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  1. ’73 Camaro

    The refinished glass has been installed. Still one more decal to apply to the inside of the rear window. I couldn't add it until the glass was installed and I could see how to line it up.
  2. ’73 Camaro

    Hi Larry. First of all, Thank you! I draw the art in Adobe Illustrator. Having the real car on hand and being the one who striped it, I just scaled them down and tweaked them to be printable. The dash was masked and airbrushed (by me) but for the model I just took measurements from the kit dash and drew decal artwork to fit it. (My "real" job is being the decal artist for Scale-Master Decals.)
  3. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks guys! I got the core support installed along with the battery and scratch-built terminals and custom made decals. (Ironically just put new battery in the real one too.) I also detailed the radiator cap. Machining the 5/16 terminal screws was fun, they came out smaller than the shavings around the mill.
  4. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks Guys! The chrome on the bumpers wasn't the greatest and the rear was pretty bad on one side. And that isn't even considering the inherent mold lines. Rather than strip the chrome I sanded them smooth down to the plastic and BMF'ed them.
  5. ’73 Camaro

    I just sanded it out and then polished it, same materials and skills for polishing paint.
  6. ’73 Camaro

    Fixed it… But now I have to polish the rear window up to match.
  7. ’73 Camaro

    Something solvent based apparently leaked (probably over two years ago) and the corner of the box soaked some of it up and the windshield just happened to be in that part of the box and was damaged. It also has some scratches I knew I'd have to remove so it's just a little more work than planned now…
  8. ’73 Camaro

    Dome light, machined from aluminum.
  9. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks Mike. Knowing you have an eye for design that means a lot. Both door panels installed and the dash…
  10. LHD Gulf Seven

    Probably Pete. I'm planning to go.
  11. LHD Gulf Seven

    Test fitting to the body. Added some flanges and mounting points… I acid cut the opening for the rear window. I also acid cut the frame that will hold the rear window in.
  12. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks. I use Adobe Illustrator.
  13. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the article Tim. Now that it has been published for a while I think I can share a little of it. The start of a scratch-built brass removable "fiberglass" hardtop. See the June 2018 issue of Scale Auto magazine for the step-by-step how it was made…
  14. ’73 Camaro

    Thank you James. I forgot the fire extinguisher when I was finishing up the interior. So I made one. The bottle is aluminum turned on the lathe; the handle is carved from styrene with a stretched sprue nozzle and a piece of tubing for the gauge. I used the art I already drew for a 1/12 scale extinguisher and reduced it and printed it. The strap on the real car is Velcro; I used electrical tape on the model.
  15. Revell red/white/blue 53 Chevy Panel

    I remember when my Dad built the one that is in the box art photos. He used "714" for the numbers because that was our new phone area code. I like the colors on yours a lot better.