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  1. Wow! Very innovative, and I great build to boot!
  2. So cool! The wheels work perfectly with your build! Nicely done!
  3. I actually have always liked the styling of that model Plymouth! A bit wonky, but I like that. Great build!
  4. Wow! A seldom seen model build, and nicely finished!
  5. Very, very nice! Thanks for showing it to us!
  6. Good grief! I'm not usually a classic car fan (stock), but I think I'm coming around! That's just spectacular!
  7. Excellent mix of great builds! The display case is killer!
  8. Ummm. I can say without hesitation that Round 2 does not have that kit in their plans.
  9. Better hurry. The kit is discontinued, but they'll pop up on that auction site for a long time.
  10. So true. I'm thinking second quarter 2015, but that's just a guess.
  11. I think your build qualifies as a "save", and a very nice one at that! Great looking ride~
  12. Yessir! We see it, and we dig it! Thanks for the advance look-see!
  13. That's what I'm thinking. My plan is to get a basic chassis together from the sedan kit, minus the floorboard. I'll also try to lower the rolling stock a bit, and that'll be a challenge.
  14. Great information to have, and thanks! Like Art said! This version should be a huge seller! If it is, expect a Ranchero sometime in the future.
  15. We've got a lot of buzz on this kit! Goes to show that a good, long roof model can, and will sell. I work in the business of hobbies, and I see me buying a few. My customers have already stepped up for some big backorder numbers! Very soon, I'll be building a chassis and engine combo from the sedan kit, just so I have a head start. I'm guessing that the floor pan for the Del Rio will be different, just like in the '49 Merc Woody kit from Revell. Have I said I can't wait for this one?
  16. Me too! Gotta have it! Now! The plan is to build the chassis from the '57 sedan with the engine of my choice (FORD, of course). I expect the floorpan to be different (aside from the body), but not much else. I can get a head start on this now. I can't wait!
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