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  1. Doyle and Riley, thank you for the nice responses. Yeah it’s definitely a goofy a little critter but it was a fun simple build. I’ll pass on your compliments to my friend James who mastered the body so many years ago.- Mark
  2. Hi friends, this is a dodge D50 pick up truck that a friend of mine years ago decided to try his hand at customizing. It was one of his first attempts and by his own admission he went a little crazy with the top chop using the roof off of the 53 Studebaker AMT kit. He smooth everything on the body. He had flares and runningboards which it really didn’t need by his own admission. He was proud of what he did though and he wanted to try his hand at casting so he pulled a mold off of the body and this is a resin copy he gave me. Being a drummer one of my biggest drummer influences is the late great Neil Peart from the rock ‘n’ roll band Rush. For some reason I have often associated red with Rush because many of their song titles had the word red and it was the color of their logo on their album 2112. Plus my favorite drum sets that Neil ever had were always his red ones. I had cut his picture off of the inside of one of their album sleeves clear back in the mid 80s. Somehow I managed to keep it all these years and I decided to try my hand at spraying transparent Kandy over a picture as I have seen many modelers do. The results I got were rather atrocious! I used spray adhesive and tried to burnish the picture down flat but I still got a huge bubble or two! Oh well. I painted it with a craft store red before I applied the picture. I then tried to tint some Future wax with transparent red and hand brushed it over the photo with horrific results! Neil came out looking like a vampire that had pools of blood around his mouth etc. So I cleaned it off with Windex and then just shot Testors transparent candy red over the whole. One of Neil‘s nicknames was Professor. This I painted in gold across where the tailgate would be had it not been smoothed over. The transparent candy red was pretty thick after a few coats and pretty well buried the word but when you shine an LED flashlight on it you can see it. Anyhow the wheels or parts box items that I brush painted gold. Windows are transparent red acetate. It is basically a slammer with no engine or chassis detail. I just hope Neil himself would approve of it. Did any of you guys know that he used to build model cars when he first joined the band back in the 70s. He would take a project on the road with him and work on it in his hotel room after shows. He said his favorite kits were the AMT 3 in 1 that his father got him. Later in life he began to amass a huge 1/43 diecast collection. If you feel like googling Neil Peart model cars you should be able to come across a picture of him with that collection. I know it’s goofy but I hope at least one of you get a kick out of it. – Mark
  3. Up the Irons!!! Lovin Eddie and the model is amazing!- Mark
  4. What a color Harry! Fantastic build. -Mark
  5. Very nice color combo and again….that flake! -Mark
  6. Thank you guys! Plow boy I hope you can get one sometime. The flip front end is a bit finicky as is the working front suspension. That is why I just glued the whole suspension into place although if you take your time it really is not too difficult to assemble. I just did not care enough to have mine poseable. Also my front clip is removable as opposed to hinged mainly because I slammed the front end so low and the nose hit the table when opening . -Mark
  7. Hi Friends, just a simple build here. MPC Street Fever done up as a Vette customized with Joel Rosen Motion parts. The engine is from a Motion 70 Camaro AMT. The interior has red flocking. The rolling stock consists of MRC Cragar wheels with craft store “jewels” for center caps and more “jewels” were used for tail lights. The kit came with the option of using the rear window glass or a sort of louver panel. I couldn’t decide which I preferred so I was able to use both by just leaving the louvered panel removable. However when it sits on top of the glass it doesn’t exactly lineup with the body the way it should but oh well. I guess about the only other thing worth mentioning is that the hood scoop, such as it is, came from my parts box. I have no idea what it started out as but it probably was never meant to be used as a scoop! I filed out the center of it’s top and glued in some screen. This car came to me as a partial built up and was already painted. Therefore I have no idea what brand of black paint was used but the fact that it was black enabled me to just paint my hood scoop and get it to match fairly decently! Lol. . Anyhow guys I hope you enjoy and happy building! -Mark
  8. I love it! I built a street rod using mostly parts from my parts box and you know what… It’s one of the most fun builds I’ve ever done. To say nothing of the fact it cleans out your parts box. Anyhow you did a fantastic job on those my friend. - Mark
  9. Fantastic Build Richard! I love the work you did on your Californian too. I entered the 2022 Cannonball Run year of birth build and told the guys I was going to build the Californian but alas, the year has come and gone and I’ve really only done like one night of work on it. I’m embarrassed but maybe I’ll post pictures next year during next year‘s build off! I’ve seen where people have done that before and they say here’s last year‘s car I finally finished for what it’s worth. I may do just that. Anyhow great job on the Toronados my friend.-Mark
  10. Fantastic build Jim! You’ve got skills brother!-Mark
  11. Michael, thank you for sharing your amazing story with us. I lived in Germany from ‘85-‘87 when I was a teenager. I made it to Switzerland a few times both during winter and summer. Beautiful any time of year. I skied Zurich and Murren. I am so jealous that you got the sit in a Koenig. It’s a shame about the lapel pin disappearing. Perhaps the car I saw in South Carolina was not a Competition then. It was definitely twin turbo and widebody. I have most of the Fujimi Koenigs save for the 1/16 Countach and 1/24 Competition Spider. I believe boxer Mike Tyson had a yellow Spider at one time. Cheers and how is the weather in Co.? I would love to move there someday. – Mark
  12. Keith I replied to espo but I hope you get to read my response too. -Mark
  13. Glen Ford. He posts on this very site under “damodelguy az”. Hope this helps guys and beautiful projects you both have. Keith I love your newly finished 56 Ford!- Mark
  14. ybsluos

    32 ford

    This was an awesome build Koe! I’m enjoying looking at these older posts.- Mark
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