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  1. Here it is. Got it running in the past few days. Thinking new wheels and a darker gray paintjob. Thanks for looking! I actually thought I had more pictures on this computer... maybe not lol
  2. I'm not asking for help or advise. I was just wondering if anybody else uses paint and BMF
  3. I was working on my F-1 in pickups section and got the nerve to BMF some of it. I only left a little bit painted chrome. Does anybody else do this? Does anybody paint some and BMF some?
  4. Just what I was looking for! Thanks Harry!
  5. Does anybody know where to get some scale diamond plate sheets? I want something to go in the bed of my F1 and want some diamond plates... I need some cheap... anybody got any ideas?
  6. All righty here. Its been a long time and it feels great doing this again. But here we go. this is the 3rd time I've built this model and I love it. It's a great kit with lots of possibilities. I've built a farm truck, a hot rod, but I haven't built a modern shop truck, looking truck. I got some wacky things goin on with this kit. I've only got the body painted so far and it looks great, IMO. This is what I got. Note: the red on the front fenders is from my sandpaper. The whole truck is going to be blue and silver when I'm done. I painted the grille silver and the bars and headlight bezels are still chrome. Well, thats what I got. All coments appreciated!
  7. Yes i did but it didnt turn out like I had planned. Want ppictures?
  8. I give it a try... 1: '05 Ford F250 4door with a 8 foot bed. 2: '13 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote 3: '13 Ford F150 2door with a 5.0L 4: '90's Jeep Wrangler or a CJ of some kind 5: '12 Ford Fiesta
  9. Hey guys! I haven't been here in a while. Lieing...A LONG WHILE. I want to get back in the hobby but I have alot of stuff going on right now. I have track practice and school. Track ends on thursday and school ends on May 24th and I'll have the summer to build. I want to get back into modeling with a 1950 Ford F-1. I have alot of models left over and I have to finish one to get one. So I'll be on the forums checking everything and looking at models. So...uh...hi!
  10. Tag: SlowLane85 Games: Call of Duty and racing games like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. Console: PS3
  11. IMO I think you should put a 5.0 in it. But great build anyways.
  12. Having a "Chevy" model..... Haha Just kidding. I like all cars, except priuses....somethings just don't need to exist.
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