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  1. You also have to remember that those provisions were for over 2000 people as well as the crew, three times a day for three or four days( I can't remember exactly how long).
  2. You got a really good deal on that one considering those can go for over $150.
  3. I was blessed today to see my great grandfather turn 103 years old today.
  4. SCORE!!!!!!!! I just won a Revell Beall tanker on ebay for only $81.00 shipped! I finally got my holy grail kit that has eluded me for the better part of six years.
  5. I really like the new album by Apocalyptica titled Shadowmaker. Honestly, I like anything by them. Even though I'm a die hard heavy metal fan, I also like orchestra and some classical music. They're even better in my opinion when they're infused into heavy metal.
  6. One thing that might help is to fit the interior to the body first and then slide the chassis into the body. There should either be some locating tabs or grooves near the rear window that the interior should be able to slot into. I find that this helps a little trying to line everything up and it may help with fitting the chassis to the body.
  7. Just seen on Spotmodel that they have it as coming soon. May have to snap up a couple of these!
  8. Maybe it's me or maybe it's windows 10, but, every time I quote someone and reply, it always puts what I write in the quote. So, it looks like I wrote what the other guy said. Doesn't really irk me, just weird.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something? Why can't you exit out of the forum because of me?
  10. No worries fellas. He has already been reprimended for it. He's just a bitter old man and we have to suffer for it.
  11. Our boss took away our restroom breaks at work tonight. No more potty!
  12. Beautiful models! However, is there any way you could take a pic of each one? It's kind of hard to see the details. I especially like the silver Mustang!
  13. Ahh. Didn't know that there was an earlier movie. I think there was a remake around 2008 or so.
  14. In the original movie "The Thing" near the end of the movie, Kurt Russell is battling the alien and falls on the floor. Just as he does, you can see three or four Revell or Monogram kits on the bottom shelf. I know at least on of them was a B-25. Maybe box scale? I think it was just after the blood testing scene.
  15. I had a nice, pleasant night at work tonight. Everyone worked together as a team, got our work done and went home early.
  16. Waited eight weeks for my new stand-up forklift to come in. Arrived Friday morning and the darn thing doesn't fit inside our bays. Too wide by three inches. So now, Crown is building us a completely new one. It takes up to sixteen weeks to build and ship. Meanwhile, our fifteen+ year old forklifts are getting older and are getting very hard to keep going.
  17. Work, eating, and sleeping. All day, every day. Oh, and also being an amateur storm enthusiast.
  18. Not a model, but I just ordered an H&S Evolution two in one airbrush from Coast Airbrush. Should be here in a few days. I'm thinking my next model might be the new Italeri Peterbilt 378.
  19. Dude, you're only about twenty miles from me! I grew up in Prattville. Now living in Wetumpka.Welcome to the forums! The members here are extremely helpful. Several have helped answer questions I had with great enthusiasm. I hope to see some of your projects in the near future!
  20. I had problems at first. But now everything seems to be working fine, now. For a while, I couldn't even type a reply! But, I deleted all of my cookies, cleared my browsing history, and took the site off of compatibility view. Then I refreshed the site. Good to go!
  21. If it is supposed to be glued onto the body, I usually drill a small hole in the part and supetglue it to a wooden skewer. Then paint it. Break off the skewer, clean up the hole then glue it to the body. Or, if has a mounting pin, I just use a pair of tweezers to hold it.
  22. How in the world did you get a picture of my ex girlfriend????
  23. Finally managed to snag a Revell 99 Silverado after getting outbid seven times.
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