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  1. Never built it, but this might provide a little insight:
  2. No, you're not imagining it. They were 3D printed by a guy out near Buffalo, NY, and KJ cast them for a little while. I have a set for my Volvo VN.
  3. Great looking Corvette. Very well done.
  4. Jim B

    1/16 scale

    There used to be a guy in Australia that made a lot of 1/16 stuff, but I don't think he's around anymore.
  5. Great looking Ferraris. Well done.
  6. Great looking Autocar. Very well done. The backdated hood looks really nice.
  7. Nicely done. Saw the movie ages ago.
  8. Thanks, Victor. No load planned as of right yet. Might do the Cat D8. Not sure.
  9. I agree. I think most COEs look better with short wheelbases.
  10. Your Winslow stripes came out great. Looks like perseverance paid off. Looks great with your trailers. I really like it with the van.
  11. Nice job on the gun truck. Well done. Very cool.
  12. That's really cool. Well done.
  13. Not just that, but the square headlights, more modern bar grill, and the hood logos (vintage & modern) would be nice.
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