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  1. Codi added a post in a topic Pretty much done with resin.   

    Mark, I sincerely appreciate your honesty and closing post.  I'm sure you'll be happier with the direction you've outlined.  I would never disparage the quality of what you can make or do.  I'll shut up now and wish you the best in whatever you decide to do, for yourself OR others.  tim
  2. Codi added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave paint jobs!   

    Wow to everyone that posted a car on this thread.  I don't like picking favorites but among my top 5, the 2 builds cars that "Cruz" posted are amazing.  Wish I could paint like that.  cheers, tim
  3. Codi added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16   

    John, of all the fantastic skills you exhibit in your builds, I must admit my bias towards your painting skills.  I always look forward to the end of your builds when you get to the paint.  This one is no different.  Love it man.  cheers, tim
  4. Codi added a post in a topic 69 nova revell > barnfind > fully detailed engine bay   

    Way too cool what you're doing here Richard.  The car is fantastic but to do the diorama is..............well, I have no more superlatives to add.  cheers, tim
  5. Codi added a post in a topic Revell 1962 Corvette   

    Didn't I just see this car on the Mecum auction on t.v.? Kidding of course, but I must say it's nicely done. Will be sure to follow along as well. cheers,tim
  6. Codi added a post in a topic 91 Mustang LX outlaw.... (updates 08/24/16)   

    I like the fact you posted a pic of your inspiration next to the build Tyrone.  Nice.   cheers, tim
  7. Codi added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - "Schizophrenic" New Pics 8-24   

    Brad, you're going to smile.
    Many thanks to you Art for the compliment.  I'm trying.  This one will be even better and FASTER in it's completion. 
    Bob, you're going to frown.
    Clay, wow, nice to see one of my all time favorite builders visit the thread and post.  Greatly appreciated sir.  Hope you continue to follow along while I move forward.
    So, my friend and mentor, Dave and I have been talking about the build.  A mentor is someone that suggests a course of action based upon their experience and observations.  Dave correctly pointed out that an important part of the engine would be hidden in the chassis.  He lobbied for the FED direction but I've decided to make this build a FUEL ALTERED once and for all.  Fortunately there are things I'm not sure how to make and get to visit with Dave to discuss and learn more this Friday.  Additionally (I'll post pics next week) Chris Sobak has provided me with samples of a manifold and blower that he drew up (with Dave's assistance) that were made by TDR.  These parts are stunning.  More on this later, but I wanted to mention the contribution by Chris (I never asked, the dude offered, what more can I say)  Even if I decide to machine the manifold out of aluminum, I want to stress that it wouldn't be even possible without Dave and Chris' contribution.  Many thanks.  So, I posted a few pics of a modified Bantam Blast body.  After more research, I purchased ANOTHER kit and chopped up that bottom.  The changes to this one include a narrowing of the front of the body by 1/8".  I added a 1/8" lip to the cowl and re-configured the rear fenders that just "flow" compared to my 1st attempt.  Lastly, I glassed the inside of the cowl and front of the car for strength.  There is a wee bit more body work that needs to be done to get it to the standard I have for this car but you'll get the idea I think.  Cheers everyone and thanks for you patience while I go back and forth. 

  8. Codi added a post in a topic Pretty much done with resin.   

    A simple question for anyone that has followed this thread from the beginning.....including & in particular, Mark Johnson.  Nobody has "trashed you" on this forum Mark.  Reputations are earned, not subjectively assigned.  My assessment is that someone pays for something upfront, they have a reasonable expectation of performance, product or service.  Ask yourself Mark, if it was YOU that put YOUR money upfront would YOU be willing or tolerant of a company or person who performed / delivered in the manner which you did?   Rhetorical, I'm certain the answer is NO.  So instead of attacking the community that you profess to have "served" due to your good graces, which is the way you make it come off, maybe it would be best if you did just go off and do your own thing.  I am certain other companies and individuals will come forward, such as TDR / Shapeways, and will somehow serve the hobby in a positive manner.  Nature hates a vacum, so does the marketplace.  Best not to aggravate others OR yourself right?  It seems the biggest issue in the resin casting world is the difference of expectations between the buyer and the seller.  There ARE good resin casters that deliver great products and more importantly, in a timely fashion.  I've said before and will repeat myself, someone comes to me and sets my expectations, well I must be foolish but I expect them to deliver based upon their commitment.  Chris' point about FOLLOW-UP is most important to any business.  If you're going to miss a dead-line, be honest and up front with your customer and communicate any issues you might have meeting that commitment.  That's how you garner respect.  THEN deliver as promised.   These are just common sense business practices IMHO.   If you collect someones money for a product or service, you're in business.  At least until others decide otherwise.  Cheers 
  9. Codi added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - "Schizophrenic" New Pics 8-24   

    Hey Brad, sorry to disappoint you but after drawing up a chassis for the funny car, I'm going to pursue that direction.  Have to draw and machine a few axle plates for the rear and I've been experimenting on how to solder the rails up in a better fashion.  Got great results with the test and know what to do now.  It'll be a week or so till I post some pics of what I'm been working on and the results.  Hopefully it will go well.  Thanks for asking though and for following along.  cheers, tim
  10. Codi added a post in a topic FALCON - Doors & Trunk Opened - New pics 8-12   

    Thanks everyone.  Joe, Chris and Bill, yeah the bracing was a real necessity.  I've figured out where I can brace the body (2 spots) when I begin the chassis.  I can't leave it completely devoid of braces or I'm afraid it will twist or warp on me somehow.  Even though it is very thick and I won't thin it down too much until its time for paint. 
    I must say that it REALLY opens up the interior to the car in a big way and was worth the effort.   cheers
  11. Codi added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - "Schizophrenic" New Pics 8-24   

    Jeff, I build far too slowly to consider making them all.  That's why I'm taking my time before I start drawing up the chassis in the coming days so I can get started. Each car takes me more than 18 months to do.........yup, s-l-o-w!    Plus I'm going to be doing a challenging build of the Falcon alongside this one so I'll be busy on them for quite some time. 
    Bob, appreciate it, right now I'm between the funny and the altered.   I'll share soon which it will be.  Whatever it may be, the other one will be on the runway for some time down the road.
    Chris, thanks for weighing in too.  You've been very helpful for sure. 
    Dave, yeah, ya' know I seem to remember seeing that car.................turned out kinda cool too. 
    Ray, yes, yes it is.  Oh to only have to figure this one out right?   Cheers everyone! 
  12. Codi added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - "Schizophrenic" New Pics 8-24   

    Always appreciate the comments.  Now to really stir the pot......I spent the week cutting out the doors / trunk on the Falcon and a Bantam blast (AMT / MPC kit) showed up. I have 4 or 5 great books on drag racing and in particular on altereds.  Who doesn't like an altered right?  I came across a single photo of an altered from back in the day called the Blister that was campaigned by the Trillo Brothers.  It's gorgeous.  So I ordered the kit and to mimic that pic immediately hacked the fenders off.  So a 2 second mock-up has left me really pondering what this car will be.  It's a problem that I like.  Rear engined mustang funny,  FED dragster (which a fellow builder from this forum has provided me with FANTASTIC renderings/specs) or do a fuel altered.  If the altered, it would have a RAT TRAP style independent front suspension, side canards, a wing and an aluminum bullet style fuel tank.  Not sure if the front wheels will be the standard 12 spoke or bicycle wheels.  I'd really like to do the wire wheels.  So, here's a couple pics of what might be.  cheers, tim

  13. Codi added a post in a topic FALCON - Doors & Trunk Opened - New pics 8-12   

    Cleaned up the roof where it was re-chopped and got the door & trunk out.  This body is so thick that I'm going to have a lot of sanding / thinning out of the body and panels as I go along.  Had to add a lot of bracing to cut everything out which I'll remove when I get to fabricating the chassis.  In the second pic you'll see the mini saws I used by Crazy modeler which worked great and the new Tamiya masking tape they came out with 6 months ago for masking paint jobs.  I used it in a couple of areas and I have to say this stuff is just fantastic.  If you've not used it yet, I can't recommend it enough. Comes in 2, 3 and 5mm widths.  It just flows around curves.  And sticks too!   cheers, tim

  14. Codi added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16   

    Haven't posted here in a little while but man o' man, that's shaping up beautifully John.  LIke the way you did the trim and the detailing of the engine.  Oh, and the hinges on the door.....and and and....cheers, tim
  15. Codi added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 8/8/2016 - Decals   

    Oh so close Chris, oh so close.  Looks fantastic, what's the next step?   cheers, tim