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  1. I made all the switches, more machined aluminum, and got them installed… I haven't decided if I'll add the labels I made for them yet.
  2. These are the finished Auto Meter gauges. The water temp and oil pressure are mechanical, the tach, fuel level and volts are electrical and the speedo is an electrical GPS unit.
  3. This is the tach "movement" before installation.
  4. I made the lenses out of 0.005 sheet styrene and set them in to the bezels from behind. Just a little tedious to fit and secure.
  5. What a difference a little cut and buff can make.
  6. More scratch-building... Left and right side dash panels. The vents are brass and aluminum with PE screens. Rivets are steel. Glove box door handle and gauge bezels are aluminum; gauge housings are brass.
  7. Key switch and water temp, tach and speedo bezels were machined out of aluminum.
  8. Thanks guys. It's like anything else Chris, I decide what I want and figure out how to do it. Then do it.
  9. The seatbelts are complete and ready for installation. 100% scratch-built
  10. I wanted to mount the lights to the forward structure for easier final assembly after painting. A new set of mounting brackets were fabbed up and the original light housings were reused.
  11. I made some Jabroc wear strips for the bottom of the chassis.
  12. Yep. The same stuff I made the brake rotors out of.
  13. The driving lights did not align well with the openings in the body. I also thought the openings looked bland being just holes in the nose. I machined two tubes from aluminum impregnated resin and faired them into the nose. This should also help to reinforce the nose where it has been cracking. The inward facing openings of them were shaped to accept the lights.
  14. The first 300-ZX GTP to be campaigned by a team other than Nissan. 1990 issue by Starter. Resin/multi-media 1/43rd scale kit. These are the "full instructions". The paint scheme is done entirely with decals.
  15. The engine and chassis are straight out of the kit; very simplistic, not too detailed. Since this one is more about the exterior I left it all as is and added the underhood decals from the '78 sheet.
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