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  1. LHD Gulf Seven

    I made the rubber pad for the edge of the scuttle from some vinyl tubing I slit down one side.
  2. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks guys! I finally got around to finishing the paint work for the cowl…
  3. LHD Gulf Seven

    The seat covers were fabricated from vinyl and frisket film. The inside has the cloth material for reasons to be revealed later…
  4. LHD Gulf Seven

    The metal finish wasn't as uniform as I wanted so I clear coated the seats and repeated the process with the SNJ aluminum powder. It's hard to capture in photos, but I think they look better now.
  5. LHD Gulf Seven

    The finish is Tamiya Bare Metal Silver that was sanded out then polished with SNJ powder. Maybe another round of polishing is in order…
  6. LHD Gulf Seven

    I found some leftover seats from an older (JPE Seven) model that I didn't use in it to modify for this one. First I removed the hump and filled in the resulting hole. Then I drilled out and chamfered some holes.
  7. LHD Gulf Seven

    Even though I measured several times and the dimensions were and are correct, they just didn't look quite right when I installed them into the rims. A more common issue than many might realize when making things in scale, sometimes things have to be made out of scale to look like they are in scale. So I made a new slightly smaller set of five. (I already installed one just to see how it looks…)
  8. LHD Gulf Seven

    I machined the valve stems for the wheels in one piece each including the washer, two nuts, stem and cap (plus a mounting pin).
  9. LHD Gulf Seven

    The rear fenders are done as far as paint and graphics. I still need to add stone guards to the front, after I decide what material/color I want them to be. The taillight housings were drilled out to accept clear bulbs I made for them, (they are just loosely set in place). I used foil for the reflector panels.
  10. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks David. Technically the blue is too rich and intense compared to the GT-40 color. But since it isn't a replica I don't think it is an issue...
  11. LHD Gulf Seven

    After shooting the final clear on the hood I was quite pleased with the outcome, at first... The graphics came out fine which were my primary focus, but secondarily were the louvers. I did not like the little fillets of clear on the louvers that I expected to pull in as it dried. So I stripped it in the solvent tank and with the paint the filler came off. I redid the body work like the first time, but then thought it needed something more… I formed and fitted a fairing to the carb opening in the hood out of sheet aluminum. I masked off the white and shot the blue. Then masked the blue too and shot the orange. Ready for decals… The decals have been applied. I added some new Caterham lettering I drew and printed for it too. Still needs to be sanded to fully smooth out the Gulf logo, but I like the louvers better than the last try. Plus it has the new fairing. Clear has been cut and buffed… I am satisfied.
  12. LHD Gulf Seven

    Rear panel clear coat has been cut and buffed. Rubber gasket and fuel filler installed…
  13. LHD Gulf Seven

    You got the concept as I am using it in this case Mike. Glad to help.
  14. LHD Gulf Seven

    Basically it is a sealer layer of clear. I used the same clear as for the finish and cut it with extra reducer and applied it relatively thin. Also in most cases I don't worry about the level of shine since it will be sanded and cleared later. It is a very useful technique when painting multiple layers of colors for graphics; sort of way to save (protect) your work as you go.
  15. LHD Gulf Seven

    Yes, great to see you too last night Pete. Thanks for making the trek.