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  1. IMO one of the best looking race cars bar none Rich. You did her true justice! congrats! tim
  2. Tomasz, your car is one of the nicest I've seen all year. I looked twice to confirm it was a model. Kudos on a truly outstanding car! Please don't hesitate to share more of your work sir! cheers, tim
  3. Nice intro to the project and the finished build and awards are NICE.........but John, I come here for all the tips and insights you share when you build something............so, how about sharing ALL the goodness next time! Seriously though, Congrats John on another win! cheers, tim
  4. Yup, it's a model...........only because you say so. That is one realistic looking build Urs. cheers, tim
  5. Pascal, just WOW. I love your build but I have to admit I'm going to need more time to go back and stare at all the WIP pics you've shared. There is a lot of goodness throughout your build. Cheers, tim
  6. I truly enjoy all these details and attention you're giving your build. Coming together nicely Andrew. Cheers, tim
  7. You do really clean work Rick. Your time in it shows. cheers, tim
  8. Still lurking Charlie..........any new updates to share per chance? cheers, tim
  9. She looks GREAT sitting in white Roger. Can't wait to to see the rest of it.........it does look "oh so right". cheers, tim
  10. Looks fantastic Ian.....you added a lot of great details too..........cheers, tim
  11. btw Mark, Christmas is coming and I've been a good boy............sooo.............seriously, who wouldn't want to own this build of yours. Congrats again sir. Cheers, tim
  12. Hope you're up and about soon Andrew. I admire your build and the generous info & documentation you've provided on the thread. Helpful to all of us no doubt. Get well soon, cheers, tim
  13. Something a little different from my usual builds & work. I can't do much at the bench right now even though I'm anxious to get back to it in earnest. My daughter has a school project that she is doing on the Wright Brothers. Their prime competitor at the time was Samuel Langley. He used an engine originally developed by a Mr. Balzer but it needed further development and he hired a Mr. Manly to take it to the next level. Anyways, the Wright engine was good for 12hp whereas this radial was eventually good (in 1903) for 54hp. Back in the day that was a huge contrast. So I took a week to machine the basic Balzer prototype and it was FUN! It's close to accurate but I wasn't being a stickler on it. It would have looked cooler with cooling fins but they didn't add those until the final version of the engine was complete. Surgery btw is Jan. on both wrists for carpal so again, I made this one kind of quick..........Less than 2 weeks from start to finish. Hope you like it. Cheers, Tim The book cover above was a from a great book on the subject that I bought from the Smithsonian btw.
  14. Good morning Chris, I came across your thread for the first time today and I'm amazed at your progress and the beauty of this car. I've learned too that I need a new "toy" in a magnetic polisher. That thing seems quite cool and I love the results. Each one of these challenging kits you seem to get better and better with and the Bentley is no exception. Really like the color too. More posts now please! cheers, tim
  15. Yup, I checked......it is FULL detail just like the title says. Love your subject Randy and the advances in 3D printing continue to amaze. However, with all of those advances, the skills required to make them come to life are what makes it truly stunning. You sir, have made it "truly stunning". cheers, tim
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