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  1. Thanks guys. I don't think any of your questions were dumb Mitch. The block got a new brass dipstick channel. The dipstick tube is stainless steel. And the (removable) dipstick is nickel and brass.
  2. It's a kit by Kyosho. Not a slot car, but the friend that gave it to me is converting others in the series to scale slot cars.
  3. Just a quick little side project. Built it start to finish this morning. It's 1/64th scale.
  4. In this case, and most of the time I grew multiple parts. But not every part comes out the same depending on the detail and complexity so I just use the best ones. The 3D resin is very hard and brittle so I cast the copies in a more user friendly material especially when I want multiples of the same parts. Plus using one master ensures all the offspring are the same.
  5. Thanks Jim! I designed the intake horns in SolidWorks and printed the master, then cast copies in resin. The one in the foreground is a 3D master.
  6. Thanks guys. I really like the LP colors. I was lucky to get a full set of the first colors released directly through Tamiya.
  7. Missing parts/donor kit; a little kit-bashing and a little scratch-building and a few custom decals. The interior, suspension and drivetrain were used elsewhere. The wheels and tires are from a Tamiya Enzo. Brakes and seats are from other Tamiya kits. Tail pipes, gas filler and rear-view mirror are machined from aluminum. Tamiya paints including the new LP colors were used. WIP Thread:
  8. Thanks Tim! You know I was not a fan of the C5 either; until I bought one. It's still not my favorite looking Corvette, but it sure looks better after you've put one through its paces. I think it's aged much better than expected too.
  9. Thanks guys! The driver's seat is from something Tamiya. I made the belts, buckles and decals.
  10. The glass, gas cap and lights are in. The original plan was to black out the rear end, I think it still works. I tacked in the hood and tonneau cover too.
  11. Thanks guys! Got the clear on the body...
  12. Thanks guys! Yes, I used TS-36, but no clear was needed.
  13. Scale-Master


    What happens when you paint Fluorescent Red over yellow plastic? You need sunglasses… I made a custom plate for it too. The camera can't quite capture the burn.
  14. Built from a sectioned & narrowed Tamiya S2000 and a Revell Integra back in the early 2000's. I found the photos last week while doing some spring cleaning. It earned a 1st Place in a Custom Clinic Contest. It was spawned from a Common Kit contest at a local model contest. The Integra was the common part. I purposely used the same size wheels and tires all around because neither platform would be all that conducive for this configuration. The front is a RWD car, and except for the exterior bodywork the rear is a FWD car. I guess it would be better as a RWD, but that's the beauty of curbsides... I always thought it interesting how so many people thought it should be made in real life even though it could not be done logistically due to the platforms of the two cars and that they were different scales too.
  15. Thank you Trevor! I made the fasteners from steel pins.
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