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  1. VW Golf GTI, Mk1. “Silver”, Revell

    Hi Gary, Yes this kit came with a LHD dash (the holes in the body were already drilled for the LHD option, I had to fill them before drilling out the holes for a RHD body shell). I used resin bumpers to update the red one to 1979 spec as the kit comes with the original bumpers (as shown in Bo's silver example above) and the green '83 variant used a transkit. I'd say this kit is the nicest Mk1 Golf kit offered.
  2. VW Golf GTI, Mk1. “Silver”, Revell

    Thanks Tommy! Yes, the antennas are a bit thick, they were built for a magazine and the editor didn't want too much done to the kits (the red one was virtually a box stock build except for the bumpers and registration plates). If I was building one for myself and thinking about contests I'd use guitar string, stretched sprue or something similar.
  3. VW Golf GTI, Mk1. “Silver”, Revell

    They are nice kits, lots of parts and definitely capture the character of the car. You've done a nice job on yours! Here's a couple of the same kit that I have built, the second has been modified to represent a later Mk1 Golf GTI. They've now released the later variant (which I have on order) but it would be great if Revell released a four door version - then I could do a replica of my first car, a 1983 GL.
  4. Ford 5 Window coupe

    Nice paint! Candies are tricky to spray and you've nailed it around the louvers as well.
  5. 31 Ford Model A coupe--The quick 368 day build

    Nice build! Lots of details to make it a unique model and a good representation of the real thing.
  6. Yellow Pearl paint..... might as well be translucent

    Hi Geoff, I know that Zero haven’t got a stand at this year’s show but Steve usually comes on the Saturday so, if he stays true to form, I’ll say a quick “Hello”. Looking forward to catching up with you Geoff on Saturday, I’m involved with the judging (11:30 to 3pm) but will be spending most of the rest of the day with the Hot Rod and Custom Car SIG (Hall 2, near Wonderland Models).
  7. Yellow Pearl paint..... might as well be translucent

    Yellows are notoriously difficult colours for coverage - I’m thinking of using Badger stynylrez neutral yellow primer next time I try a yellow paint job. It may need to be made a bit paler with white primer, depending on the colour I choose. I like the Zero paint range as well, Steve Hemming (who runs Hiroboy) is a good guy and is very helpful - I must make sure to say Hi to him this weekend at Scale Model World. The paint I’ve found the hardest to spray so far is candy red, but stuck with it and after five attempts had a great paint job.
  8. ´33 Ford 3W Coupe - Billy F. Gibbons´ Eliminator

    Nice build of the Eliminator coupe - I was already into hot rods when the ZZ Top videos came out but this famous car helped me become a ZZ Top fan. Went to see them in Manchester last year - I'm hoping they will come over to England as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations next year.
  9. 1930 Ford Model A Victoria

    Nice conversion - it is a enjoyable part of the hobby when you're able to come up with something original to put on your shelf. I would have built a street rod myself but I can certainly appreciate the way that you have built your model.
  10. Great work so far, I really like the way that you have done the chassis.
  11. Mack with lowboy and a Payhauler

    Brilliant work Alain!! Very impressive, especially the convincing photos.
  12. AMT 32 Ford Vicky A/G

    Great build, there is a lot of work that has gone into the model. Interesting paint, sharp result.
  13. Strickler Camaro

    Nice build!
  14. Pete 352/Trailer Coca Cola

    Looks sharp Mike! I've got the Pete 352 and have the trailer on order. Yours certainly looks like a nice addition to your shelves.
  15. Model Truck Contest Leaflet - 1977

    Like many people I left modelling for a while, but not as long as yourself, I got back into it when I saw some nicely done models in a shop while on holiday. I mainly build street rods now but have quite a few truck kits to do and I'm keen to build one with my current skill set. I'm 53 now and feel like my model building is going well, but there's lots of room for improvement and the challenge of finding the time!!