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  1. Austin T added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    I'm a little confused as to where you got the idea that I support street racing,I mentioned Street Outlaws without even saying the name and I'm assuming that triggered you? Not a single person in this thread has said "Street racing is totally fine". Either way the reason I mentioned it was because while it may be another piece of TV-executive produced drivel it has one thing that most NHRA shows don't and that's viewership. If they want to increase viewership they need to change something, either add fake drama or make it relatable to more viewers. I'd rather them not make it another reality TV pukefest so I'd be in favor of making it more down to earth. Why not have a show where two teams are both given the same car and a budget of 10K to spend on the car,at the end of each episode they compete and the winner is put against next weeks winner. I can tell you that I'd be more inclined to watch cars race that don't cost more than three houses and have actually soul put into them. With what they currently put on it's more or less "Left or right,which highly engineered billboard is going to be slightly faster than the other" it's something I'm sure could only be improved by the viewers consumption of liquor.
  2. Austin T added a post in a topic The Man with the Golden Gun AMC Hornet   

    Looks good,love the seats.
  3. Austin T added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    Considering how the OP started this thread about their current and possible future TV program I think that all comments about TV are relevant. I have yet to say anything about unsafe programming being superior,if you were to "do a google" yourself you'd find that the people that make the shows I've mentioned are far from the cast of Jackass or Nitro Circus. No reason to get all uppity over something you don't understand.  
  4. Austin T added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    Mighty Car Mods are way better than either Roadkill or Gas Monkey in my opinion because I find them more relatable,but hands down my favorite sort of automotive programming has to be Regular Car Reviews. Between the knowledge and humor in each review I never feel like I've wasted time enjoying one of their videos....
  5. Austin T added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    Yup, people love a good competition between two angry parties (Even if the anger is fake like it usually is). For example look at how many people are getting riled up for the "Build off" between Gas Monkey Garage and RoadKill. Both sides have intentionally called each other names to drum up a crowd.
  6. Austin T added a post in a topic Another reason to like older cars!   

    Well that makes me glad the old cars are abundant,cheap to maintain,user friendly, have excellent part availability and are issue free,oh wait.....  I'd hate to have an old car as a daily unless I had the money to make it like a new car (Would probably come out to about the same amount as purchasing a decent car made in the last ten years). Now as for a weekend car/project car that's a different story,but I'd hate to have to rely on something daily that's fifty years old and is pretty original.
  7. Austin T added a post in a topic Concerning the NHRA TV lineup   

    I'm personally not a big fan of the NHRA,especially so after they tried to make publicity for them selves when they revoked NHRA memberships from members of a reality TV show over fake "street racing". What they need to do if they want better ratings is spool up some silly reality TV show about drag racing or they could come up with a way to help pioneer into the field of online entertainment. TV stations in general are becoming a thing of the past,YouTube just recently passed some of the cable giants in earnings if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Austin T added a post in a topic Rules and points...   

  9. Austin T added a post in a topic Noticed something-number of Irked today vs. pleased today posts   

    Glad to see that my opinion has now become "A trivial thing".
    Yup,forever young at heart! I see no reason to turn into someone who get's their undies in a bunch over a funny comment.
  10. Austin T added a post in a topic Noticed something-number of Irked today vs. pleased today posts   

    Every once in awhile I'll open the "What irked me" thread and I'll just have a good laugh, It's pretty much turned into place for old guys to whine about trivial things. It's the equivalent to Facebook but minus the Ray Ban ads and "some" politics. 
  11. Austin T added a post in a topic Congrats, Blair Pletcher!   

    Personally speaking I had one of my builds photoed at a show and then submitted to the mag,nothing ever came of any of the pics that were submitted. Also the guy that submitted them never heard back from you guys either. Just sayin.
  12. Austin T added a post in a topic Isn't it about time we got a new '34 For kit ?   

    If there was wagon or four door I'm sure this would change things. Glad to see you looked into the aftermarket community.
  13. Austin T added a post in a topic Who you gonna call?   

    Exactly. Wasn't the main reason they got it in the film because it was dirt cheap? Not gonna find a usable '59 Cady for dirt cheap in 2015. I'm impressed that they stuck to the roots enough to include that as a detail.
  14. Austin T added a post in a topic Anyone Reviewed This Kit ( Honda S600 )   

    Picked one up the other day and I'm temped to either go bone stock OR make a canyon carving rat like the one Leno featured. Sadly I don't know of a superbike engine in scale but I'm more than positive a rotary would fit in there. Either that or a modern four banger with a small turbo would do.
  15. Austin T added a post in a topic Hearse Curtains - anybody ever make them?   

    Why not get some scraps of fabric and just make some miniature ones instead? Not only could you make them whatever size you need but they'd also look more realistic than resin.