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  1. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Your mock-up looks promising, the Papa truck chassis saves a lot of work - result!
  2. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler   

    Good choice with the Pete 359, lots of people were very pleased when it was reissued recently.
  3. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic VW Golf/Rabbit dual build   

    That engine does look good, I haven't heard of Clearly Scale before - I will have to look them up.
    If you get the hinges on the hood just right you'll be able to get it to open and close and stay open without a prop.
    If you knock the dashboard assembly out of place when installing the interior it is possible to re-install it through a side window (that's what happened to me).
    Don't worry too much about the horizontal seam on the engine - it doesn't show on the completed model. The exhaust header tends to come off the engine when you're assembling the exhaust so changing the attachment slightly might help.
    I like the sound of more VW and Porsche builds!
  4. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler   

    Sounds like you have some good ideas for the build - I wish you well!
  5. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic VW Golf/Rabbit dual build   

    I've built two of the ROG Mk1 GTIs - they're nice kits.
    Watch for mold lines at the bottom of the windscreen pillars and the top of the hatch.  There is also a horizontal line on the front fenders (just below the hood) that shouldn't be there.  When inserting the interior don't follow the instructions - attach the engine and interior to the chassis and insert both together like you would do normally for a car kit.  Also, scrape some of the paint off the hood hinges and open up the  holes a little bit in the body for the hinges.
    Mine have been built to European specifications so I can't help you too much with some of the differences the North American version had but any general questions you have about the car or the kit I should be able to answer.  Here are the two that I have built as U.K. cars:

    I've got the cabriolet kit as well but haven't built it yet so don't have any tips for building one at the moment.
    I'll be watching how you get on with yours - I've definitely got a soft spot for the Mk1 Golf/Rabbit.
  6. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic 36 Ford 5 window   

    I know the feeling about paintwork - one of my builds was successful on the fifth attempt!  I like what you're doing with this, it should turn out as a nice rod.
  7. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 California Hauler   

    I think you may find you can't use this kit as it is a snap kit.  However, if you're planning to do a lot of modifications you might be alright - check with Clayton.
  8. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O BJ and The Bear Custom   

    Excellent idea for the B.R.B.O. - like most ideas, it had already been done by someone else, but I am sure you'll come up with a good take on it.  You have made a nice start to the project, I'm looking forward to watching what you do with this one.  You've already given me some ideas about how I can improve the two AMT K-100 Aerodynes I have waiting to be built in my stash.
  9. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic BJ & The Bear KW   

    Really nice build of a famous K-100 - probably one of the best examples of a cabover truck design ever.  I've got two AMT K-100 Aerodynes to build, I hope they come as nicely as yours has.  Will have to look into one of those grilles and your build thread.
  10. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Started some work on the project today.  A few years ago a friend gave me a Revell Peterbilt Wrecker his Uncle had started.  A lot of the parts are unused so I have decided to take a few for this build.  The sleeper and seats will definitely be used, a few other parts may sneak in as well, we'll see as the build develops.  I have started prepping the parts from the Revell sleeper - which is a bit taller than the AMT cab so I'll need to think about which way to tackle the difference.
    Sean - the decals are the Midnight Express ones but they are so old that the white is no longer on the pinstriping or the sign-writing.  It is no loss to me as I wasn't planning to use them anyway, I hope you manage to find a good set somewhere.
  11. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Diamond Reo Royale   

    Nice project - you're putting us to shame with the speed at which you seem to be getting on with the build.  I was quite happy to have decided what I'm going to do before the end of the third week in January!
    Will be very interested to see how you progress with this one.
  12. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Pete 359   

    Yes, I can't complain about my wife supporting my model building hobby.  She quite likes helping me plan projects and we both spent some time earlier today looking at ideas for paint schemes.
    The next steps are to plan a shopping list for this project and to do some research for ideas and information.
  13. Jim Whalen added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    B.R.B.O. Pete 359
    My choice came down to two - an AMT Kenworth K100 Aerodyne or an AMT Pete 359.  I said to my wife "These are the two I have narrowed it down to" and she replied "Build the Peterbilt".  So here is the start of my build thread for the Big Rig Build Off.
    I have really enjoyed looking at some of the ideas others have started for this community build, when I have some time I'll have to look through a few more and catch up on the ones I have already seen.
    When I used to build these AMT truck kits as a kid they were out of the box builds but I have come a long way since then so this one will be changed around a bit.  How it will exactly turn out hasn't been decided yet but it will have a custom flavour to it with updated parts to improve the fidelity of the kit.  The plan is to put a Moebius 53 foot reefer trailer behind it. Like most of my hot rod models, it will evolve as the build progresses.  This is my first truck model for a long time so I am looking forward to going back to what I started with in the hobby and seeing what I can do with one of my earliest kits now.
    Here are a couple of pictures of the unstarted kit.

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  14. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic What was your first truck model?   

    My first model truck was the White Freightliner single drive cabover that was built largely by my Dad.  The second model truck I had was bought with my pocket money and was an AMT Kenworth K123.  I painted it orange using Testors paints.  I would say it was '74 or '75 that I started building models and, apart from the usual breaks, I have been involved in the hobby ever since.
    I worked my way through most of the AMT truck kits and have a few in my stash now to build.  I have two AMT Kenworth K100 Aerodynes that I am looking forward to building as I have always liked that particular truck and I haven't yet built a model of one.  Since I started building again in 2002 I haven't done any trucks and have been mainly doing hot rods and drag racing.  I will be starting a truck project this month as the Big Rig Build Off which has just started on this forum has provided a nice motivator to get back into doing a truck.  I'm just deciding what I am going to build, and the style of the project, before starting my build thread.
    I have enjoyed reading people's stories on this topic; it has certainly brought back a few memories about getting into the hobby when I was young.
  15. Jim Whalen added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth W-900   

    Very nice model!  One of my favourite trucks and model kits, it is nice to see one put together so nicely with a few personal touches.