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  1. What was the paint color on the hideout truck? It looks black, but some pictures I have seen it looks like a dark metallic blue.
  2. Where was the bandag pulled from? They are both still listed on stevens site as TBA.
  3. grt222

    In need of parts

    Does anyone have an extra amt 36" sleeper like the one in the watkins kenworth they want to part with. I have parts to trade or whatever you need. Thanks
  4. Seen this on stevens site, Amt-pp22 1/25 firestone drag 500 tire pack (8)
  5. So this would eliminate the risk of the paint fumes igniting?
  6. I'm interested in building my own booth also, what is the advantage or why use a bilge fan?
  7. I'm doing a two tone paint scheme. Painting my light color first which is model master lacquer spray can. My second (darker) color is tamiya ts lacquer spray can. Has anybody put the tamiya over the model master with any success or is it to hot? Thanks for any help.
  8. Happy Birthday Tony!!!!!

  9. What is the difference in the two? Not a truck guy as far as 1:1 goes. They look almost the same on the box arts.
  10. My original issue of this kit doesn't have the Alcoa wheels, only the wheels on the box. I don't think this kit originally had two sets of wheels.
  11. to much other free sites available, Facebook, youtube, other forums ect. So charing probably wouldn't work. I buy every issue from my LHS but don't subscribe because of the timing also, could be the reason some companies don't advertise products.
  12. Had a few torn, my mail man likes to fold mine around the rest of my mail with a big crease in it. Then one of my scale model magazines comes with a label stuck to the cover that hides most of the cover contents, if that doesn't change I will not be renewing it. Bags would eliminate that, but good luck.
  13. Seen on the stevens hobby site they are TBA. Any info on this?
  14. I got a 2mm yesterday and have been doing my own testing. The look is truly amazing for touch up. I applied it to a few scrap sprues and let It dry good. Handling it to much turned mine dull or silver looking. Then I sprayed testors clear lacquer over it and it turned silver. So If the alclad clear works I would suggest it. As far as the pen I pulled the tip all the way out of the pen, it is roughly an inch long and has the same shape on both ends so you could flip it or possibly use a sharp exacto knife and shape one end for fine detail which I plan to do. Testors also makes replacement fine tips for thier paint markers that also might be a possibility. I don't have any so I don't know for sure if they would fit but it's just a thought. Just wanted to share what I have tried so far with the others here. Tomorrow I will shave one end of the tip down for some fine detail work and see how it turns out on some window trim.
  15. Do anybody know the correct paint for this truck? Who sells it?
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