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  1. Will it be a "mixed child"? 1/24-1/25? I'm going to be a first time Grand Dad this summer. Wishing you all well. Bob
  2. Wow! A wall-mounted laptop. Hope there is more trial than error on the windshield chop. Bob
  3. That roofline is waaaaaay off! I read everything, very well done. Bob
  4. Thank you. I have about 5 builds that need seat belts so this will help me. Bob
  5. I had one almost exactly like that one...and wish I still had it. If it is like the one I had you will need to do some modifying to get 4 1/24 scale cars on a shelf but 4 1/25 scale cars should be no problem. You might have to do some form of way to keep the models from shifting when the thing spins. Bob
  6. Very nice build of one of my favorite subjects. I've only done one 43 scale build years ago and should try another one, yours all look great. Bob
  7. There was an ongoing skit on SCTV (Second City TV) that had the same type of character as Cal, but with a wife and not car sales, it was so bad it was great! Bob
  8. Very nice build. What does the console have, is that a screen and cup-holder or gauge? Could you show what you have done with the front suspension, steering-wise? Bob
  9. In my younger days I always had more than enough beers on hand to last an Armageddon. At one point I had a 73 Camaro SS RS. When I popped the hood my first thought was "I could fit a "2-4" (Canadian term) between the rad and the grill. That's when I started to think that I might have a drinking problem. Bob
  10. Will be following along What is the orange frame from? Bob
  11. I am also planning on being there if possible. Bob
  12. A-mur-kins "Eh! Welcome." Canuks "Welcome eh!." Bob
  13. Jay Leno's YouTube site has a bit of everything but one thing that amazed me was how he has to start his steam cars... http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMELFlXQL38KPm8kM-4Adg Bob
  14. Man, I had that Chevy II combo, probably right when it came out. It so impressed me that it literally has been in some dreams I have had. Bob
  15. Half way down this page (post #8) shows almost exactly what I had years ago... http://forums.aaca.org/f214/decorating-antique-car-memorabillia-322589.html ...it held 4 24th/25th models on a shelf and it lit up and turned. Man I wish I still had it. Bob
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