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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did a bunch of things recommended by you guys as well as various "experts" on YouTube but nothing helped. I tried several methods for cleaning out the port, but never saw much dust/dirt/lint come out. In the meantime, none of the charging cables, including the new one, will fit snugly on the tab in the charging port, so I'm moving on. Fun fact - it's an LG phone and I just found out they're getting out of the cell phone business. Kinda sad 'cuz the phone was inexpensive and simple to use. Hope I can find something similar soon.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, that's a Rolls Royce in the driveway. For the sake of all that's holy, somebody rescue that thing from this clown.
  3. Curious why you'd go there. Does a 'Vette have to have chrome bumpers to make it worth your while? I like all C3s but I happen to prefer the integrated front and rear treatments of the '80-'82 models, such as the one I had for 20 years. Lackluster performance? Thank the EPA et al for killing that off. OTOH, it's a small block Chevy, easiest engine on the planet to modify. I wish most cars could be kept out of the hands of the J.C. Whitney fans.
  4. I assumed it was the problem since it was taking longer to charge the phone. It didn't occur to me that the problem might be at the receptacle end.
  5. I've got an Android phone that's about a year old. Nothing fancy, but it does everything I need it to do. I used to be able to fully charge it in under two hours, but a couple months ago it started getting less of a charge in that amount of time, and then it dropped off to where it would have to charge overnight. I bought a replacement charging cord, but over the last couple months it has been getting "looser" as far as actually plugging into the phone and staying attached. I live in a small farming town, so there aren't a whole lot of places to take this and have it repaired. Anything I can do myself to get it working again?
  6. Even without that remarkable background, that truck really stands out. Love the color. Thanks for providing the Tamiya #s. Any chance we could talk you into some engine/interior/chassis shots? I don't build a whole lot of pickups but yours intrigues me.
  7. Monty

    AMT Coke Pinto

    I agree. Would you mind telling me what exact paint (EX: Testors #1612) you used on the engine?
  8. Great job on this! Did you modify the front suspension to make the front wheels poseable?
  9. I'm starting to plan the build for my AMT '66 Nova, which I intend to do as a mild street machine. I'd like to use tires that are slightly wider (but not taller) than stock up front, and a wider tire in back that will work with the stock chassis and wheel wells since I won't be tubbing it. I intend to use Fireball generic resin tires along with his sidewall decals. Which combo of these tires would work best for this build?
  10. Welcome to our forum! As others have said, the colors you chose for the body and interior make it look like the 1:1 item, and your detail work is dead-on. It appears you also added a vinyl roof, which is a nice touch. Please post up some more of your stuff when you get a chance.
  11. Great work on the engine and door panels! It's gonna be fun to watch your progress, and I have no doubt the final result will be spectacular.
  12. I save a number of pictures off the internet for future use (memes, reference material, etc) but I'm always puzzled when I do the "save-as" thing and the pic ends up in a different file than the rest of my saved material. The only clue I have is some are labeled as PNG images, while the others, which make it to the main file, are JPEGs. Why does it do this, and is there an easy way to get the PNGs into the main file? Keep it simple if possible, 'cuz I'm not computer literate at all.
  13. I'm gonna jump in with the others and congratulate you on a great build. As most have said, your color choices really work well on this car, and I thank you for listing them as I didn't know Tamiya made a metallic brown, let alone what it looked like. I had one of the cars from this series years ago and remember wondering why MPC couldn't put that kind of effort into their other cars. Would you care to elaborate on which mfr's panel liner let you down when used on chrome parts? Anyway, welcome back to the hobby. Looks like your skills are still intact.
  14. I don't see any pictures but I wouldn't be too concerned about the Ford blue being too dark. I grew up in a Ford family and those engines (60s - early '70s) were generally a darker blue. In fact, in the early '80s, Testors offered a Ford Engine Blue (#2727) in that darker blue. I'd kill for a couple more bottles of that stuff, as it was later changed to a lighter blue and called Ford/GM engine blue, but retained the #2727 P/N. I think you made an excellent choice by using the chassis etc from the '67 as it offers far better detail. If you haven't found an exact match for the paint on the movie car, keep looking. Maybe an auto parts store that sells Dupli-Color will have a better match. John Deere green is way too dark (I live in farm country and see it all the time.)
  15. You've done a lot of great builds over the years, but this may be my favorite. I really like the colors you chose for this build and am impressed by the way your spray technique has them laying down perfectly. Kudos on your clean assembly work as well. Glad to see you posting here again!
  16. Looks like I'm close to using up all my space for saved messages. I could probably get rid of most of them but I'm not seeing an obvious way to do so. TIA for all helpful replies.
  17. Just for clarification, when you guys say Tamiya, are you talking about their lacquers or their acrylics? I don't have much familiarity with either.
  18. Raised manufacturer script... floating needle...
  19. I appreciate the info, but I'm looking for semi-gloss and flat clears.
  20. Since Testors has done away with a large portion of their hobby paints, I've seen numerous threads about what clears to use. Most are looking for gloss clears, but I'm almost out of my Testors semi-gloss and flat clears and am looking for recommendations. If it matters, I use enamels on almost everything, but would love to have clears that would work over acrylics and lacquers as well.
  21. Excellent work! Design-wise it looks like Revell nailed the details, but your assembly and paint work really bring that thing to life. Question: I have some of those Revell Fire Red tinlets I want to use on a car model. I've never used this paint before and was wondering how well it airbrushes, and if it gives good coverage without requiring multiple coats.
  22. Looks like you did a great job on this build. Very nice work. A couple questions: 1) Were there any parts of the assembly process that required extra effort due to a mfr design issue? 2) Does this kit also have a left hand dash? Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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