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  1. Stupid Finnish law!...well don't feel bad, we have plenty of laws here just as STUPID anyway great looking take on a plain ol cargo van, looks very cool..
  2. That's pretty darn coool man!...or should I say HOT
  3. Hey Dave haven't seen any of your builds in a while...looks fantastic
  4. Makes me wanta' throw on some ZZ top!...nice work my friend
  5. bsoder

    68 Charger

    Excellent job man!!
  6. bsoder

    50 Olds

    Love it man!...the paint looks fantastic, the color really works
  7. Pretty darn coool Jim!!
  8. Well I tried to find any flaws...but failed!
  9. bsoder

    74 Javelin

    Came out real nice man!!
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