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  1. Man are you good Dann. Not a question, just a statement. Great details you're capturing and the execution (as always) are sublime. Cheers
  2. Watson "Sketchpad" 65 Mustang

    Cool build Tom. The modified b pillar is very cool and changes the look in an early 60's Ferrari kind of way. Can't go wrong with that right? On the front valance / bumper.........I know you want to replicate the pic of the original but did you consider doing a 70 camaro split bumper look which would open up the radiator opening and might make it even more aggressive looking? Keep up the great work on it and I too look forward to your next update. Cheers, Tim
  3. Hey John, I think that is one of the most stellar paint jobs you've put down yet. Just POPS!!!! Beautiful build and appreciate the update! Cheers, Tim
  4. Oops, busted. I've been snoozing on it for a few weeks. All the "dumb stuff" is now completed and the single pic I have to offer is a shot of all the notes / pics I've taken regarding assembly (actually a few are not in this pic). Gives an idea of what I'm about to begin..........but now's the time and I'll post some true progress pics in the next week or so. Can't wait to get the engine/trans and rear end in it. Cheers and thank you too for all the comments & continued interest! Cheers, Tim BTW, I went back to page 1 of this thread to edit the header with "Updated Pics and the Date"...........there is no edit button or ability for me to update that at this time. Anyone else running into this and any ideas on how I correct that?
  5. I'm not sure where the school is located but I just have to sign up for classes that you and Randy D. graduated from. Like I said about Randy's thread................"see the picture, make the picture". Awesome scratch-building John. Cheers
  6. THIS is simply as good as it can get. STUNNING no matter what the scale but even more so being 1/25th. You really need to post a pic showing a dime next to the suspension/chassis so everyone can appreciate the sheer scale of this. I saw a pic on page 2 of this thread where you're holding the chassis..........gives a great idea of it. I'm convinced that you model with one thought......."see the picture, make the picture". Cheers sir!
  7. Thierry, I certainly don't have your skills but I'm totally fascinated in the thought processes your sharing. Best of all your way of a "work around" solution to a problem (no 5 axis machine available in your case) to still get it done. Truly admire the creativity. Cheers!!
  8. OH YEAH.......so nice to have you back posting Randy. Like many others, I look forward to each of your updates and always learn a thing or three along the way. My only request is that when you post future pics could you shoot them with a bit better lighting? And if you can't, well that would be okay too..............just keep posting sir! Oh, and the Dedion axle is awesome. Cheers from your biggest fan, Tim
  9. Tres' manifique Thierry. I have no words in the English language to describe your car so I thought I'd try this in French (even though I do NOT speak French). As an aside, I recently discovered issues on my thread in the Drag Racing portion of the site as well. Many pictures were posted where they shouldn't have been and pictures were missing that once resided in a given section. I cleaned up some of it but I have neither the time or desire to re-build to it's original format. I'll count myself fortunate that the entire thread wasn't "lost" like yours. Thanks for coming back to the forum and posting these wonderful pictures. Tim
  10. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    I remember when Harry passed and we had this same discussion over a year ago. My opinion on the subject (which has the same value as anyone else's posting here) is that the Forum is the here and now. The pure effort involved to put out the magazine has obviously become too much. I don't want to do it, and I'm pretty sure no one else is going to come forward and offer to attempt to publish it themselves. I don't have the answer other than the magazine has become a "distraction" in the dedication of limited resources (time especially and as importantly, money). Bill has some great ideas about the topic and they should be seriously considered. The magazine has always been a good read and informative, but beyond the pictures, why can't the content and information be shared here on the forum going forward. An "Editor's Corner" could be something added wherein featured builders or how-to articles could be on a pay basis. Or something like that. The "Editor" could post whenever time permits and offer insights based upon forum member suggestions / requests. With no attendant demands upon themselves. The best part of the notion is that there are no constraints on what you might do and how to do it. Let your imagination run wild and try some things. Some will be popular and catch on quickly, and others will flop...........use the knowledge garnered from the magazine itself and glean what was most important and attempt to work it in here. When making a commitment to provide a product (the magazine) on a stated date or number of publications annually, you set yourself up for criticism and disappointment. Instead of tarnishing a good reputation by continually missing said publications, make life easier for yourself and improve the product you(we) have and share. That being the Forum. Whew, sorry bout' that this post but the real jewel in the crown as I've proposed all along is the Forum and that Gregg and others could benefit as well in dedicating themselves to one OR the other, not attempting both. Cheers fellas
  11. A naked Dragonfly

    Well that's different...................AND fantastic. You sir have some real talent. As others have stated, don't be a stranger and I look forward to more of your builds. How about a "WIP" on whatever you're working on? I've no doubt I could learn something from you. cheers, tim
  12. Told you I found it John. You ALWAYS have something on the bench I just have to look around sometimes to find you/it. I read the comment (Chris?) about you being 1 week into the build. Just shaking MY head at that. Oh, and yes John, it's VERY cool. cheers
  13. Revell 1958 Corvette

    Oh my goodness Geoff. I have nothing else to add other than I wish it were mine. What finish and execution in every single pic. Congratulations sir. cheers, tim
  14. My 2018 model (singular).

    Aw, come on Peter. A build this nice just deserves more than 1 pic. More please!! cheers, tim
  15. Revell 1/25 55 Chevy

    Love this build Bruce. I can't stop shaking my head over how nice it looks. cheers, tim