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  1. Interesting piece you found for the horns. I'm not doing injection however, I'm going tunnel ram with 2 Holley Dominators for the car. cheers
  2. Ta-Da. I remember the day I dropped the Henry chassis and started the Bantam a few weeks later. I thank each of you that have followed along from beginning to end. Your comments and encouragement mean/meant a lot the whole way. I've also made some great new friends and learned OH SO MUCH.................So again, my sincerest appreciation. These pics matter even though they're of poor quality. She sits on all 4 and I took the jig apart after 3+ years. I promise better quality pics very soon. Cheers to each and everyone of you! Tim
  3. I love this stuff and have used it for some time as well. The mixing tips are very helpful and I'll print this out for future reference. One "trick" I stumbled upon when using this bondo is that when I'm done sanding it down and getting it pretty much where I want it, I take Zap a Gap "THIN" glue in the pink bottle and "seal" the bondo with the glue with a simple applicator. Not a lot btw. Just enough to seal it and make it appear semi-glossy. Then I go back with 800 / 1000 grit sandpaper to knock it down a bit and to a perfectly smooth surface. I started doing it as a way to eliminate any "ghosting" effects wherein the bondo will be visible underneath. If I have a spot that's not quite right still, I'll just sand it down a little bit, re-apply the zap a gap and follow the same steps. I've done several models with body work (some was extensive) and none of them have experienced the ghosting that can / might appear occasionally. Hope this helps others in some way. Again, great product !! cheers, tim
  4. Some "almost" finished pics. I'll have some more in the near future with some underneath shots of the body with the tins & brackets installed along with the body jig & some other stuff I made for it. It's pretty much done now. All the tedious and nerve wracking assembly bits are done!!! Yeah!!! Interestingly on the drivers side when I looked at the pics it appears that there was a paint chip or flaw........I thought "oh no" and went and looked at the car to see if I had messed it up somehow.........ahhh, not the case thankfully. I don't know what it is in the pic or why but it's all good. Anyways........Cheers, Tim
  5. Precision. Nothing but pure precision. Gotta marvel at the work you do Mark. cheers, tim
  6. Imagine the hours spent just drawing this up to be able to print it in the first place. Somebody has some great reference material and patience to do that. Let alone passion. I don't see how anyone could do that as a job and make money selling 1/24th scale engines at $55. euros a pop. Or can they? I just don't know enough about it but I'm sure someone that does will share more info. It IS incredible looking. cheers, tim
  7. Gorgeous car sir! Reminds me of my high school days. cheers, tim
  8. I just can't enough of looking at the paint and decals on that body. And to think it's BEFORE the clear coat. Very very very well done. Oh, and I really like the webers and engine too! Can't wait to see your car under glass soon. cheers, tim
  9. I got nothing to add to what others have said Steven. Just that I'm a fan too of your build. The engine & compartment detail are fantastic to say the least. cheers, tim
  10. Just WOW on the paint, interior and engine Tom. I really like the effort you put into detailing the carbs and fuel lines. They're scale or the nearest thing to scale that one could replicate. That takes time/effort for sure just to pull that off. When I first looked at the carbs I had to do a double take they were that realistic looking. Truly sets off a great looking engine. Good luck on the rest. cheers, tim
  11. I have to be honest Jim that I only looked at the first few pics and the subject and moved on to another thread. My loss. After going thru the thread from the start I must say there are many interesting things you're doing on this build that are very cool. I like the approach you have in how you're designing and fabricating things too. Cheers, tim
  12. Thank you one and all that posted your interest in my next build. Should be this weekend when this gets going in earnest on the bench. Spent 3 1/2 hours today just detailing the Bantam firewall before install. The jig I made up to display the body and various body panels is assembled as well. Cheers, tim
  13. Enjoying the build Rickard. Let me know what you think of working with small 3D print parts. I've gotten some for a 1/25th scale build and find them to be extremely fragile and I like to think I'm careful when building. Still broke off some bits and pieces. When I saw your wheels it grabbed my interest on how you'll prep/paint and assemble them. I've used them on the bantam but not on really small parts just yet. cheers, tim
  14. Great paint and build Michael. The pics of the car are fantastic and show the detail nicely. cheers, tim
  15. Nice clean build Bob. Your background (and floor) in your pics really do justice to the car. Nice photography too! cheers, tim
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