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Found 12 results

  1. My plan is to build a race car hauler from the Jimmy Flintstone Ford COE Crew Cab and turn the Sedan Delivery into the payload. Parts list currently includes: Jimmy Flintstones Cast (badly) 1953 Ford Crew Cab COE AMT C600 City Delivery (soon to be delivered) Franklin Hobbies Air Bag rear Suspension and potentially 19.5" Wheels and Tires Still to find: Replacement Diesel engine Seats etc. I have never tackled any scratch building on this scale so I am hoping I will get some inspiration and guidance from the kind folks here. Thanks for looking.
  2. Well it is finally done. Started in Sept '19 finished Apr '20. Started with a vision and it turned out better than I had hoped. Comments welcome.
  3. 1948 Chevrolet COE, started with AMT 1950 3100 Pickup kit. Partsbox model, based on a resin Cab Over Engine body. Built this when film cameras was the thing, ran this through my studio shoot for Desert Scale Classic COVID Special contest (not entering). If I recall correctly, the COE resin body was All American Models, ordered from a magazine ad, not available now; required massaging the hood, and fenders. I had the bed left over from my Canopy Express project. The headlights, taillights, wheel centers, and 409 decals are from the 1962 Chevrolet Impala 409, which I made a demolition derby for the other magazine contest. Tires are from the horrible Nitto Lamborghini Countach kit, had someone turn aluminum rims. Front bumper is modified AMT Ferrari 250 SWB kit. Mirrors from the Tamiya Volvo BTCC Estate. Resin copy of Tamiya Vehicross gas cap. Detail Master photo etch wipers. Plastistruct diamond plate, the Bare Metal foil has wrinkled up, really need to rip all that off and make new parts, then paint with Alclad. Real Cherry wood bed rails with dovetail corners. Corian is the frame, since it's a true Curbside. Parma fluorescent yellow paint. Scratch-built the grill, running boards, license plate the moves up for trailer hitch. This is the second street rod I ever built, and no plans to build more. Thanks for looking!
  4. I bought (2) White Freightliner 75th Anniversary COE kits. The stock options are Day cab single drive (SD) and Sleeper cab dual drive (DD). I have chosen neither of these. I am building one as a Day cab DD and the other as a Sleeper cab triple drive. It has been slow going but I try to work on them a little bit most every day. I have painted the stripe (under) color on the cab and masked it off in preparation for the black top coat. I researched photos of the proper engine colorings but it was too boring so I went artistic on it. I modified the frame to keep the DD length but provision it for the day cab mounts. Since I needed extra wheels and tires for the triple drive, I got some Moebius aftermarket wheels and tires for this one. My cat lost my front axle and center link so I robbed them from a Ford Coca Cola straight truck kit. I got the brake backing plates from the Ford kit as well. Oh, and I converted the headlights to rectangular ones from Auslowe using just a file (no putty).
  5. I am building two Freightliner COEs simultaneously. Here is some of the slow progress on the 2nd more ambitious project.
  6. Hello everyone, here is my latest project. This project started during or soon I find this picture. my idea to change the use of decals board provided last year. I thought of several ideas on a roof rack my woody, not big enough ... trailer ... and then I had the idea to change the COE delivery, the idea of the COE advertising was born ... realized in 3 weeks to participate in the NNL east. Mix Resin Delivery Ford COE at RMR and 50 Monogram Ford pickup. Tamiya paint varnish Hobby collor Wheels "Foose Nitrous II 1/24 19" and 21 '' at Scale of Production. wooden floor, with stirrers for coffee, glued 1/1 Inside the ford 50 shortcut billboard full scratch. here it is finished, old small box has the right size, cut and built 1/1, the kid just an old box of 59 buick amt etc ... and finally the final model exhibited at NNL WIP images WIP IN VIDEO
  7. Hello Here is my latest project I always love the whole "concept car Mercury XM Turnpike Cruiser" It was moved on a trailer "Showcase" Trailed by a "Ford BIG JOB" 1956 My idea: copy the whole, modifying and installed in the trailer, the new Mercury Voyageur SW output in 1957 .. I so love the SW!I Started this project in July 2009 ended there in April 2013 for the NNL EAST I started building Modelhaus resin "stock" that you saw on this forum. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=72421&hl=%2Bmercury+%2B1957 At the same time I built the COE has a lot of work. Mix resin resin between RMR and 56 of Ford Pickup Dodge L700 and largely scratch chassis. All windows have been installed before painting, I paint the whole car inside the trailer! I'm crazy LOL no other solution. It falait more it is transportable to have it in hand luggage was on the plane! For the interior, I made a real wood floor. On the sides, I did a show with such a display and vintage advertising. The trailer builds from the Flatbed Trailer Dodge L700, it was started in 2009, I was not able to finish on time. Mid March when I decided to cut into two and again it was wrong! As there are a lot of explanation, I decided to made ​​the video and some photos of WIP I used to build this set: - Mercury SW traveler modelhaus - Dodge-L700 with flatbed trailer Lindberg - Ford COE 51/52 resin RMR - Revell Ford-pickup1956 - Many evergreen,... Hobby paint color, alclaad, polyurethane varnish ... some stages of construction This set has won the Best theme "Resin Rules" to NNL EAST, thank you to Tom Geiger and his team. http://youtu.be/J82d841XfJA full WIP in ma Fotki : http://public.fotki.com/Zelkam/stock/
  8. Guys: A short while ago I bought the Dodge L-700, the one with the flatbed and the '40 Ford Coupe. While I've been working on the cab, and the cab working on me (why won't those doors line up????) I put the other parts aside. But now that I'm working on the trailer I can only find 2 of the outer rims. Either I lost them somehow, or they weren't in the box to begin with. Has anyone else had that problem? Thanks John
  9. I got mine a few days ago, and of course had to rifle through it. Some pros: good cast detail and parts count, very full box, great decal sheet. Some cons: non-chromed fuel tanks (this is a little thing I know, but I remember the originals having chromed tanks), some casting flash (to be expected for a kit of this vintage), (to me) an odd parts breakdown (how they were seperated). All in all, a good kit and a welcome re-issue. I have my order in for a second kit so that I might build an extended sleeper version. Thanks to AMT for re-issuing this kit.
  10. New member,new to the forum,this is my first post.I have been in a slump recently with a move to a new house,work,life,etc.Needed something to get the creative juices flowing again.I spotted this kit at the local hobby shop and figured why not.Yeah,it's just a snap kit but with a little detailing I think it turned out ok. I build only for myself and all my builds go on the shelf,no contests. Anyhow this is a 1970's Peterbilt 352 COE.It's the Revell 1/32 snaptite kit.Exterior paint is $1.49 rattle can from the bargain store.It's called Ford medium cranberry metallic.Clear coat is Testors one coat.Decals are from the kit and spares box.A small amount of BMF was used also.Interior color is Tamiya light sand.First time I used flocking on the seats.A piece of satin for a blanket in the bunk and tissue paper for pillows. I enjoy looking at other posters builds.They give me inspiration and ideas.Keep up the excellent work everyone.
  11. My first post here. Been working on a replica of my dad's truck, he had a 1977 White Freightliner. I consider myself a novice builder but would like to share. Highlights include, custom decals, rear window and third axle chop.
  12. Well here I have finely got this project done and its a late 1950's vehicle hauler. The cars,trucks and trailer are based on a real vehicles that I seen a picture of online. The models used are 56 ford that I converted to a coe and stretch the frame out to scale.The deck on the coe is scratch built and on the truck it has (2) 57 Ford sedan 4 doors .The trailer was also scratch built and has (4) 56 Ford trucks .
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