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  1. Hey Dave, gotta agree it's been a terrible painting season here in central Pa. Got the seat plated and did a test fit. Plating the seat was a bit trickier than I thought it would be, this plating thing is a bit tricky for me but if it goes well the results are worthwhile IMO. The leather seat pad is not glued down yet & the chassis color will be gunmetal. Cheers everyone!
  2. My only advice would be to make a very few limited items to start of modest time requirements. Time is money of course and unless he's doing CNC stuff it's going to be difficult to attain any reasonable value proposition for either you or the end-user. You might be able to charge a "premium" as noted in some of the earlier comments but you should define what "premium" is..........you might be disappointed in what you feel is a fair price v. what the buyer is describing as premium. Your request for which parts to possibly offer initially is a good question to ask but deliverables, price and quality all must be part of your considerations as well before kicking it off. I give you credit for considering bringing such products to market and hope you succeed as nothing beats real metal. In sum, walk before you run is all I'm saying to avoid disappointment for you and or your buyer. Good luck too! cheers, tim
  3. Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 / Brass Build

    Still drooling over each update Douglas. So so inspiring what you're doing here. cheers, tim
  4. Model factory hiro

    Ferraris' everywhere in Big Boyz and yours is fantastic as well Bruce. Gorgeous car and execution. BIG fan of this thread too. cheers
  5. 1/12 Tamiya 312T

    One of the most incredible F1 cars ever Nicolas. You're doing a fantastic job. I just posted on Chris job on his 312 and came across your build. 2 more great builds to follow in the Big Boyz. Super!! cheers, tim
  6. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Hey Chris, VERY nice job on this kit. The car brings back great memories of hearing early 70's Ferrari 312T's at Watkins Glen. Their flat 12 was the coolest thing ever as you could tell where the cars were even out of sight as their sound was so unique (GREAT!!!!!) best of luck as you finish her up. cheers, tim
  7. My bad Chris...........JUST noticed it's 1/16.
  8. Thank you Chris & Randy..........very much! cheers
  9. Another project , just what I need

    Those are gorgeous Jeff. The build is going to be truly special that's obvious. I ESPECIALLY like the pic you provided of the jig you made so that you could do the wheels.............to machinists everywhere that is simplicity and beauty all rolled into one. Good one!! cheers, tim
  10. Nice to see your reply Randy and will certainly look forward to your next post on ANY of your builds you had going. That Ford GT of yours is truly amazing as well. cheers
  11. Has anybody heard from Randy recently? Just wondering as his builds were always a sight to behold & I miss his posts. cheers
  12. This looks like a fantastic subject and knowing the personal element, I know it will get the "Sobak" treatment. btw, what scale Chris? I know you said you're doing a brass chassis too this time......oh yeah! cheers
  13. Congratulations Chris on the win at IPMS. Truly a worthy entry and very deserving. I can only imagine how satisfied you feel having the car completed. I'll be sure to check out your future builds of course as I always learn from your posts and marvel at the quality. Cheers Sir!
  14. Gold base is done. I'll get the chassis done this week, just a few more tabs to add, then finish body itself in Kandy Red. I want to take a second and thank John Teresi for his insights on how he lays down such beautiful paint jobs. His tips have proven helpful and I'm sure they'll help me to get a decent final product. cheers
  15. Be sure to take an extra suitcase to the show......you'll need it to haul home the hardware. Regarding your next build, just tell me it's NOT a bantam altered.