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  1. Lee, look under "Tips, Tricks and Tutorials" on the site. Daniel posted it there with the header of "Zip Ties". He did a nice job documenting a how-to. I used .25mm black monofilament line. They sell it on Ebay and have info on various sizes as they sell it by how many pound test the line is. I think .015" was 38mm. To pierce the hole in it I used a small hypodermic needle for a great result. cheers
  2. Benny Parsons #72 Kings Row Monte Carlo

    Keep churning these beauties out Clay and you'll convince me to try building a Nascar racer some day. Thanks too for sharing the link on your new site. I book marked it right away. Tell me you're either going to keep your Fotki page too or transfer all the great builds you've done over the years to the new site..........Cheers Sir!
  3. Hi Chris, I can only imagine what went thru your mind when you were down to the last few steps on your Vega. The last week or so has been very satisfying to see it come together like this. I can see the whole thing in my mind and if I don't mess it up now, it should be pretty cool when done. I did mock up the car with the body, wing and slicks on it. You'll like it! Dave (comp1839) well, after all the input and knowledge you shared, I think it's coming together too. Thanks so much for the friendship and mentoring along the way. I won't forget it. Bruce & John, I couldn't help but notice the emoji you both used. Co-incidence? Either way, I appreciate it........ Davewilly, thank you as well but I assure you, it's been anything but easy at times. Finally getting a lot of satisfaction though in how it's coming together. Daniel (Straightliner 59) as always, thank you very much......btw, today I tried out your tutorial on Zip Ties. NICE! No pics yet but I tried your method and I'm happy with how they turned out. I had tried to do this based upon some other suggestions a year ago and it just didn't work for me..............but YOUR well documented tutorial helped me get a great facsimile made. thanks again! Cheers to all.
  4. Hi guys..........thank you both gentlemen, I wanted to share what I thought were a couple great shots I took later this afternoon by mocking up a few engine parts....they're not permanently attached just yet but these shots have me really enthused to get her done. Hope you like them too. Cheers
  5. Thank you John, Brad, Dave and Chris....some pics today of the steering column / wheel install. You'd think something this straightforward would take but 30 minutes. Uh, nope. Fought me a bit but I think I won out. Throttle pedal and then the blower are next up. To those that observe and celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter! Tim
  6. Hey everyone and especially to those that commented, thank you for the encouragement and comments. I'm moving along now, sat down just to do one or 2 things and 5 hours later.............well, anyways, here are some pics where I started adding the handbrake, reverse, shift levers and running wires / cables around the car. Very soon I'll mount the blower and start doing some detailing on the motor. I did see a snag coming up in a few weeks wherein I need my fuel tank to be installed but with last years poor paint weather I never got the Candy Red on the car. So I'm hoping for some early warm weather to get it done. Cheers!!!!!
  7. Thanks gentlemen. I wanted to answer Brad's question..........yup, it has "substance"........haven't weighed it yet. Off the top of my head, everything is either brass, aluminum, stainless steel and even a wee bit of titanium. The body of course is plastic, the trans and the blower manifold were 3D printed. Tires are compresin items. I've been working the last several days to get the seat/belts installed. I made a brass (plated afterwards) bracket for the should belts to attach to..........the original chassis bar and seat back were just too close together. Also had to modify one of my tiny .5mm wrenches to get nut onto the lap belt bolt from the bottom of the chassis. Moving on........cheers!!!! This is a pic of the brass (chrome plated) shoulder belt bracket.
  8. 1/8 Scale Racecar Chassis Update

    I love sarcasm as much as the next person.........so if you think about it........what's the point of telling us you ordered basswood strips on-line. Kinda silly if you think about it. I did.
  9. 1/8 Scale Racecar Chassis Update

    For what it's worth, you might find you'll get people to reply if you would post actual pictures of what you're working on. You caught my attention with the original post and headline, and now I'm just shaking my head wondering what's the point. Not trying to stir the pot or get the moderators attention, just stating the obvious.
  10. Chris S. (mooneyz) its moving along faster now and the motivation is high. Thanks as always! Chris Smith, I'm slow as you've figured out by now and I've resigned myself that I'll never be a John Teresi. Certainly appreciate your sentiments and if I don't do something stoopid before completing it, I think it will turn out as well as I had hoped at the start. Clay, hey man nice to have you stop by and check it out. Thank you..........been checking from time to time on your Old Master build you started.......any chance you'll pick that one back up? Here's hoping! Last step before installing seat and belts was to plate the front axle, spindles and to re-plate the seat (I just wasn't satisfied). The plating is now complete and I'm going to move on to the next step. 2 pics of the seat and front end now that they're shiny. Cheers all! Tim
  11. I can only echo what Clay said. You are THE maniac. I especially like the close up shots you're sharing John. cheers
  12. Can't wait to see when you pull the mask. cheers
  13. Again with the details John. You captured the window scoop perfectly. That's not an easy one, at least not for me, to have done. The fitment of everything looks spot on. Not that I'm surprised of course. cheers
  14. Chris is back. YEAH! Nice to see you having 2 builds going at once. Cheers, tim
  15. Hi Brad, I used the printer plate you sent me........thanks again, that stuff is fantastic. Thanks Daniel. I'm taking my good ol' time now. I have no pressure to finish it at this point. It will be done in the next couple of months for sure. I just refuse to deviate from the assembly plan now as I'll screw it up for sure otherwise. Thank you Dave & John as always. I'm starting to get superstitious about the month of April. It was 3 years ago to the month that the Henry went to the floor. Yesterday, I dropped this one from my elevated work stand (I have to use it now sometimes because I have arthritis in my neck or so the doctor says) and it went about a foot down onto my steel desk top. Only a tiny tab came off that I was able to repair and a super small bit of paint that has been repaired too. The chassis is super strong. The paint proved itself super durable as well. I think having the mid-plate and drive-train installed added a lot of stiffness to it which is why nothing twisted or bent. I was so fortunate not to have the blower and crower installed at this point. It's back in the jig now and ready to move forward. I've got a few pieces to do final plating on and then the belts and seat go in. After that it should really move along. Thanks for following! Tim