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  1. Went to Loco Joe's today. Nice guy with a good selection of kits at reasonable prices.
  2. Thanks, Snake. Turns out it is about a half hour from my house. I will definitely check it out sometime.
  3. Thank you back, Snake. I did not know about Loco Joe's. Sounds like a railroad place? I am closer to the HL in Leesburg, VA, but I may check out the M-burg one sometime. While I'm on the subject, I should mention the Hobby Hutt in Winchester, VA. Another nice little LHS.
  4. If you're in the Charles Town, WV area, (or going to the casino, LOL), check out the Hobbies Shop. Really nice folks with a good selection of kits at reasonable prices. They have some paints and supplies and are expanding their offerings as they can. They're worth supporting. https://the-hobbies-shop.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral
  5. In general, the larger the file, the coarser the teeth. So maybe take a look at regular files (as opposed to hobby files). Chain saw files come as small as 1/8 inch diameter, and a 6 inch triangular, flat, or half round would be more aggressive than hobby files, without the rough surface left by a rasp.
  6. Do not get an Epson inkjet, they will not print on decal paper. At least, that's been my experience. I had an HP inkjet printer that worked fine with inkjet decal paper. There is still the problem with the inks being translucent, so the decals printed on clear paper have to go over white, or the color of the decal will be changed by the color under it. White decal paper solves that problem, but the decals must be trimmed very closely, and have a white edge. The white paper seems a bit thicker than the clear as well. There are ways around some of these issues, and I have made some decent decals with an inkjet printer, but the ones on white paper are not as nice as kit decals. Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks, Carl! Thanks, Curtis!
  8. Thanks, Dominik! Thanks, Thomas!
  9. Certainly the countries you mention do not have adequate, if any, trash disposal systems. So their trash, including plastic, gets dumped all over the place. Since they are coastal/island nations, a lot of that trash ends up in the ocean. However, some of those countries have been importing huge amounts of plastic from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and others, supposedly to recycle it, since it is not cost effective to do it here. I suspect that some percentage of their "recycling" consists of just dumping it. Recently, China and Malaysia are no longer accepting foreign plastic for recycling. In fact, Malaysia is returning hundreds of tons of plastic to the countries of origin. We will see what happens then.
  10. Great job! They all look excellent. I saw some 510s and Zs racing at the Vintage Races a couple of weeks ago. A Daytona was there, but didn't race, just led a couple of fast pace laps.
  11. Thanks, Craig! The BMF wasn't particularly difficult, but there definitely was a lot of it. Thanks, Tyler! I think you will enjoy this kit. Thanks, Matthew!
  12. That one took me a second to figure out, but I like it.
  13. Very cool. Nice job on the paint.
  14. Thanks, Dave. I agree it is a very nice kit.
  15. I hope that moron spends a lot of time in a jail where they have aggravated cruelty to inmates.
  16. Thanks, Jim! Thanks, Bill! Thanks, Dave! You're right. Plus it's not supposed to be chrome. Since it was a separate part, I just ASSumed it was meant to be chrome, and didn't attach it until after the hood was painted. When I went to attach it, I realized my mistake. I wasn't going to repaint the hood, so upside down and chrome it is.
  17. Those lights look great! Glad to see you overcame your paint problems.
  18. That is gorgeous! Nice job on the detailing too!
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