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  1. LHD Gulf Seven

    The proportioning valve is installed to the firewall and plumbed to the master cylinder and out to the brake lines. The hard lines were made from aluminum rod.
  2. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks John! The proportioning valve was milled from an aluminum impregnated resin blank I cast. The five fittings and knob were milled from aluminum.
  3. LHD Gulf Seven

    I did have to remove the engine once to finagle the header in. But it is in for good now… The scratch-built Left Hand Drive footbox has been installed too.
  4. LHD Gulf Seven

    I installed the engine; it might stay, or it might have to come out if I can't get access to everything I need to attach to it…
  5. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thank you David. In many cases it is more than a bolt too. A washer, a stud, a lock nut... Brass mounting bracket for the tank. I acid cut the ears/tabs and soldered them onto the ring.
  6. LHD Gulf Seven

    I milled the mounting hardware for the intake manifolds and then added them to the engine. It's almost ready to install into the chassis.
  7. LHD Gulf Seven

    Painted the fittings and assembled it… Made the overflow tank too.
  8. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks Andre and John! I machined the oil tank and all the ancillary parts for it.
  9. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thank you David! A little paint and a couple custom made decals and they are coming to life.
  10. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks Pete! Get a load of this... I got the ignition parts back from the grower. I'm impressed with what he could do with my files. The coil actually slides onto the mount as a full sized one would. I still need to make some hardware and the decals.
  11. LHD Gulf Seven

    I finished the header. Added the studs/washers/bolts to the head flanges as well as a gasket. The welds were added to the joints where the tail pipe and connector pipe meet the muffler. The finished exhaust system.
  12. LHD Gulf Seven

    Muffler & tail pipe. With heat shield and connector pipe.
  13. LHD Gulf Seven

    The connector pipe between the header and muffler is done. I machined the hardware (with lock nuts) and made a gasket too.
  14. LHD Gulf Seven

    The battery is done, slightly weathered/dirtied up. (I can't attach the cables until I know how to route them after I install it.) The top terminals are scaled correctly so the positive one is a hair larger diameter than the negative post. I drew all the art and printed the decals.
  15. LHD Gulf Seven

    I finished making the battery cables for the side terminals. (The hex heads are the correct size.)