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  1. Fictional F-19 Stealth Fighter with an equally fictional digital camouflage scheme. I designed and printed intentionally translucent decals for the camo to allow some of the pre-shading to show through. Otherwise it's built straight out of the box. Testors 1/72nd scale kit.
  2. A coat of flat clear helped quite a bit. It might get some mild weathering later, or not…
  3. I built the cockpit as it comes. Looks like it could be detailed up nicely, but since the canopy will be closed I'm good with this level of detail.
  4. Thanks Trevor! It's a fun project even if I'm not 100% sure what it's going to look like when finished. I thought the black insignia was too low-vis when I applied it, but after a couple days I decided it had to come off. Since I planned to use the gray markings on the tails I went with the same for the wing. Ironically, it's just the other side of the same coin of contrast.
  5. Thanks! I added some black edging around the perimeter and installed the intake covers.
  6. I removed the decals and repainted the plane with Sky Grey and German Gray. I thought a bit of a skunk stripe down the center was appropriate…
  7. Thanks Guys! After putting a couple decals on I realized the contrast between the grays wasn't as much as I hoped.
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