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  1. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Anyone have this problem?   

    I had someone contact me through this forum asking for some resin parts I had cast for a project I was working on. 
    I told him I was not in the business of making parts but after he insisted for some time I finally capitulated, agreed on a price and spent a couple weeks making the parts.
    What a surprise, another resin oriented flake out.  The guy could not get the money for one (lame sounding) reason after another.  After a month or more of excuses he just stopped communicating. \
    We aren't talking a lot of money, it's the time and effort that was the main loss. 
    So the next guy that asks me for a similar favor will most likely get a resounding NO from me.
    What is it with resin that brings the flakes and cheats out?
  2. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Porsche 934/5   

    The wheels are aluminum and the tires are soft.  It comes with PE brake rotors…

    And PE calipers…

  3. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Porsche 934/5   

    It is 1/43 scale.  I expected the windows to be a female dog.  By comparison to the wonky bent up, brittle and oversized white metal roll cage parts they were a breeze... 
  4. Scale-Master added a post in a topic The most dificult 1/24 or 25th auto model to build?   

    I remember that one well. 
    I watched my Dad build the one in the box art photos.  He used 714 on the sides because it was our new phone area code at the time. 
    I never cared for the Pactra metallic blue and red he used.  Back then we mostly used Testors Metal Flakes and I thought the Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red would have looked better. 
  5. Scale-Master added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Porsche 934/5
    This will be the 1976 Follmer-Morton Vasek Polak car as it ran at Watkins Glen.
    The casting is pretty good, but needed some smoothing out and scribe work.

    After I did the basic body clean up, I made the windows.  The frames are PE that had to be bent to fit to the openings then painted black.  The kit provides a sheet of flat clear stock to cut the glass from.

    The hood needed to have a hole bored through it for the fuel filler.

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  6. Scale-Master added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    I made decals for the gauges; the lighting isn’t the best so the shadows are blocking the small ones, (fuel, amps, temp and clock gauges). 
    I didn’t make a decal for the tach.   Seemed like a waste of time drawing it and then putting the AutoMeter tach in front of it.  I can’t see the factory tach in the real car.  (I don’t even know if it still works.)

  7. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Viva Raunchero!   

    Great idea.  It could be a cool phantom version.
  8. Scale-Master added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    I made decals for the pattern and applied it over a coat of grimy black.
  9. Scale-Master added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    I wish I knew more about it.  It has the original factory interior still except for the driver's seat (I have the factory driver seat in storage) and the minor details like trim color and gauges.  The dots are actually recessed on the real car, but not enough to try to replicate in this scale.
    I've never seen another '70-'73 Camaro with the same pattern/material, and thankfully it wears like iron. 
    The car was built during the last week of the '73 production run (according to the VIN) and I found other minor quirks like '74 door locks in side the doors.  So I'm guessing it was a late in the year option, (or maybe new one for '74?).
  10. Scale-Master added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    Thanks guys.
    I made the floor mats from scratch.  They are a combination of painted vinyl and custom decals.
  11. Scale-Master added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    I made copies of the Kicker 6X9 speakers for the rear…

    Rubber Heartbeat floor mats for the front…

    And the velour dot pattern for the three factory seats…

    The dash still needs the gauges, but most of the painted details are done.  The stereo is a Kenwood KRC2008 and the face is a custom decal. The burl wood trim is hand painted.
     The silver paint had worn through the dash trim on my car so I repainted it blue (and the Camaro script) to go with the exterior.  I also added the A/C vents and made a non-manual transmission brake pedal.

  12. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Trophies, plaques and medals/ribbons   

    The unique and special awards (and Best Of's) I keep.  Most of the plaques can't be recycled so I keep them too, unfortunately many get put into storage due to space in the display cases.
    Many/most of the "regular" trophies I donate back to the show (after I carefully peel off the engraved plaque and save) so they can reuse it next time with a new engraving. 
    I don't need them, and if it helps make the show more affordable, all the better.  Win-win.  (Or would that be Win-win-win ?)
  13. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Audi Quattro   

    I'd call it a tribute scheme.  The race cars had a similar tri-color graphic and I thought pale yellow might work.  I was half way through painting the second color before I realized why it seemed like such a familiar color combo...
    The Gunmetal is Tamiya TS, the Yellow is old Testors enamel, (as is the light gray).  The red and black are Tamiya acrylics that were brush painted.
  14. Scale-Master added a topic in Under Glass   

    Audi Quattro
    Just a quick restoration of an older forgotten model. 

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  15. Scale-Master added a post in a topic Fireball 500   

    I don't believe so.  I think there has only been the one layout/style.
    In addition, only one side is correct with the kit supplied decals.  When they painted the restored car they flipped the flame stencil over to do the passenger side and then lettered it.  The decals show it as a mirror image so the passenger side decal shape is actually upside down.  (I wish I found that detail out before I made new decals for mine...)