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  1. I read that this photo was taken in Akron which makes sense. Anyhow that’s my useless trivia input! -Mark
  2. Tim this is a phenomenal build!- Matk
  3. Very nice build Todd!- Mark
  4. Richard, they are from AMT Snapfast Slammers Black Force. Yes I realize your post is 7 years old! I just saw it today though.
  5. Hi Brian, I realize this is an old post. I was just wondering where you got the scroll type supercharger. I’ve seen them show up on several bills and I’ve been looking to get a couple for myself. I don’t know if somebody Castleman resin. Thank you – Mark
  6. ybsluos

    STACKED 66

    Beautiful work Jeff. It reminds me of a Vennom body.
  7. This is mean Scott! Love me some 1/16th. Great color. -Mark
  8. Dennis, I remember seeing this model in a magazine years ago. I always loved it and it still looks great.-Mark
  9. Nick I love the way you left a small portion of the stock hood bulge in front of the cowl scoop. Don’t gett me wrong I love the whole project but that is one small detail that stood out to me.-Mark
  10. Yeah Snake I love bringing them back to life too. I usually find it more fun than doing a new one. Anyhow your Charger looks great Richard!- Mark
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