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  1. Hey Dave, dropped you an email. Thanks for checking it out! cheers Chris, hope things are coming along for you on your next build(s). We're still anxious to see what's percolating. btw, we just got another G.Shepard pup. Stella, 8 weeks old. She's a keeper and puts a smile on my face every day even though I really didn't want another dog. Hope you find your next pup soon! Thanks too for the sentiment. As slow as this build has been, I get a bit fatigued from it. I know you know. RANDY! nice to hear from you, period. I've got to call you sometime to get caught up and I trust all is well. Your comments are a bit too much but I know they're sincere. Thank you. Barry, well, I've actually thought of just donating it to their museum if they'd want this one. As you've probably figured out already, I'm so slow at this point but it will get done. The trans is almost assembled/detailed. Like the rest of it, it's tedious in nature. I'll share some of the assembly tricks / challenges I used to assemble it when I post pics next week. Some of Mooneyez tips were helpful and I'll be sure to point those out too. Art, nice to hear from you too as always. I do miss what you've been working on as of late..........anything you'd share? Cheers fellas! Tim
  2. Now THAT'S precision. Great job on those Bob. I have a 1/25th lacing tool that I bought from micronitro several years ago. Never used it. Won't be of any help to Errol however. Sorry, tim
  3. Revell 1/25 55 Chevy

    I'm an acknowledged Ford guy but I'm sure glad I checked out this car of yours. It's just oh so right in every way. Nice nice car Bruce! cheers, tim
  4. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    I'm a sucker for those kinds of details Andrew. That bezel is simply perfect. Always a treat to check your progress. cheers, tim
  5. Fully detailed Pagani Huayra...FINISHED!!

    Thank YOU Dann for the time you took to document the build. It IS a great build and I learned a lot of neat tricks from the methods you shared. The car is so realistic looking but after going back and looking at all the close-ups a person has to be struck at how clean the build is. No mean feat with all that detail. Congratulations !! cheers, tim
  6. Thank you Daniel & Ray. Before I put the engine aside again to move onto the trans, I shot it with the headers. 1 pic for ya'. cheers
  7. A100 Super Gas....Updated 12/12/18

    I really really like the lines and rake you put on the body Wayne. The decals are awesome too..........did you do those yourself? cheers, tim
  8. John, just checked out your radial engine truck thread again. You're embarrassing me.......... and thanks for the note too! Pete, nice to hear from you and completely concur with your thoughts on tools. One could have the best of the best but it truly comes down to the person using them. There are certainly many builders who don't have access to such tools but still turn out just stunning results. Just takes longer from my experience. Thanks too! Brad, Ray and Bruce, thanks so much too for the thoughts / comments on the build. Dave, hey man, been far too long since we last got together. Kids are outta school for Christmas break soon and maybe we can find some time to get caught up then. That'd been fun. btw, saw what you've been working on for your 37'............those struts are phenomenal. Chris, thank you sir and look forward to your future builds as well. Jason, appreciate your checking it out.........I've been looking for a scale fuel can but can't find any............gonna have to make one I guess. Cheers to all, tim
  9. So much to soak in John. I just looked at your start date of this thread and just can NOT understand how you do this at such a high level and yet so quickly. Far too many details to compliment you on, but obviously another stunning Teresi build. cheers, tim
  10. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    Duh.........Andrew, it's been a while since I checked in here and boy have I missed a bunch. Admire the creativeness throughout the thread and the scratch-building is just fantastic. I've learned some great tricks / methods already from you and hope you take your time on the car so I can learn even more. Cheers, tim
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comments. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Only the brakes/calipers and trans to detail before actual assembly now. The manifold hard lines are complete. These pics are just mock-ups. Cheers, Tim
  12. John, I just had to do a bing search to see the pics of the real thing. You ARE killing the details of this. I want to buy stock in the faux rivet decal company (Archer I think? ) as you're going to need sheets and sheets of them. I never realized how much detail there is in the real one. This has to be one of the ambitious builds you've undertaken to date. I especially like your eye for design details, 1 example being the seat support and it's shape/curvature that you picked up beautifully. Such a build! cheers, tim
  13. Fully detailed Pagani Huayra...FINISHED!!

    Hi Dann, just wanted to say like the others that this is just glorious in these most recent pics. All the little details you added add up to one tremendous car as one. Congrats! Tim
  14. colt build up

    Hi John, the only thing I can add is this photo of the car that I have.........note it's a "short" car unlike Waynes. What's really odd, or interesting to note is that my pic and yours are similar in that they're the shorter car but the stars are different if you look closely. On my pic below you'll note the blue wraps around like Waynes but his stars are completely white like yours. In my pic it shows what looks like gold medallions commemorating specific polices departments or agencies inside them. My best guess and choice would be to wrap the blue around like Waynes pic and add white stars over the hood, trunk and down the sides as they show. Hope I didn't confuse the matter and it's of some help. I tried to pick out the class and number on the windshields to see if I could get a match but I can't make out the ones on the window on other than it looks like 440 (can't make out the class however) whereas your pic is 335 a/fx class & Waynes is number 2041. If I come across any others I'll be happy to share. Cheers, Tim
  15. Thanks everyone, here's bit of info on what I used to make the cover btw. I did not machine the cover as an fyi. I found a piece of P-etch (it was a fire bottle tab of some sort) that I cut down by hand. The tool I used was one I bought when Dremel decided to drop the Stylus from their line-up. Rio-Grande sells quite a few hand tools geared towards the jewelry trade. Fordham is a company that makes a wide range of hand drills / tools. The one I bought (the MH-130) they describe as a "micro" hand piece. I bought it with the portable controller and a foot pedal to adjust the speed. A special adapter goes back and forth from 1/8" to 3/32" (think Dremel sizes) collets. It'll spin to at least 25k. rpm and the construction is of dentist quality. The ball bearing / motor design is such that it'll spin at it's highest level with NO vibration at all. The bad news, of course, is the cost. I think I spent for all the bits and pieces close to $600. In this instance though, you do get what you pay for. When switching back and forth with my dremel's, it's like comparing a stone age axe to a tomahawk cruise missle. I made the cover using the Fordham with the jewelers cut off disc that you see in the pic. Flattered that you guys thought I machined it but this was shaped by hand. Hope this helps in some way. Cheers, Tim The original P-etch piece before any shaping. The Fordham hand piece