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  1. Lower it, add the suspensions from the '99 Cobra SVT kit, put wheels/tires from the Super Stallio kit on, add the Motor from the '07 or '10 GT500 kit; along with som racing seats, steering wheel, exhaust from the '99 SVT Lightning kit. You'll have som killa truck on yer hands!
  2. They did the uber-rare F&F diecat a decade ago, which was far ahead of the horrorfudgous AMT kit! So how 'bout taking their magnificant '69 kit, modfying the front end and F&F '70 grille to a stock unit, adding the side scoops, and adding a 2-in-1 option with parts from the F&F kit or the '68? Sounds like a good idea right? I mean Chargers are popluar and tooling it into the 70 wouldn't be too costly if it sells well. Maybe if Revell-o-grams marketing department is reading this, this will give them incentive to do so, or to just make plans for a GEARZ '57 Bel-Air ratshowrod kit and hope it sells to 9 year olds.
  3. Whew! Though for a second this was some kind of "dirty" thread like the batman one, but it relates to the unique and consistant four cylinder motor. So t'ings are a-OK here!! I have some 4 bangers, but most of them were from my early years and have suffered their fate of being scrapped! Though I may have some surviveing ones around somewere to show off.
  4. Welcome to Hellz nobal oun, prepare to dye!! LOL!! J/K The badly translated line came from an SNK fighting game. Welcome Bailey! Nice to have someone young at your age to partake in this hobby. Look foward to seeing your builds and sharing laughs!
  5. Today when I was at my local Michaels, I saw and bought the new-ish Cali-wheels 63 Impala 2-in-1 that rang up as a 64 Impala Lowrider on the product listing for 17.99, but got it at $9.70 witha 50%off coupon (Hellz Yeah!!!!) And to make things better... I saw a opened 64 Impala Lowrider kit and asked the cashier if I would recieve any discount, being the product was opened and missing the wheels. It rang up $14.99 and she applied a 20% off "scratch and dent item discount" (making it $12.60) along with the coupon on the '63. Of course along with two bottles of paint and a 400pc brush set for a $1.20, came up to around $27.66 with tax, which most LHS's charge with tax for just the '63 Impy alone! Dat made my day!!
  6. Allright now I CAN get in! WTF happened last night? Prolly a busy server error or the chat room was too crowded (though that never happens).
  7. DANG IT!!! I was jus there a week ago and no dice. Which type of wal-mart stores carry them? Prolly the former supercenters (which the only supercenter I got is in Valley Stream - land of the looneys) Dosen't look like much, but at least the offerings are different and newer than what Michaels, K-mart, and AC Moore get in. BTW, did you know how much the SE 62 Impy was by any chance? I hope it's not $15 because I have one on order and i'll be really peed if I paid more than at wallymart if they have models.
  8. I'm getting an error liek this: [#CJOIN-0] There was an error connecting with the chat room. Please notify an administrator. Did I do something wrong that went against forum rules?
  9. From what i've seen (going by the custom '20 mag wheels), it looks like a new body ontop of the Monogram 59 2-in-1 that was out a decade ago (and is bat-s**t crazy rare nowadays)
  10. I just got the '10 GT5000 coupe for $15 at the LIARS show last month, so this should be a nice companion to it (maybe if I got another GT500 kit for dirt cheap, I could do som kitbashin'!! Get the hint?). LHS said they would be coming within this monday, as with the Classic Crusers Lambo (YAY!!!!), and the former Snap-Tite '77 GMC Wrecker (hopefully his price should be 'round $20, not the $30 MSRP like i've seen ata few places).
  11. Yup, they R pretty awesome kits!! Very little fitment issues but extremely detailed being a snapper. Most of these kits were reboxed and rereleased as normal glue kits (even the lambo, which became a KB exclusive at some point), and some were retooled into later variants, such as the 93 f-body kits being turned into the 98-02 variants; the 94 mustang into the 96 SVT & the 97 Saleen Speedster, the Super Stallion variant, and lastly the '99 SVT Cobra; and the NSX had new wheels tooled up to turn it into a newer '99 model, but otherwise the same. For some who didn't know, the '94 Mustang was planned as a snap-tite release first, but they decided to release the Pace car 'vert and the GT coupe as monogram boxed glue kits instead (which explanes some of its snap tite roots), though it would find it's way into into the snap tite line later on as the Shindoa Boss Mustang. How does Revell-Monograms Lambo compare with AMT/ERTL's offering? The AMT kit is HORRIBLE!! Nothing seated together properly, ans the floorboard wouldn't sit right causing it to be exposed when the tall, shallow interior and the tall glass are placed underneath the body. I know R-M's has to be better, as with all of their other snap-tites kits (though AMT's 93-7 F-bodys and 94-8 Mustangs were pretty decent, dispite their moderate shortcomings)
  12. How could this be obtained? through an average website or email? I haven't had anything happen so far (yet!)
  13. I didn't know Khols had toys, noneoftheless of all things MODEL KITS!? Guess they're trying to get kids off the I-drugs into something different. When I get dragged there, they only have really, REALLY s***ty Wii games (Where's Kirby's Return to Dreamland? I wan't that, not som krappy disco-themed bowling game!!!) and real cheap-o chinese-made baby junk. I just checked their website. Eh, mediocre selection, but HOLY SHAT THE PRICES!!!!! Are they available at select stores or online only? Most of them I see are listed for online only, but the prices are jus... OUCH!! Maybe if they have them at stores and if there's anyone that I want (I doubt), i'll have to ask the female tyrants (me mum and sister) to lend me one of their 9000 coupons if they haven't found out that i'm preparing my christmas electronics purchase off Amazon. Oh wait..... YOU SCUMBUM!!! EYE HATE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! UERR GETTING ALL THOSE DEALS AT RETAIL OUTLETS WHILE I FIND NUTTIN BUTT I-SQUAT WHEN I GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! KNOT FAIR! - I'm only just playing aroundm J/K c: Thats'a decent price even getting that at Michaels w/a coupon, but with Khols coupons, you could do even better!
  14. TNX Darin! R there any assembly snags along the way of building one?
  15. Not today, but two weeks ago when I was at the LIARS show, I got som '50 Chebie pick-ups CHEAP!! Got the 1998 Coca Cola issue for $5.00 complete, and the custom version from Trucks gift set for another $5.00! And I waz gonna blow $19 on the new release, but sometimes wating for older issues to pop up saves being f***ed out of my cash like no tommorow. The Coke issue is complete, aside from decals and the soda machines, but no biggie as I won't use those parts. The Trucks version is complete, but the body was painted poorly (som PP took care of that) and had the glass cracked into two (easily made a unit from clear plastic kicking around), but the rest was sealed in it's baggies. It also contains a '53 Ford P/U and a '55 Chevy Stepside! The latter was untouched, but the ford was partialy painted/glued, and missing the glass. Again no biggie, as it was only $5 for 3 kits with the 1st two being started, but workable.
  16. Like it alot! The colorshift paint over the gray looks pretty good; reminds me of a pink-shift paint I remember seeing ona few tuner cars I saw in som mags many years back. Maybe I should do that to mine when I get to christmas (presents!) time.
  17. DOT-3 would be a good choice, but it may take about a week or 3 to get it like butter. Since this is metal, aircraft stripper or hardware store paint thinner would do the job pretty good. I'd go with the latter since it's far cheaper than the Aircraft stuff, and can be easily obtained.
  18. This kit: http://www3.towerhob...?&I=LXBGVG&P=SM Is this any good? I heard it's a reissue of the rare Revell Snap-Tite kit from 1993, which was pretty decent from what I heard. Hope this isn't like AMT/ERTL's attempt they made, which was nothing more than an ill-fitting, blobby mess destined for parts.
  19. IRRC, the orginal kit DID carry it and was only seen once... None of the very few reissues have it, even the first 1996 reissue DOES NOT include it, but the 2007 release (w/ the 1996 boxart, abit with updated copyright information) is the only reissue in 40 years to include this piece. Probably due to RC2's facility opening all the mold gates like with most of their reissues from that time.
  20. WOW!!!! LOL :lol: :lol: How could they do som crazy thing like that?! Guess someone in that department wasn't too bright there, huh. Reminds me of: How could you guys not remember this!
  21. Thats the same Monogram issue of the Aurora kit my dad has. TBH, it's not much better than the Revell kit, but being rarity of aurora kits under any lable, you could probably sell it or trade it for something cooler and nicer than what youy have. Now I remember! The Revell one I attemped to build was the issue from the Car & Driver 3-car set (it also had a Datsun 240Z anda '50's Porsshe roadster)
  22. Stay away from this one!! Unless you got acorns to make it a custom and do away with the fussy components alltogether. I built an 80's-ish issue a few years ago... boy was it a mess!! Regardless if they even cared to clean/fix the fitment problems in this release, i'd skip it and go for the Gunze and Heller kits... Though those command alot more dough than the Revell kit and are much, much harder to find (from my experience). Not by very much though. To my eye, i'm comparing what I have left of the Revell kit to the Aurora/Monogram one body wise, and they are almost identical tooling wise, even the details right down to the engine.
  23. They'll prolly be molded in like Revell's '06 Camaro Concept snapper is... though cutting them off shouldn't be too bad if the ingraving lines are deep (not thin like AMT's camaro, GOD!)
  24. Yes it will, just like their New snapper '69 Camaro thats currently out now. Which obviously shares the body with the glue kits (abit with some minor modifications) that date back to 1990. The New Ferarri Enzo (1/24th) snapper due to be released in the next year will have the body based from the Revell AG glue kit, abit heavily modified for snap configureation, and having everything else newly tooled. The snapper '10 stang has a newly tooled snapper chassis and etc. but the body tooling direct from the GT coupe casting, with some obvious modifications being a ragtop and the interior (which should easily interchange with the glue kit).
  25. Oh, I forgot some more: Monogram BMW 535. Only because the two kits I bought were totaly warped and had a fitment issue between the interior and the body. And the Monogram Ferarri Testerossa "Miami Vice" Looked nice and went together pretty decent.... untill fitting the interior and frame to the body (and the glass too (shrugs).
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