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  1. Here are a few suggestions - Dodge Viper Red, Corvette Rally Red, Ferrari Rosso Corsa (pre ‘97), Ford Vermillion Red, Ford Fleet Red (used on Thunderbirds and Mustangs 1956 - 1971 (also known as Fiesta Red)), and GM Victory Red (also known as Fire Red and Blaze Red). If you Google the colours along with the word code you’ll get the info you need to get someone like MCW, Zero or Splash to mix you some for airbrushing.
  2. Sharp build of the Vette - my favourite of the Corvettes is the C2. Quite a few were yellow - Sunfire Yellow was the fifth most popular colour in 1967. Yours looks smart with the contrast of the yellow paint and black stripes.
  3. You may well be right about how little work may be required to get the windshield to fit Bernard. I haven’t had a look at the parts yet to consider what will be required. You’re right about enjoying changing things around to get the build style that you want. I’m in the process of building one of the original releases of the Revell ‘30 coupe and have changed the rear suspension to a transverse spring set-up. Having a scale rod shop that creates unique builds (although others will have done similar things it is unlikely that their build will be identical in every respect) is a very rewarding aspect of the hobby. I am pleased about the new interior in the kit as it broadens the scope of the model immensely. It will be interesting to see what twists modellers will come up with using this new release.
  4. Nice ‘36 Ford! I like your mild custom treatment as well. I have one of these to build and have heard of it’s issues, I plan to treat it as a starting point for a lot of fabrication, semi-scratch building and kit swapping to get a decent street rod.
  5. Remembering things like this useful tip from Tim doesn’t always go according to plan which is why I use the notes section on my smartphone or my Excel database that I have for my model building hobby. I also have a Word file that has paint colours along with their codes and where I can get them from for future builds. For metallic paints I keep to suppliers who specialise in model paints so that the flake size is realistic. I have the Stacey David kit in my stash but I plan to get a couple of the new kit; as Bernard said they will be good for parts. I also have one of the original roadster kits and I’ll have a look at how easy it would be to copy the indentations on the cowl to use the chopped windscreen in the new kit. Perhaps someone in the aftermarket will do a body with this modification already done or produce a replacement for the top of the cowl. So that you could cut a rectangular piece off of the body and put in the replacement.
  6. Very sharp looking rig - with a striking paint-job!
  7. I have heard about the ModelTrucking decals - and I believe they are more accurate for the BJ and the Bear rig than the original AMT ones were. I plan to try their decals on some builds in the future. I haven't heard of Firebirds.
  8. Great build - these old AMT truck kits don't fall together like some modern kits do but with some work they can look really good as you have managed to do with your model.
  9. Lovely build of the 911. Those eighties Porsches do require a lot of masking - I did the new Revell 911 Targa kit recently and that required a lot as well. Still, I prefer it to a 70's build that would require BMF!
  10. I've just had a look at the body shell on the one I have in the stash - same problem. I think Jim is right about the use of coloured plastic. I built a test shot of the new Revell E-type coupe and there were no issues at all but when the kit came out moulded in glossy red plastic it was a different story. I wonder if the Targa version of this kit has the same issue, since the body is moulded in red.
  11. Well, what would we expect from you Donn? Brilliant, as always!
  12. McLaren Models, an online shop based in Falkirk, has a good range of AMT kits at very competitive prices. I have also used Jacksons Models (based in Wigton) and Yanks (John has recently returned to the model scene after spending some time at 1/1 American shows - yanks.org.uk) in the last month. Andy Swindlehurst is still trading and has an online presence (model-cars.ueniweb.com), he is usually at Scale Model World in Telford and the Halifax show (but I don't think the Halifax show is running in 2022).
  13. This is an excellent little rod which all flows together nicely and shows how much thought has gone into it. A slice of originality and more details to catch the eye each time you view it certainly adds up to a stand-out model.
  14. Very nice Corvette, I also like the wheels you have chosen and the colour combination. I moved to Canada when I was 6 in 1971 and back to England in 1985 so C3 Corvettes are what I think of when I first visualise a Corvette and yours captures the image I usually have perfectly.
  15. Thanks for that Nick, you've done an outstanding job of it.
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