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  1. Pete 352/Trailer Coca Cola

    Looks sharp Mike! I've got the Pete 352 and have the trailer on order. Yours certainly looks like a nice addition to your shelves.
  2. Model Truck Contest Leaflet - 1977

    Like many people I left modelling for a while, but not as long as yourself, I got back into it when I saw some nicely done models in a shop while on holiday. I mainly build street rods now but have quite a few truck kits to do and I'm keen to build one with my current skill set. I'm 53 now and feel like my model building is going well, but there's lots of room for improvement and the challenge of finding the time!!
  3. Model Truck Contest Leaflet - 1977

    Thanks for the comments about Jerry’s decals Sergey, I always appreciate it when other model builders are helpful! Thanks for putting those images up Casey - it is great seeing things like this that date back to when I first started in the hobby. I have a few of the AMT truck kits to build. It will take a while to prep the parts and build them to match the quality of more recent kits (e.g. the pipes going from the engine to the air cleaners or exhaust).
  4. Excellent build! Everything is tied together really well (e.g. the rear suspension).
  5. Model Truck Contest Leaflet - 1977

    I think you might be right about the deadline Jim - but then I've never been able to get a project done for a particular date! More than once I have been working on a project for Scale Model World (aka the IPMS nationals here in the UK), miss the November deadline and had to settle for the following year's competition. Thanks for the review on Jerry's decals - I'll probably get some Watkins ones as well since I have a W-925 that has been sitting in my loft for years, doesn't make sense to buy a new kit just to get fresh decals. Good story Mike! I think it is memories like these that make us want to build some of the kits from when we first started. The reason I got an Allied Van Lines trailer was to pair it with the single drive White Freightliner cabover I bought last year (that was my first ever model - though largely built by my Dad, without paint) so it is time to do proper job with a vastly superior skill set.
  6. Hi, I thought people would be interested in this leaflet that came with an old Allied Van Lines trailer that I bought from someone in Canada. It is certainly a memory of a golden age in model building! The decals in the kit are useless - I've found some replacement decals by Jerry at Modeltruckin, can anyone tell be what his decals are like quality-wise?
  7. Revell Auto Transporter

    A brilliant piece of work! As JT says, the cars on the load have character, really go with the rig, and definitely add to the overall impression.
  8. Lone Wolf Custom's Foose Caddy

    Well, what else would we expect from you Donn! Truly inspirational as always.
  9. 1980 Ford LNT 9000

    Fantastic build with lots of little details to go along with the conversion to a tractor unit.
  10. 30 model a coupe

    Thanks for the reply Lee. I know Lee Croden as well since I'm a member of the SIG as well and usually see him at Scale Model World in Telford (I sometimes go to the Huddersfield show as well). I thought assembling the body before painting would be better - thanks for the confirmation of what you did. I'm lucky enough to have one to put together at some point.
  11. 30 model a coupe

    Nice models! Did you glue the roof on the coupe before painting it? Good to see someone else from the UK building hot rods - do you know about the IPMS UK Hot Rod and Custom Car SIG?
  12. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    Nice rig!!
  13. Model shops in or near Boston MA

    Thanks for the suggestions Jeff. I'm looking forward to our trip (to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary), I went to Maine a couple of times when I was living in New Brunswick in the '70s but haven't been anywhere else in the U.S. We're also going to see the Red Sox - I have been a fan of baseball since I was young and have never been to a Major League game (fortunately we have it on t.v. over here). It will be good to look round a model shop in the U.S. as car modelling is bigger over there than it is here (although it is growing here).
  14. Just a few thoughts on scale

    It might interest you to know that the UK is mainly Imperial - we use miles per hour on our roads and buy our beer and milk in pints. We are in a bit of confusion though as some measurements in the Highway Code are in metric and many things in supermarkets are as well (I think this may have come about from being part of the EU). This would explain why Airfix uses 1/32 if it is an easier scale to work with in Imperial.
  15. Model shops in or near Boston MA

    Hi Peteski, Thanks for your reply - it is good to have a second person recommend the same shop. Thanks for suggesting Hobby Emporium as well, I'll check their website. I had found Hobby Bunker by doing some Google searches but didn't get the right vibe from it so I am pleased that this forum has once again shown how helpful its members are.