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  1. After watching the video I kinda wish there was some focus on the rear tail lights considering this has been a disappointing feature in past iterations of this kit. I had a hard time telling if it was better, worse or “meh”. Does anyone have more info on this? I’d like to get one of these kits but I’ve got a few of the older versions with the lumps of plastic tail lights already Just saw the other thread by “Casey” on this same subject! Answered my question! Much better!
  2. Yea, I’m betting the Coca Cola collectors will buy these up in a heartbeat! I have a friend of mine that will snap up anything wit a coke label! His apartment is loaded with coke paraphernalia it’s ridiculous!😄
  3. So, I’m not seeing this kit on Hobbylinc or Model Roundup sites yet or the Revell site. Is it still scheduled for release this July?
  4. E.J. Potter the Michigan Madman. Wouldn’t have known by the post if I hadn’t seen the episode of American Pickers that highlighted his motorcycles and discussed his career and racing style!
  5. One idea might be sandblasting the surface. I’ve checked some YouTube videos and web sites that describe the process. Depending on the grit used, it can be done to clean, even out color, add decoration or apply a textured finish. Could be a more affordable alternative than skim coating more concrete.
  6. Thanks for turning me on to this! This is Hot Wheels meets Pinewood Derby times 10! Can’t wait for more!
  7. This is beautifully detailed! I’m curious, where did you find the little visor fans? I can’t find anything close to it! Are they photo etch parts? I’m working on a project and this little detail would be nice to add!
  8. Thanks! I like how it’s rated a level 4 for difficulty.
  9. Is this the same kit that everyone is talking about only reboxed by Revell? Seems like a different kit number.
  10. This tag wire works perfectly for brake lines, fuel lines and what have you! They’re galvanized 26 gage steel soft enough to bend without much fight compared to guitar strings and it will hold a tight radius for sharp right angles. This wire is meant for attaching tags like a twist tie. Now that I think about it, you could probably strip twist ties and use the wire virtually for free from a bread bag!😜
  11. Just like this old “20 questions” machine!
  12. Since the subject of stripping paint with alcohol is being discussed, I’m assuming it’s isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Since this stuff In 70% is almost like unobtainium these days much less 90%, would denatured alcohol work as a substitute. I can find plenty of this stuff in the hardware store in 95%!
  13. Good luck trying to find isopropyl alcohol of any kind these days!
  14. I don’t mind the ads but, the incessant ear wax removal ad with the dripping crud from the magnified ear is disgusting! Yuck! For some reason when I block it it keeps coming back! Again I say, YUCK!
  15. Ok... I’m on my iPhone and I don’t see any pictures!
  16. Maybe it’s my imagination but does it seem like the ads are targeting the language and wording used in this forums conversations? I don’t visit or should have any history in my browser for some of the inappropriate ads that pop up! Yet, I’ve noticed that maybe one or two words in someone’s dialogue here, taken out of context, will trigger an ad in the same thread! I’m no computer or internet expert just making an observation. I get the idea of having to create revenue with targeted advertising but there’s got to be a way for the forum providers to filter out the inappropriate garbage or find a different ad provider. Yeah, I know, ad blockers are available. But this is a model car forum with expectations of wholesomeness that children may be participating in and feel that monitoring from my end shouldn’t be necessary. Considering that the rules here don’t allow foul language or behavior! I may not be a huge contributor here but I do enjoy visiting, learning and piping in now and then. Now mind you, I’m not a prude or anything but I’m not soliciting this stuff and the quality of these ads tend to spoil the experience of being here. Ignoring them is extremely difficult when they’re so IN YOUR FACE!!! Not shouting, just making a point. I’ve been a subscriber for awhile and have been sympathetic to all the tribulations this magazine community has been through and hope this is just a passing growing pain!
  17. Thanks for the explanation. I just updated my iPhone OS to 13 and thought that had something to do with it.
  18. This! This right here! A rolling sculpture with its subtle styling. Just the right amount of rake and chrome. And those wheels with the baby moons and wide white walls, they contrast the dark maroon body perfectly! To me, it’s the perfect deuce!
  19. Or require medical insurance, maternity leave, a pension, special work requirements, a safe place because of any kind of harassment.... get the picture?!
  20. Has anyone tried using it to restore hazed plastic headlight lenses on actual cars?
  21. Been following this and had an idea you might like to try. How about putting a small bowl of water in the microwave with the styrene and let it steam up. I’m not saying to put the plastic in the water but put them both on the platter together. Or, why not! It’s an experiment right? I’m guessing the steam may get things hotter and the plastic will soften more than with the microwaves alone. Since microwave radiation excites water molecules to do cooking, plastic doesn’t have much water in it to “cook” it per say. Although I have ruined a few Tupperware containers over cooking my leftovers!😜
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