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  1. Nice model - looks like getting that y-block in there was a squeeze!
  2. Interesting build to watch - I recently read an article in an old issue of a certain magazine on a DVD about doing this conversion. Finding that your dog had chewed up the cab must have been very annoying! I'm pleased you have kept going and have started with a fresh cab.
  3. Nice start, I like the way this one is going. I have seen a few of your builds now and have always been impressed.
  4. Looking good so far! I built one of these last year, watch the hinges for the front doors on the front panel, they're really delicate. It might be an idea to shorten the attachment points a little bit so it is easier to fit the front doors on as the hinges easily snap off the body (I wonder how I know that!).
  5. The Revell VW Mk1 Golfs are good kits - I'm sure yours will turn out to be a nice build Geoff.
  6. As I am in the UK, I had never met Barry but had communicated with him through forums. He always came across as one of the good guys in the model building community. I remember a nice bright yellow Revell 1932 Ford sedan that he had built. My thoughts are with his wife and family during this difficult time for them.
  7. Great model, it's always inspiring to see someone do something different, and to such a high standard.
  8. I think they've been released - there's plenty on E-bay with the buy it now option. I'm tempted to get one, but I have a large stash of kits that really needs to be reduced, not increased.
  9. A nice way of having a tribute to a friend. The build is well thought out and cleanly executed - it's a shame you're not planning to build any more big rigs. It is great to see someone doing a nice job with a classic AMT kit.
  10. Hi Gary, Yes this kit came with a LHD dash (the holes in the body were already drilled for the LHD option, I had to fill them before drilling out the holes for a RHD body shell). I used resin bumpers to update the red one to 1979 spec as the kit comes with the original bumpers (as shown in Bo's silver example above) and the green '83 variant used a transkit. I'd say this kit is the nicest Mk1 Golf kit offered.
  11. Thanks Tommy! Yes, the antennas are a bit thick, they were built for a magazine and the editor didn't want too much done to the kits (the red one was virtually a box stock build except for the bumpers and registration plates). If I was building one for myself and thinking about contests I'd use guitar string, stretched sprue or something similar.
  12. They are nice kits, lots of parts and definitely capture the character of the car. You've done a nice job on yours! Here's a couple of the same kit that I have built, the second has been modified to represent a later Mk1 Golf GTI. They've now released the later variant (which I have on order) but it would be great if Revell released a four door version - then I could do a replica of my first car, a 1983 GL.
  13. Nice paint! Candies are tricky to spray and you've nailed it around the louvers as well.
  14. Nice build! Lots of details to make it a unique model and a good representation of the real thing.
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