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  1. TS-13 on Zero paints

    I've had problems using TS13 over Zero paints - even though it says its ok on their website. I also had an issue when I used decanted Tamiya spray paint and then used TS13 to clear it. Until I have some spare time to practice with different combinations of paint and TS13 on some scrap plastic I'm keeping away from it.
  2. Int 2500 Highway Plow with Sander

    Nice build - really captures the look of snow plows that I can remember from living in Canada.
  3. 1912 Model T Light Delivery

    I built a 1911 Touring by ICM which came with plated parts for the brass items. However, I used Alclad Polished Brass over their gloss black base and then protected the paint with Alclad ALC 600 Aqua Gloss. I left the windscreen and its supports as plated brass due to the thin nature of the supports to avoid breaking them when cleaning them up. As expected, most of the parts in the version reviewed this thread are similar to the one that I have built. Some of the parts are thin and are easy to break (the good news is that they respond well to liquid poly), the model can be fiddly to build but they look right which is the most important aspect of a model kit.
  4. Class of 17 - Rods and Rigs

    Nice mix of builds, topics and styles. I wish I could have got as many projects completed as you last year, I completed 3 in 2017 (all cars) which was three better than 2016 so I guess that is a move in the right direction. I hope you have a good year of building this year!
  5. 1981 K100

    Very nice! I like all the effort you've made to get a replica.
  6. Flamed 49 Mercury

    Thanks for the comments guys! I used a Lazy Modeller mask - they do them for quite a few cars and are based in Australia. The paint is Alclad ALC701 Bright Silver Candy base shot straight onto the plastic. I then used Alclad ALC708 Candy Emerald Green before clearing it with Zero Diamond Finish 2 pack. I then applied the mask, misted a little bit of Candy Emerald Green before applying a coat of Bright Silver Candy base to preserve the candy effect for the flames. I then used Alclad ALC706 Candy Golden yellow on the front part of the flames and then faded in the AL704 Candy Orange pointing the airbrush towards the rear of the model. Another application of the Zero Diamond Finish 2 pack was applied before the usual polish cloth, compounds and wax treatment commenced.
  7. Flamed 49 Mercury

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I had the idea for this paint scheme about three years ago but I'm sure you all know how life gets in the way of model building. I'm pleased to finally have it finished. Since you can't really see the interior on the completed build, here's a picture of it before final assembly.
  8. Flamed 49 Mercury

    As some people have had trouble seeing the photos I have tried inserting them using a different method:
  9. Flamed 49 Mercury

    Hi Guys, I haven't put a build on here for a while so I thought I'd post some pics of a project I completed today.
  10. Watkins Kenworth 925

    Nice job on the Kenworth Watkins rig. One of my favourite kits and have built a few but never in these colours - something I intend to put right. I like what you've done with the fuel tanks.
  11. Tamiya Morris cooper mini Mk.1

    Very nice build of your Mini! What did you use for the chrome trim (e.g. around the wheels and on the windows)?
  12. White Freightliner

    Great build - really enjoyed looking at your pictures of it. I have one of these to do and if it comes out half as good as yours I'll be happy.
  13. 48 Ford Convertible

    Nice job Geoff!
  14. I logged in today for the first time in a while - work has been extremely busy, hence having to pull out of the Big Rig Build Off. I wanted to see how it was all going as it was such a good idea with lots of inspirational builds going on. Definitely disappointed to see it has all come to a stop. It'd be great if those involved would add their completed builds to Jordan's thread.
  15. B.R.B.O. Pete 359

    Hi Guys, Unfortunately July has been a busy month with work and I don't see myself getting the time in the coming months I need to complete this project to the level I would like before the deadline for the B.R.B.O. competition. Regrettably, I'm going to have to pull out of the competition but hope to be able to vote when the time comes to pick the winners as I would like to be able support the B.R.B.O. Hopefully, there'll be one next year as well when I will pick a less ambitious project and, with a bit of luck, have a work schedule that allows me to complete an entry.