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  1. Can’t wait to see more, I’ve got 2 of these and I like where this is going.
  2. Thanks for the info. Will send and email, hope gets well.
  3. Did this ever get finished?! That’s a sweet build.
  4. Interesting build! Will follow closely.
  5. This is an awesome build, why paints did you use for the interior?
  6. Thank very much Dave! Was great to see everyone and thank you posting pictures. The themes for next year is that 70’s Show and anything the 1970’s
  7. It should be a great show, we have had some great competition in the past. I will definitely get some pictures up as soon as possible after the show.
  8. Beautiful build, any update?
  9. Going to follow this one, very interesting subject. Nice bodywork.
  10. I have been wondering the same, I received my last order in December, as of the first part of January he had been seriously ill and had been hospitalized. I had spoken with his wife around the 20th of that month and he was getting better. I lost my phone contact info so that’s the last I heard.
  11. I have ordered from them and the items are nice. I plan on getting a couple of their resin conversion kits for the Revell 57 Ford next.
  12. You could use a set myself, just got a resin 68 442 2dr sedan conversion body and bumpers.
  13. How do I edit a title on a post fro update purposes. When I go to edit post I can edit everything but the title.
  14. Here’s the chassis with exhaust started, used the small block exhaust from the 69 Nova kit as a starting point.
  15. Well I have had so much going the last few months I’m finally getting close to finishing. I have the interior done. Carpet is flicked and I made a column shifter for the power glide. Engine is mounted and starting to mock up the exhaust which is one of the hurdles in my way. I’m not much of a scratch builder. Brought some the shine down on some of the chrome trim, most of the trim on these old cars wasn’t that bright new. I used some Testors semi gloss clear, will do the grill next.
  16. Where and how can they be ordered and do you have a price?
  17. Are these ever going to be for sale? I would love to have one of these or a 65 version. Beautiful casting.
  18. Sorry Dave I wasn’t paying attention, didn’t realize this was you. It’ll be geat to see you again.
  19. Will be great to have you back! Bring some folks with you. See you then.
  20. Will be great to have you. Will this be your first visit?
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