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  1. Nice collection of Dodges. I like the CUCV. Didn't know Dodge made those; all the ones my unit had were Chevrolets. Where did you get the Triumph?
  2. It might have been "tongue in cheek", but you do make a valid point.
  3. I don't read Japanese. What is the difference between the Special Edition & the Standard Edition?
  4. A guy I know from Australia who is a Corvette Fanatic, used SMS Premium Bright Blue for his Blue Flame engine. Is it correct, No idea, but it looks good. Matches this one pretty closely: But not these: Go figure.
  5. Interested to know what will be in the "Classic Emergency Flasher Parts Pack". Time will tell.
  6. Nice changes so far. Are you planning on correcting the headlight location?
  7. Nice looking Saturn Vue. I had one of those a long time ago. It have the manual transmission as well. I really liked my Vue, sadly with two kids we had to switch to a mini van. Most cars today seem to be crossovers or SUVs. Not many sedans left (here in the US at least).
  8. Nice looking Würger. I really like the Fw 190. I've only seen parts of The Man in the High Castle, so I'm familiar with the theme.
  9. Great looking rock trailer. Looks just right behind the Autocar.
  10. This arrived today from Scalehobbyist: Figure I couldn't go too wrong for $19. Oddly, they show white walls on the box, but there are no white walls in the box. Go figure.
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