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  1. Thank you Chris...... Rear brakes are done. Photos aren't the best as I couldn't get the camera to focus that great. Too many fins for the camera to focus on......1st pic is of an Airheart brake that I was trying to mimic. On Dyno Don's Pinto I believe.
  2. Great engine and great car JC........I'd love to drive THAT Cayman. Here's a pic I came across today over at Carbuzz of a Singer 911 at the Nurburgring. Love their cars. cheers, tim
  3. AJ, I hope when I'm done with these your jaw hurts for a week.........🙂 Seriously, thanks for the comment. Dave, LOVE that wheels up stance. When done I'm hoping this build looks that cool. cheers! Mike, you win the internet for the day. Almost blew my morning coffee out my nose. Thanks for the laugh! Andy, thanks for stopping by too and for the sentiments. Regarding fluid on this tiny piece, the endmill is a Kyocera 4 flute. I couldn't get a 2 flute like I wanted in the extended length in this small diameter. I always use oil when drilling with tiny bits or machining harder metals (steel or Ti). Liquid/fluid of any sort that causes any particles to be trapped or adhere in the flutes would be an issue. This thing is so small you can't even see the flutes. The life expectancy of a tiny mill like this IS limited. It cost me $20. btw. Considering I got 5 hours running it before snapping, I'm okay with it. I did make one adjustment however that I should share, that being instead of backing it out half way during each cut of the fin, I started backing it out twice (third of the way). I should be good from here on. Thanks again for the comment & suggestion. Cheers to everyone, tim
  4. With the body, without the body.....I don't care..........I love the whole build Chris. The details of the chassis engine in your most recent pics are outstanding. With the body in primer you can envision the whole thing now and it's fantastic! kudos! tim
  5. As mentioned above, I started the rear calipers. They are larger with a bit more detail in them (more tiny "fins" too). Got thru the first one and when backing out the end mill on the last cut it snapped the tool. I got 5 caliper sides done before snapping one, I consider that a win. These pics are of the outer side of the calipers. After cutting them off I'll get on to the more complicated inside half. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to machine 1 as an fyi. Requires a bunch of patience for an older guy like myself. Cheers, Tim
  6. Headers look fantastic Ian. Are you going to add the cross brace to them? The angle and up sweep look spot on! cheers, tim
  7. Brad, nice to hear from you man..........thank you too for the sentiments (and giggle) Davewilly - Don't know about art but I admit I was pleased with how these turned out. The rears should be better I think. Thanks! Robert, sorry, seems the car manufacturers are out of brake pads too......so I won't be adding those. 😀 Dave (comp1839) I admit, they're a bit "snug". Taking bunches of pictures for a future build album. You won't see most of them when it's assembled unfortunately. Always appreciate your stopping by the build to check it out. cheers Ian, hey man, don't be giving ideas to others....makes it more difficult to hide my mistakes. All kidding aside, thank you very much! Francis, I don't know about them being the "best" but I think they're pretty good. I admit to one and all that it took me about 12 to 15 hours just to machine them. Add the time spent doing research & drawing em' up and it's a safe bet that I've got more than 25 hours into them total. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. I know you spend similar efforts in your builds as well. Thanks! Chris, thank you dude. Hope to get caught up with you soon and get updates on your latest efforts since we last spoke. Cheers to all!
  8. Tim, as soon as I saw the first pic of your car I got a big ol' smile and a flashback as to when I was a kid. Customs such as yours were THE thing back in my youth and you captured the flavor perfectly. The pic of all 4 together was a nice add. Congrats on a great build(s). cheers, tim
  9. Nice updates Charlie. REALLY NICE. I enjoy seeing your progress and how YOU do things too......very insightful and I'm looking forward to more! cheers, tim
  10. I'M very impressed as always Steve with the details you capture. Just impressive all the way around. cheers, tim
  11. "I figure out what I want and figure out how to do it. Then do it." Couldn't have said it better myself Mark. You exemplify scratch-building itself. Great to see you really moving forward with this build. The tweeks you did to the front end ARE noticeable and appreciated as well. cheers, tim
  12. I missed this one Bob. Great thread and "how-to" as well. It's a great looking vehicle and that interior is phenomenal. cheers, tim
  13. Hello Ian, Ray, Dave & Charlie........I want to say thanks first of all for the sentiments. I DO follow your works as well even if I don't post as often as I used to. Would like to see Dave re-visit the bench and finish his last dragster project.....hint-hint. Again, thanks! The front brakes are done. Onto the rears in between helping my 12 year old daughter work on her Science Fair project........she IS ambitious I'll say that much. Once the rear brakes are done, I'm going onto the frame. I have most of what I need to get really going on it now. I must machine the front spindles, fab the shocks front and back assemble & fabricate bits and pieces on the Lenco ( I received a BEAUTIFUL 3D rendered 4 speed Lenco from a friend that will impress when you see it. It's the best Lenco I've sever seen and the material is something else) a myriad of other small bits and pieces and this build should be finished by NEXT Fall......yes, I admit I'm slowing down. CHEERS! Tim 2 pics of the front calipers I attempted to replicate. btw, their 3.1mm in width...............the actual was 2.8" (2.8mm) I don't think you'll notice though.
  14. I really like the rendering Paul. The rear wing adds something extra to it. cheers, tim
  15. Good morning Francis, you sure are right about that.......I don't mind losing one from time to time, I've had 2 in a row go "poof"......adjusted speed & feed and then good to go. The "fins" themselves are .15mm in thickness........... Daniel, this will surprise you perhaps but the length of cut on this particular end mill is only .85mm overall. I came in on the piece from the end of course after dropping it down to the max length of .85. Ran the speed to 10,000 rpm (the max my machine will spin) and then s-l-o-w-l-y worked it in to the piece. Each cut was 1.5mm in length. I would back out (SLOWLY ) the end mill when I got about half way into each cut, cleaned off the end mill and the slot (I use a soft, narrow bristle brush) and then finished the cut. It's important to back the end mill out slowly as it can easily snap on the way out if there are cuttings in the slot. I DO use an air vacum to pull shavings away from the piece as I'm milling too. Helps to clean it out of the way of the end mill and keeps the workplace a bit cleaner. I learned that little tip from Dave (comp1839) Hope this helps you in some way. cheers, tim
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