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  1. Thanks Tony, I really like your SVO too, it looks like something that RoboCop would have driven if they gave him something cooler than a Taurus. -MJS
  2. Emerging through a black hole from the end of the big hair decade is this '87 GT that I built in 1989. It's an MPC 1988 GT kit with a few alterations. I don't remember all of the body mods, but the partial list is fender flares, shaved handles and emblems, NACA ducts in the stock hood, deepened front spoiler and ground effects, Testarossa style side strakes, (it was 1989, alright?!) and a sliding moonroof from a Tamiya RX7 body. I hated the MPC chrome headlights, so the buckets and lenses are cut down Monogram parts. MPC didn't supply the correct flush mount 1/4 windows, so I made these from an old '80s smoke tinted rear glass from some MPC kit. Remember when they did that? I'm glad they don't any more! Seats are Monogram '85 Corvette, rest of the interior is stock but for the monster tach. Anyone recall the old Otaki BFG tire and wheel sets? Here's a set of the "Modulars" on full Monogram front and rear suspension and rear end, because the MPC stuff was too spindly looking. Paint is Testors' Model Master somethingoranother blue over aircraft gray, front screen is fine brass mesh from an automatic transmission filter. Engine is a Monogram 5.0 (So in 1:25th scale, I'm calling it a 351) with twin Paxton superchargers and dual quads. Basically, when the Otaki wheel and tire sets came out, I got all happy and built several hot rods around them, and this was one of them. -MJS
  3. Maybe they are on the same tree as the teardrop hood? -MJS
  4. From what I can see in the fotki album, the body is pretty well proportioned, with only one (minor) problem: It looks like they molded a gas cap on each side; it's on the left only so the right has to be filled in. Grille looks nice, taillight buckets look to be molded to the body, can't tell if the proper cris-cross chrome detail is molded into the lens or not... if they are too far off, a good substitute may be the ones from the AMT '65 Falcon AWB drag kits. I like that the seat is separate, easier to switch to buckets and console which was an option. Dash trim, door panels, and seat upholstery is correct for 1965. -MJS
  5. It's got a much more balanced look it than others I've seen which have attempted the mid engine configuration. Looking great, like a car that can actually be driven when finished. -MJS
  6. Actually, that does look like an Arizona vinyl top that's seen a little too much sun! Very nice rebuild on the Toro. -MJS
  7. I though that the main flap with the Shelby owners was that the 2010s came with the unpainted axle, while the 2011s came painted, ruffling up some very fragile feathers. After that, I'd think that Ford painted all of the axles, but I don't know for sure. For this build of a 2010 model, natural steel tubes and cast finish center section is correct, and a tiny bit of flash rust, as pictured above, represents a new car on the lot and would be a nice touch. -MJS
  8. Steve, I don't have the hardtop or convertible, but a friend of mine has both and I've compared them closely to the AMT promos and annuals, which I do have. Sure, there are problems here and there, like the goofy tires, engine, exhaust, too-narrow trunklid, taillights a bit too far inboard, headlight bezels, and the body being just a hint too square in places. However, I kitbash nearly everything, including factory stock, and swapping the bad stuff for better stuff and doing a little body work isn't an issue for me, as I spent lots of time building and correcting badly engineered models for the last 35 or so years. So I suppose that I've come to expect it. A badly out of scale body would be a bummer, but if it's decent, like the '64s, (and I think it will be) then I wouldn't care if the rest was curbside and battery operated with Tonka wheels - that's what the parts box and kits are for. -Mike
  9. Due in September, going nuts waiting. 427 RancheroBolt? May as well, since I'll be scooping up more than one for sure. How often does a kit company come out with a non-mainstream car that you actually own? -MJS
  10. That's great, because those caps are correct for '65 Falcons. The box art shows this trim too, instead of the two tone trim with the chevrons a la '64 Futura/Sprint. Another great thing, because now I can finally build my own car. Factory stock? -MJS
  11. Dave, I'm a Ford guy. I've rarely built anything else in the past. This is my favorite car on the site. -Mike
  12. I'll buy one of those too, and I'm not even a Hudson enthusiast. I just really appreciate how Mobius showed the test shots and listened to input from modelers, which is something I've never heard of before. Such actions should be rewarded, I think. -MJS
  13. Roger, all '60-'61s came with the body color "pie crust" gas cap, the '62 and '63s came with the ribbed stainless cap to match the rear trim panel, or the "Mercury Man" cap on '63 deluxe, non S-22s. But that cap finds it's way on earlier Comets because it's cool, so open interpretation on that one. Backup lights were optional on all models, including the S-22. Instrument cluster is nearly all chrome, here is a pic of my wagon, same as '61 except the glove box emblem. I two toned my wheel, stock is black on base models, white on deluxe and S-22. All trim levels got the stainless strip across the top of the dash whether they got the dash pad or not. Cragars look great, the red open steelies were the customers' choice and I thought they were rather plain with no caps on the plain-jane car. But he wanted to show off the five lug conversion, I suppose to those who knew that all Falcons and Comets to mid '63 were 6cyl/4lug. I don't think that too many know that today, so Cragars are still suitably sleeperish. -Mike
  14. I wonder if it will have the dog dish caps on the box art, because those are '60-'63 caps usually seen on six cyl cars. They only fit the 13" rims, weird choice for a street/strip car. Nevertheless, I'll buy one. -KK
  15. Roger, I built it for a young hipster couple who had just bought it, and felt it was too slow and too hard to drive with the original bolt-action 6 banger. They had a non-synchro first gear, which was a pain. Originally, I was just going to put a C4 in it, but one thing led to another. It started out as a mint 1 owner 55K mile car, with perfect original paint and interior. Stock: The only interior pic I have shows the seat covered with a swanky leopard print cover that they put there to protect the upholstery. 1960-1962 Falcons and Comets all had body color engine bays with black core support, '63-up had all semi gloss black. Better engine bay pic: Master cylinder area: I found a nice pair of oval chrome tips for the duals which tied in nicely with the cat-eye taillights and matched the fuel and temp gauge surrounds in the dash cluster. The owners were pleased. I own a slammed hot rod '60 Comet 2dr wagon that's had most of the same things done to it. Your model is coming along great, if you need to know any detail, no matter how obscure, ask away! -Mike
  16. Roger, your car is looking a lot like a real '61 Comet I built around 10 years ago. A 1:1 scale kitbash, it got a worked 289, full five lug suspension, dual exhaust, and disc brakes. Fun car, and used to really surprise the import crowd. -MJS
  17. Steve! Long time! Now you know another one of my obscure hobbies. How's the '63 road race Ranchero doing these days? -Mike That's pretty good Harry, Not too many people know that outside of Austria. From German, it's most commonly "cord", which may be a coincidence; because an 812 Supercharged convertible is one of the closet models waiting for a build. -MJS
  18. Since the community build is over, and the thread is now open to all Foxes, (I hope I read that right) here's another old build of mine, an '89 LX that I built in 1990. The two major kits were both Monograms, the '89 GT convertible and the '79 Turbo Cobra. The body is GT in the middle, '79 below the side trim and from above the taillights to the front fenders, including the window sills. Everything else that wasn't in those kits was scratch built or parts box except the wheels, which are Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland, bought right when they were released. The embossed MUSTANG lettering in the front and rear bumpers was cut from the GT side skirts, the 1/4 windows were cut from an '85 Corvette windshield, the LX emblem on the trunk was cut from a piece of chrome flash, Ford ovals were cut from magazine ads, rear spoiler was reshaped from the '79 piece, taillights were built from styrene sheet and painted with various reds and clear to try to make them look reasonable, interior tub is GT with the hatch area from the '79... and so forth. It was a fun build at a time when almost nothing aftermarket was made for Foxes. I've got a few others that I can post when I can photograph them. I'm a major Fox head, I own three real ones. -MJS
  19. Futurabat, your screen name tells me that this car is pertinent to your interests. (Just a feeling I get.) I did the tires in Testors spray can flat black, and for the whitewalls, I used white Tempera paint from an art store that I originally bought to do raised white letters on vinyl tires. I thinned it with water and airbrushed it on with a round stencil. They came out very well, which pleased me to no end because such experimentation didn't usually go so well for me. The hood emblem is foil, I bought a whole sheet of Bare Metal gold just for that emblem, never used it again, then the adhesive went bad, so I tossed the rest. -MJS
  20. Thanks Junkman, but my friends just call me Toby. -MJS
  21. Did he have a B body Monaco race car? I remember in season 1 it was a 4dr '75 C-tub Monaco, Bluesmobile body style. -MJS
  22. Do you have a J shaped drain trap under the sink? If so remove it and with luck, the part will be in it. Just don't run the water until you can do it. -MJS
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