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  1. John, thanks buddy. Congrats too on your the awards won at the recent Desert Scale Classic........most deserving. Chris, thanks sir. You were the inspiration and the tips you shared were most helpful. btw, you ought to see the other 2 benches.........they're as bad as the one I shared. Time for some "spring cleaning". Jim, I don't know the answer but "Force" I believe has answered your question. Mine was given to me by GoatGuy and Brad. Good luck too! cheers everyone, Tim
  2. Loving the creativity you're exhibiting here. cheers, tim
  3. Thanks Chris, Brad & Eric...............yoiu can't believe how much of the printer plate I went through to get to this point. Long story to make something seemingly straightforward. Many variables to consider when making these. I was so impressed with how Chris' tins turned out on his Vega that I thought I'd try. After finally getting the write combo of material to press onto, the correct pen size and how to make the template properly, I realized that the way I was trying to make them wasn't feasible. The material would bend to some degree and whenever I tried to straighten them out I'd get minor crimp marks in the plate that couldn't be removed since the plate is so thin. (.26mm btw) Finally figured out that I had to emboss a larger size piece (2" x 2") then shape and size the panel around that. Keeping the edges straight was easier when using a wood block v. metal too. Enough of that. I'll make the floor tin and then a bell housing shroud and this part of the build up. Cheers, Tim The upside down drywall trough is what I used to emboss upon in this pic. This is just part of the mess I created this past week during my experimentation. The aluminum shaped template was a failure. Tracing around was hit or miss. I found that even the right depth of material to trace around helped. I used the aluminum piece to make the clear plastic template that you see. Much easier to trace around it. You can see some of my early failures in the bottom of the pic. I've got to drill the panels and put the PE dzus fasteners on them and the chassis................KUDOS to Chris for the detail he put into his. That was crazy............I won't be doing that. Sorry for the quality of some of the pics as they're washed out a bit and you can't really see the detail of the panels for the most part. They do look good and I'm glad I took the time to do them after all. I'll include them with the car when displayed but they'll be off the car as I want to expose the car and it's detail as much as possible.
  4. building a fully detailed Pagani Huyara

    Nice job on one of the finest cars ever made. Looking forward to your next update. cheers, tim
  5. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Oh for cryin' out loud. How DO you do this? John, you must build 12 (possibly more?) HIGH quality & diverse builds a year and they're each stunning in their imagination and execution. Nobody could/can or will match you for such productivity. What a treat man and just want to say that the "bones" on this car are wonderful. Cheers, tim
  6. Made some progress on the body tins. I went to Chris Sobaks funny car thread and pages 19 thru 21 are very helpful to say the least. Brad Norgard & Dave Ryberg each provided me with printers plate to attempt these. Thank you in advance......I think.........I wanted to put a bead roll in them and had to experiment like the others. Having the right rubber density, pen diameter & stencil to follow are very important. This pic is my first attempt at one after a LOT of experimentation. I'm okay with it but the depth of the bead roll is too deep and wide. I'm going to re do it and hope to get a more refined / scale like effect. Once I get this right, I'll post a pick of the pieces I used & fabricated myself to do them. Just a bit more info to add to everything that Chris provided in his thread. Cheers, Tim
  7. Patreon channel Willys

    Sweet ride there Donn. I'll echo the others about the paint too...................a mile deep finish and oh so smooth. Beautiful sir. The grille that Bob made for the car really sets off the paint too. Cheers, Tim
  8. Thanks for the "invite" Dave. I DO want a ride and will drop by this summer. Don't have any freckles but if you insist, I'll color some on before I stop by then we'll see what she can do. tee-hee Bill, "time or patience"...........it's a struggle on this build too for me at this point. That's why I'm determined to keep my head down and slog through it at times right now. This build will get done. Thanks !! Chris, thanks............as always for the support and sentiments. RandyD - always great to hear from you and your thoughts on the build. I'm STILL President of the RandyD. fan club and I've been telling all of your fans to just be patient a little while longer for updates on the Birdcage & GT-40............you sir have some truly unearthly skills. Cheers fellas!
  9. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Your builds are always so cleanly executed JC. This one is no exception........really nice sir. I almost dropped you a note to offer to machine that air cleaner you had on the car out of aluminum and I'm sorry I didn't. The scoop is perfect for the car but I'm wondering what the air cleaner would have looked like in metal subtly poking through the hood. I'm so far behind on the Bantam that it's probably better regardless. Congrats on a beautiful build. Now what you have sitting on deck is one of my favorite Fords of all time, will certainly follow along to see where you take it. Cheers, Tim
  10. Kudos to you Chris for moving forward with it. The updates look simply fantastic but I know full well where you are mentally at this point. Certain builds can be inspiring but maddening at the same time. They take on "epic" proportions. This build is one of them. The reward will be seeing it finished. Not winning awards (which it most assuredly will) but that you took the long journey to do the best you could do and executed it as well as you did. I've always admired others that take on such builds.....some that come to mind are Cato, RandyD, Dave(comp1839) and ClayK............no offense to anyone else that I didn't mention as there are many others that are on that list as well. Builds that stretch out continuously for several years (or longer) without interruption become a challenge to complete as you KNOW you can make or execute it and it takes on a life of it's own just to sit down and do it (you know you can, you just don't have the interest because there is no challenge..........a tedious task in other words).......the fun in scratch-building is the creativeness to conjure it up, figure out HOW to make it and then do it wherein it corresponds to your vision in the first palce. I guess what I'm saying is that I sympathize with you regarding where you are mentally with the car. However, you're now so close and when it's finished, you'll have something that no one will ever have and will serve as an epic "how to" for all of us modelers regardless of skill level. I've learned a lot myself from this thread and for that I thank you. Cheers my friend! Tim
  11. Force, glad you like the build. I admit the material takes longer to craft and the chassis will be painted but using the brass & stainless steel lets me get as close to scale in 1/25th that I can. Thanks again. GoatGuy, appreciate your thoughts too........nice to hear too how you're progressing with some of your new tools and look forward to seeing what you're making.........posting soon? Dave, well, you're just wrong. I saw what you've gotten done on the 37' and your new motor. Sheesh is all I got. I know the weather has been ugly here in Pa. but just think, you're only weeks away from getting that beast back out on the street. Oh yeah! cheers fellas!
  12. Bob, thanks sir for the continued interest in the car...........I'm hoping everyone can be a bit patient yet as I entering the home stretch on it. ClayK, funny, I was just thinking about you and your Old Master build you had started. Hope you jump back on that at some point. Thanks as well for commenting and following along. Jesse(DaddyFink) that brief video made me lol. thanks for that one! A/FX(JC) thanks for commenting..........fan of your work as well, your builds are always super clean. Ace-Garageguy (Bill) Coming from an engineer, I truly appreciate your comments too. I think if given the chance I would have enjoyed a career in engineering myself. My daughter is going to pursue an engineering degree in college which put a smile on my face. Thanks again Bill. John (Mr. Teresi) "home stretch".............made me ponder that one and the only thing that comes to mind is my home stretch seems to be as long as the Bonneville Salt Flats....... I WILL get her done this year...........thanks too John. Scott, thanks for following and encouragement to finish this one. PeteJ. This one will see a few shows in her future....I'll let you know and it would be great to meet you too some day. Cheers to all, Tim
  13. Hi fellas, sorry I haven't responded sooner to your comments. I'm glad you like the firewall, finally got the steering link and on the car. Good range of motion, no binding at all and it fits the bill. Wrapping up the body bracing etc. next and then time to paint, plate and detail for the final assembly now. yeah! cheers, tim
  14. VW beetle funny car .

    Sure do like your building style Bruce. The paint and graphics are stellar. cheers, tim
  15. 34 Ford funny car .

    Cool and unusual build Bruce.........congrats. cheers, tim