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  1. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic Mixed bag of cabovers   

    Nice collection of cabovers - thanks for sharing them with us.
    I also started doing a Cruiseliner with a big bunk but it never got finished (must see if I still have the pieces lying around one day) so it is great to see one that has been finished as nicely as yours.  I'm working on a conventional truck at the moment but have quite a few cabovers in the stash, posts like yours provide inspiration to get one out and enjoy thinking about the trucks I used to see on the New Brunswick roads in the 1970s.
  2. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic Hello from the UK   

    I should be at the show in Hinckley with ASVC Wombourne - looking forward to having a chat.
  3. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic Hello from the UK   

    Hi Simon,
    Welcome to the forum - you'll find it is a really good one.
    I'm not too far from you as I am in Wolverhampton.
    The East Midlands Model show is next month in Hinckley on the 13th, it is usually quite good (LE10 0JR).
  4. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Thanks for the reply Clayton - I'll check out the sources you have mentioned.
    I'm not planning to stretch the frame too much, just enough to allow for the bigger sleeper really.  I'm not too crazy on the extremely stretched frames; my plan with this build is my vision of a mildly customised truck that is still fairly practical.  I've really enjoyed building unique models with the hot rods I have been doing for the last few years and am looking forward to making a big rig model that has the approach I have developed to model building since I started back in the hobby in 2001.
  5. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    An update on the build so far - have been working on preparing parts so far.  I haven't built an AMT truck kits from the '70s for a while so have had to get used to the amount of clean up they needed again (I remember an AMT K123 I have started took me 3 months just to do the basic clean-up!).
    I have removed mould lines on the Revell sleeper I'll be using and have glued in some plastic rod into the holes in the roof.  They'll be filed/sanded smooth using super-glue (used with kicker) as the filler.

    I've also been having a think about what aftermarket items I'll be getting for it and would like some aluminium pieces for it.  Does anybody know if Mo'luminum is selling parts at the moment?
    I've got some photo-etched exhaust stacks for it and have been wondering about a different engine for the truck as it will be mildly customised - I'm open to suggestions or recommendations about where to get something.  I haven't been building rigs for a while so am a bit out of touch with the aftermarket at the moment.
    The next step is to clean up all the pieces for the chassis and start planning how much to stretch it and where the accessories will attach to it.
  6. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic Deuce Sedan "Old school but not same old same old"   

    Very, very impressive build.  Excellent fabrication and it oozes character.
    I've got a soft spot for where you live as well - I was in Ottawa from '77 until '85, great city to grow up in!
  7. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 5 window coupe   

    Very nice - just how I like hot rods!  Revell really hit the ball out of the park with this kit.  I like the picture of it on the mirror.
    To answer Del's question about headlights I use white glue (e.g. Formula 560 Canopy Glue by Zap) put around the rim as a small bead on the inside of the headlight buckets for the lenses themselves, but I suspect he may have been referring to glueing the headlight bar to the fenders.  The picture below shows how I make a better fitting - I drill small holes in the fenders and the end of end of the headlight bar and glue plastic rod into the ends of the headlight bar, at a slight angle.  If you get it right, it'll stay in place without glue.

  8. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Your mock-up looks promising, the Papa truck chassis saves a lot of work - result!
  9. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler   

    Good choice with the Pete 359, lots of people were very pleased when it was reissued recently.
  10. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic VW Golf/Rabbit dual build   

    That engine does look good, I haven't heard of Clearly Scale before - I will have to look them up.
    If you get the hinges on the hood just right you'll be able to get it to open and close and stay open without a prop.
    If you knock the dashboard assembly out of place when installing the interior it is possible to re-install it through a side window (that's what happened to me).
    Don't worry too much about the horizontal seam on the engine - it doesn't show on the completed model. The exhaust header tends to come off the engine when you're assembling the exhaust so changing the attachment slightly might help.
    I like the sound of more VW and Porsche builds!
  11. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler   

    Sounds like you have some good ideas for the build - I wish you well!
  12. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic VW Golf/Rabbit dual build   

    I've built two of the ROG Mk1 GTIs - they're nice kits.
    Watch for mold lines at the bottom of the windscreen pillars and the top of the hatch.  There is also a horizontal line on the front fenders (just below the hood) that shouldn't be there.  When inserting the interior don't follow the instructions - attach the engine and interior to the chassis and insert both together like you would do normally for a car kit.  Also, scrape some of the paint off the hood hinges and open up the  holes a little bit in the body for the hinges.
    Mine have been built to European specifications so I can't help you too much with some of the differences the North American version had but any general questions you have about the car or the kit I should be able to answer.  Here are the two that I have built as U.K. cars:

    I've got the cabriolet kit as well but haven't built it yet so don't have any tips for building one at the moment.
    I'll be watching how you get on with yours - I've definitely got a soft spot for the Mk1 Golf/Rabbit.
  13. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 36 Ford 5 window   

    I know the feeling about paintwork - one of my builds was successful on the fifth attempt!  I like what you're doing with this, it should turn out as a nice rod.
  14. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler   

    I think you may find you can't use this kit as it is a snap kit.  However, if you're planning to do a lot of modifications you might be alright - check with Clayton.
  15. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Excellent idea for the B.R.B.O. - like most ideas, it had already been done by someone else, but I am sure you'll come up with a good take on it.  You have made a nice start to the project, I'm looking forward to watching what you do with this one.  You've already given me some ideas about how I can improve the two AMT K-100 Aerodynes I have waiting to be built in my stash.