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  1. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    Sorry for the late reply guys.  I did want to acknowledge everyone for the sentiments expressed.  No pics today.  I've been going back and tweaking parts and brackets in anticipation of assembly. There is no wasted space and even 1/32' of an inch makes all the difference in many instances in what goes where etc. and the order of assembly will be critical as some pieces MUST go on/in before others or it just won't happen.  Next week I'll start the body & chassis bracing / brackets so I can begin assembly shortly afterwards.  A lot of plating and parts detailing has to happen first.  I'll take some pics of all the pieces for the car in one shot and then do a final order of assembly list.  Again, thank you!   Tim
  2. Codi added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    With regard to the "rumble" this car makes, I can happily verify it is one NASTY sounding BEAST.  To shamelessly quote the old ad, "It isn't your fathers Oldsmobile"..........  The list of pieces and components machined or fabricated himself on this car is testimony to Dave's all around talent as a fabricator/builder.  Congrats Dave, looks fantastic.
  3. Codi added a post in a topic Pics from 2017 ACME Southern Nat'ls   

    Nice pics.  Thanks for sharing them with us. 
  4. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    more baby steps that took way to long to get done.....cheers, tim

  5. Codi added a post in a topic 68' Dodge Dart   

    Very cool Luis, would love to see some engine shots with the hood removed from it's supports if you have any.  cheers
  6. Codi added a post in a topic Small tire camaro   

    Nicely done Brian.  
  7. Codi added a post in a topic Dow7 coating   

    Paul, (mr68gts) I tried your technique and I like what I see. I stripped the Crower on my car and like the new finish much better.  I think it takes a little differently on metal, brass in my case, but it looks better and closer all the same.  Thanks for sharing the tip.  cheers, tim
  8. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    John, Brad, Chris, Dave & Dave -  Thanks, this stuff is taking loads of time.  Made fittings for the bottles today and some other dumb stuff and it took me 3 hours at the bench.   Can't wait to get onto getting the body mounted etc.  
    Art, too funny sir, I literally laughed out loud when I read your post
    Jim, I just wash the chassis after each solder session with dawn dish liquid and rinse well with cold water & immediately blow it off with my air brush.  Then I'll go over it lightly with a piece of fine steel wool and or a used dremel polishing wheel, the extra fine variety.   Stays pretty decent for several weeks at a time that way for me.   I just try to keep it shiny to ensure that any and all flux is removed from the chassis after each session.  That stuff can be nasty as you know.  Hope this helps, tim
  9. Codi added a post in a topic 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17   

    Trust me John, you keep building, we'll keep looking.  Can't wait to see THAT paint out in the sun light.  Congrats again John on a truly outstanding car and good luck at the shows!   cheers, tim
  10. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    Fire bottle hard lines are mocked up. The pics don't show the nozzles I created for the ends which will be added after install.  I did the same for the brake lines but no pics as I'm getting ready to solder on the various tabs to the chassis for them.  Too many "honey do" things around the house lately and this stuff takes time but still moving forward with it.  cheers, tim

  11. Codi added a post in a topic 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17   

    John, I would be SOOO proud to call that one mine.  It's just a beautiful build.  I couldn't wait to see you put down the paint and you sure didn't disappoint.   Each new build you complete becomes one of my favorites.  Congratulations, tim
  12. Codi added a post in a topic Detail Master 1427 Coolant Hose   

    Maxx, I have 6" of detail master hose that is 2.8mm in thickness.  I don't have the original package it came in but it is theirs.  If that's the part number you're seeking, I'll gladly send it if you drop me a PM and provide your shipping address info. 
    Cheers, Tim
  13. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    Morning guys, your posts are most welcome as I'm going to need all the encouragement I can get as I approach final assembly.  After posting the pics and reviewing where I'm at, it's very apparent that assembly will be quite a challenge.  The Henry pro mod that I had worked on was challenging but "packaging" is another story altogether.  This is when 1/25th scale gets to be a bit daunting, at least for me. There are so many considerations of installation order, fuel, oil, fire bottle, brake, throttle, shut-off and other such lines to go in what is a crowded space............well, let's just say that it will be a challenge even though Joe was quite humorous in his assessment of my abilities which I want to say thanks as well for the vote of confidence.  I always underestimate how much time will be needed to do something but I'm going to generously provide 2 months for final assembly.  I hope that's all I'll need.  Back to it, cheers, tim
  14. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    Getting started on the brake lines & brackets.  Time to take some pics as reference for future final assembly which I've no doubt will be quite the challenge for me.   Cheers, Tim

    Got a chance to take some pics in natural light finally.  Helps to see what's what. 

  15. Codi added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-5   

    Hey Chris, as an fyi, I'll cut the .2 nickel rod short as it enters the tube on the chassis rail and insert it into a hiroboy flexible spring cable. The .2 slips inside of it beautifully.  The pic doesn't show that. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused you.  cheers