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  1. I machined tool to make controlling the parting line in the wheel molds easier. It locks into the back of the wheel center like the rear piece of the rims. Clay is used to seal one side.
  2. Thanks Trevor. I redesigned the rear wheel to be three pieces like the fronts and restyled the back of the spokes to match too. This is the raw 3D grown/printed master before machining. And after… (The black marks are index points for making the mold.)
  3. These are the resin versions of the valve covers. With an internal mounting system to hold and align the magnets to the ones in the heads.
  4. Thank you Trevor. Set backs are to be expected now and again. Figuring out how to work around them is just par for the course.
  5. I had a bit of a setback when it turned out that the platinum based RTV I use primarily would not cure against the U.V. cured 3D resin from the printer. Even after using the sealing materials that worked as barriers in the past, the molds were not curing and worse than the time loss was it making gooey messes on my patterns. That took many hours over several days to clean up. I invested in some tin based RTV and that seems to be the right stuff for this resin. Here are the calipers and one pair of pads I'll use on the car.
  6. I grew a new alternator fan but the inside filled in, a common issue with this printer. So I machined it out.
  7. Got a picture of that van Noel? I've been to that museum many times but I can't bring to memory what it looks like.
  8. Thanks guys! The P68s are 1/32 scale slot cars. The Futura is that odd "box scale". The others are all 1/24-1/25th scale except the Caterham and the Lola. Those two are 1/12 and were started with Tamiya parts. The Lola and the Caterham will both be at the 2022 GSL. Whether the Lola will be finished I can't say for sure. The Charger has been done for months, got it before it hit the stores, like the Supra and 050 cars...
  9. The U.V. resin is very hard and brittle. That part did not survive the machining process. I started growing a beefier part and realized I could probably machine one from scratch faster. I was correct, made this from scratch and the printer is still running.
  10. This is the rear section of the new rim design; it still needs to be final machined.
  11. Once in primer I still was not satisfied so I re-engineered the wheel to be three pieces instead of two. This is the new spoke piece as it was grown. And then machined.
  12. The Revell Big Bad Van is 1/16th scale. I have a couple of the kits still from when they were first released.
  13. Thanks, but it is my third GSL Best Of show (fourth if you count peoples choice awards). There are a lot of cool somewhat obscure cars there need to be models of.
  14. I build some every day. I did an expanded review on the TS050 before it was released and it was published in Scale Auto. It's a great kit.
  15. The valve cover pattern is done and ready to have a mold made from it. Same for the calipers.
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