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  1. Hi everyone, well, it might not look like much but here's 2 pics of the rear body work "tree" support. I could have had this on the car by now if I had just soldered it directly to the chassis but I had my heart set on making it removable for the sake of final assembly and an added "cool" factor. Have to add some horizontal brace bars to it and solder it the tabs to the chassis. Getting the exact location of the tree to do a flip type body on it was a bit tedious and you'll see a weird looking aluminum block of metal I machined to square everything up properly. I should know in a day or so how it turned out and then I'll get to the front bracing and firewall. cheers, tim
  2. That's just NUTS Eric. In the best sort of way of course. Just spectacular as always. cheers, tim
  3. Chris, thanks man. Appreciated the recent back & forth we had too and that things are working out for you! cheers Thanks Dave. I cheated on them. The rivets in scale would be so small that I used a center drill to make the rivet detail on the mill. Can't see it myself, so I doubt anyone else would notice by and large. Oops, I just know Brad's going to call me out on that one. Joe, thanks for following along too. Yeah, I hear ya' on that one. I want so badly to get this build done in the next 6 months so I can get back to another Pro Mod. I've got a vision for the new car and have been doing research and gathering info for some time now. I might even post a pic or 2 of the destroyed Henry chassis. I've kept it to "part off" bits and pieces for the next chassis. There are so many tabs and brackets etc. that can be used & it will save time on the new chassis. cheers Dave & Dave, thanks guys. Spending time on the body mounting now. Got some things resolved that will now let me finish the rear tree to secure the body. Coming along, slowly for sure, but still moving. KenC, thank you for the very kind words and sentiments. I'll count you as a fan of the build & hope you'll continue to follow along as it nears completion. Should have an update early next week! Cheers, Tim

    Great looking car, that paint really pops on it. cheers, tim
  5. top dragster scratch build

    THERE he is! Nice to hear from you Dave and looking forward to your next post/update. I can only imagine what you've had percolating in that head of yours for your salt flats car. Talk to you soon! cheers, tim
  6. 70.5 Pro Mod Camaro

    Gotta love this one Wayne. Great project and your body design is fantastic. cheers, tim
  7. Class of 17 - Rods and Rigs

    For just getting into trucks, I'd say you nailed them. nicely done sir! cheers, tim
  8. 65 Comet

    Really like your car Dave. Great stance too! cheers, tim
  9. Well Kerry, you took the leap so I can't wait to see how you blend in the front fenders. It's fun to visualize it at this point, hope it works out for you as it has a ton of potential. I think it's an epiphany. cheers, tim
  10. Nice progress Eric. Clean & Crisp as always. cheers, tim
  11. 49 Ford mild custom

    Gotta agree with Slotto on this one, it is "slick" and "sick" at the same time Ken. Like it a lot! cheers, tim
  12. Hey Bruce, thanks man, same to you and your family! Chris, and I LOVE your work............can we get a post soon sir? I know you're working on that recent engine setback, but I've NO doubt it will look BETTER than new. RANDY, see the comment I just put above for Chris...............how about one from you too man? Your work is ALWAYS exceptional. Brad, thanks too. No cyborg here because I make way too many mistakes and take WAY too long to do something anymore. What should have been an 18 month build will likely stretch to 28.....or something like that. John, you know by now how much I appreciate what YOU do, thanks for taking the time to check out what I'm doing here. To each and everyone of you that visits this thread, I wish you the best that the New Year has to offer!!! Cheers, Tim
  13. For those that observe Christmas, Hope you had a Merry one and to everyone else, a belated Happy Holidays! Well, took more time to make the necessary brackets and get them on the car than it took to fab the wing itself. I just have the 2 tab brackets to solder on the rear of the hoop to attach the rear wing supports to. The adjustable wing supports have 1.1mm s/steel tube that I made clevis brackets out of, a .5mm threaded portion which slips into the .8mm s/steel tube. Drilling / slicing the clevis brackets was pretty straightforward actually. The wing will be attached with .5mm threaded bolts. I'll add the 2 brackets and spill plates and share some final pics next week. Happy New Years TOO!!! Cheers to all, tim The body in these pics is the actual body I'll be putting on the car and I'm inclined to do the gold wheel inserts on the rear wheels..........just foolin' around to see what they might look like.
  14. Nice Christmas present there John. Thanks for sharing the pics, the outdoor shots REALLY do justice to your builds. WOW! cheers, tim
  15. My Pathetic 2017 Class.

    Stunning model Steve. The quality of the build is top notch. cheers, tim