reasonable distance from the pieces and very lightly build up the coats.  If you get a dull finish you have put too much on.  I usually spray the chrome about an hour after I have put the Alclad black base on.  You will get a reflective finish but have to accept you won't get an extremely shiny finish like kit chrome but for some applications it looks much more realistic.
    The exhaust pipes on this '40 Ford chassis were done using Alclad Chrome and finished with their aquagloss clear:

  7. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Hi Guys,
    June has been a total miss on the Pete I'm afraid.  What little time I have had for model building has had to be spent on another project.  I am still hoping to get this project done in time - although it is looking like it is going to need a miracle!
    If I don't manage to complete I hope that I will be allowed to cast a vote in the competition as it would be an enjoyable, and probably difficult, task to pick out the ones I like the most.
  8. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 70's Freightliner Cabover   

    Looks really nice - I like the paint work.
  9. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 69 Camaro pro street   

    Looks pretty cool!  Well done on a nice build.
  10. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Hi Guys,
    Here's my update for May.  As expected, it was a busy month with work and I also had a holiday to Prague.  I got a little bit of cleaning up done on some of the parts but not much at all.  We'll see how June goes, hope more gets done!
  11. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Hi Guys,
    Here's my update for April.  All my aftermarket stuff has now arrived so I can start figuring out how to measure the chassis.  I'm sure the project will need more aftermarket supplies but it'll be detail stuff so won't affect the dimensions of the rig.
    I haven't done too much work on the Pete this month as I have had to do some work on some other projects - I hope to get the basic chassis started next month; it looks like it'll be a busy month with work so we'll see.
    One of the aftermarket items was a C-15 engine from Mo'luminum.  It didn't come with a gearbox - any advice on what I can stick on it will be greatly appreciated!!
  12. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic BRBO Kenworth K125 **Finished**   

    This is shaping up to be a cool build.
  13. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Thanks for the comment Gator.  It seems difficult to believe a country the size of the United States would send everything through one city that is being exported to be checked.  If you're right it would create a real bottleneck.  How did you find out this piece of information?
    Your mini saw blade would be a very fierce weapon indeed!!
    I'm almost done collecting the aftermarket parts I need for this build and I think I don't need to order anything more from the States.  Some of the generic stuff like wiring or lights I'm going to pick up from local model shows.
    I'm starting to worry about getting this thing done so I'd better up the work rate on it!
  14. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Hi Guys,
    Here's my update for March.
    Still working on cleaning up the parts; going through the chassis parts at the moment.
    Some more aftermarket parts have arrived - some air cleaners from VCG Resins and Aluminum Parts and some aluminium parts from Ryan Mylnek at Rhino's Model Truck Parts (pictures below).  I'm still waiting on parts from a couple of companies yet,  I'll give them a bit more time yet before asking about when the parts were shipped.

    The next stage will be to figure out all the dimensions for the chassis once I have all the parts I have ordered.  For now the parts cleanup will continue - not very exciting but essential to a good model.
  15. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 37 Ford Street Rod...WIP !   

    Nice to see your progress on this.  Good tip for the rear valance between the fenders - will have to remember that one!