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  1. ybsluos


    This is an amazing build!
  2. I just found this post. I had this kit in the late 80s. I, like you, was intimidated by the paint job. I’m glad to see that one of us persevered and finished it properly! I chickened out and brush painted the blue on my build and did not deem it nice enough to be an accurate Sox & Martin car . So I built mine Pro Street with a supercharger and way too much induction! Mine is long gone alas but your build makes me want another. Great work my friend.
  3. Hi John, 

    my wonderful wife Mary printed up some very cool reference photos and a detailed article on M/T's monocoque funny car.    I will happily send it out to you.  Our email address is mmsoulsby@gmail.com if you want to send me an address.  I figured you would rather have the hard copy photos as that way you won't have to print them yourself.  Plus she printed them nice and large!!  Cheers John. -Mark Soulsby

  4. Hi Scott. Long have I been a fan of you builds. I noticed on your Fotki site when I was on there (I no longer am) and was one of your friends on that site that you built a nice Flameout AMT kit. I got a reissue a couple years back which has a cool little cardboard display base and a neat small cardboard replica of the box which I glue gunned together. I also have the kit box in great shape.  If you would like these items I will ship them to you gratis. If interested please email me at mcsoulsby@hahnlaw.com  I also wondered if you would consider a separate trade or sale of one of you older stalled projects.  I thought it could not hurt to ask.  If you email can you title the email “Model car question reply”. Reason being it is my wife’s work email and this way she will bring it to my attention.  Thanks Scott and happy building brother.  -Mark Soulsby 

  5. Very nice work Erik. No idea why this is underlining lol! Reminds me a bit of Troy Trepanier's Sniper. Keep up the good work!-Mark
  6. Billy I love this! I was going to put the same style flares on one of my 70 kits and was kicking around bashing some off an old race car kit(240z perhaps) but will probably hand form them from styrene( at least I hope I can!). Don't know which route you took but the results are great. Bad looking machine Brother!-Mark
  7. Frank that is insane. Beautiful paint work and nice outside the box body for a lowrider. Never would have thought of this.-Mark
  8. Fantastic build Brother. I just stumbled across it in a Google search for MPC Cuda. I know I am coming in late but just wanted to comment anyhow. Man I need to get one of those versions of this Cuda. Had one years ago and loved building it in my late teens.(misty eyes!!!)-Mark
  9. Very cool Mike. Looks burly! Also I have no idea how I got locked into this font! lol-Mark
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