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  1. Thanks so much Dave & Chris............btw Chris, I pulled a bonehead on the belts and I'm re-doing them. I just didn't like how unrealistic they looked on the seat, they just wouldn't lay down properly because of the material I chose...............soooooo, I looked at YOUR belts on YOUR Vega funny and saw you used medical tape to get the right look and drape. I pulled out my medical tape and "colored" it with a red sharpie and presto-change-o, a properly looking belt. Yes, I'm re-doing them as we speak. Should have checked your thread in the first place or at least given ya' a call. Gotta go, those belts aren't going to re-do themselves. cheers
  2. Thank you fellas...........and for all of you that celebrate the day........HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I spent part of mine on the bench today finishing up the belts. Earlier last week I experimented some more with the Caswell copy chrome plating and found a way that will work for the axle and other teeny brass parts. I took an earlier spare axle and wrapped it with copper wire and dipped it. Few minutes later I called it done and was pleased with it. Should work out well on all the upcoming plating that I'll do for the car. Along the way I did decanted some Tamiya primer and shot it through my airbrush. Couldn't be happier in that there was ZERO bleed through of my earlier bondo/body work. this time. It's ready for final primer and paint top side. I'll primer the under body and paint it flat black before doing so. Lastly, as noted I wrapped up the 5 point belts. They're a bright red that didn't show too well in my photos. I'm going to try to nickel plate the seat and if it turns out then they should contrast really well. Next up is cleaning upu the chassis and then primer and paint. btw, the PE belt hardware was from Futurattraction. Cheers everyone! Tim My Caswell Chrome experiment Primered body Finally, the belts..........these took me an entire week to complete as an fyi.........Teresi would have started AND finished an entire car in that amount of time.... Just have to add the Simpson decals. I did find a piece of leather at Hobby Lobby that I skived to get it suitably thin for the waist belt also.
  3. #50 IWC Watches Mercedes Benz AMG GT3

    Gorgeous Clay. I swear it looks just like a 1:1 pic of the in the photo booth. Cheers!
  4. AMT 1965 Lincoln Continental

    LOVE the car and especially the PAINT!!! Holy cow is that nice. cheers, tim
  5. 1947 Chevy Aerosedan

    Nicely done sir, sorry to hear about the issues with the hood fitment. Irregardless, a nicely executed build for sure! Congrats!
  6. '66 Buick Riviera

    Beautiful build..........love the paint! cheers, tim
  7. Space Rod 32

    What a fun build to watch as it comes together. Kudos to you sir!
  8. I applaud your ambition AND achievement on this one Pico. Fantastic scratch building for sure and looking forward to more! cheers, tim
  9. This thread has become the Forrest Gump of the forum in that it's like a box of chocolates and until you open it you just don't know what you're going to get. Always rewarding to stop by and learn from the 3 of you. A hearty congrats to you guys..............heartiest cheers, tim
  10. .

    Sharp looking Brenden and VERY cleanly executed. One of my favorite cars when I first became interested in drag racing and brings back great memories. cheers, tim
  11. Jaguar D-Type XKD 606

    Beautiful Jason. I wasn't sure about the color choice at first, but I was certainly wrong about that. It's gorgeous. The interior is very sharp as well. Love the seats btw. cheers, tim
  12. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Wonderful pics John. Just a truly stunning build and from the guy that paints at an entirely different level. The bottom of the car is as nice as any car I've seen for detail and execution. You're starting to confuse me as to which of your builds I like best. Congratulations on yet ANOTHER stunning car. cheers, tim
  13. Appreciated guys........after several days of bantam time I wanted to try my hand at making a 4" 2 into 1 "Y" turbo inlet pipe...........first attempt and learned a bunch but I like it for the most part. This would be the induction piece that merges the twin turbo pipes into the throttle body on the plenum. By adding some faux weld lines to it I believe it will really pop. cheers I've not cleaned it up completely btw.......
  14. Hey John, thanks for the comment. All is well just slow to get this done. It's hard to tell by looking at my pics but the tolerances are down to 1/64" in too many instances but I'm confident that final assembly will be okay by and large. 1/25th is a challenge that way as you know. I couldn't imagine building like those that do 1/32 or even 1/43rd. Brad, not at this time, I've thrown the calendar out on this one and I'm just slogging through it to get it done without compromising at this point. Today I made some additional supports / brackets for inside the body and a quick mock-up put a smile on my face as I think it'll look pretty sharp upon final assembly. Appreciate your interest still in the car. I've been spending too much time researching and pondering the pro mod which helps to motivate when I need a mental break from the bantam. What have you been working on as of late btw? cheers!
  15. I like those decals Chris, your entire build is really progressing nicely. All 3 of you are off to strong starts..............time for a Clay update soon ? ! ? ! cheers guys!