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  1. This is strange: not sure how it happened but this thread somehow appeared on my phone the other day, and I hadn't even been searching for anything related to panel lines or washes. Too bad it didn't show up about a week ago, as that would've prevented me from ordering three of these (black, gray and brown). I use mostly enamels and some lacquers. I've got a few acrylics but they're rarely my go-to paints. Makes me wonder why a model products giant like Tamiya would make something that only works with acrylics when they make lacquer sprays. I wonder if it occurred to them that not all modelers use their paints on bodies, and might like to have a more universal panel line wash.
  2. Incredible work. I would'a bet any amount of money this paint wouldn't give you that kind of coverage over a white base. Did you do multiple mist coats?
  3. Very nice build! Congrats on creating a gorgeous shade of gold. I could see using that on several pending projects. Thanks!
  4. 5-slots are among my favorite wheels, so I'll see if I can save you some time and money. MPC offered those wheels in a few kits, but most of the time it was a big/small combo like you'd find in an old Switchers kit. I'm guessing your brother's car's came with the factory 5-slots. To replicate those, I'd recommend buying the Pegasus Ansen style slotted wheels. Right now it seems Model Roundup is the only place that has them in stock. Fireball model works offers resin 5-slots in three different widths. He's a member in excellent standing on this board. If you can find one cheaply, Revell's '80 Dodge Ramcharger has a decent set, all in the same size. I owned a '73 Mustang Sportsroof (fastback) which I upgraded by installing a modded 351C and C6 trans, among other things. Other than not being able to see anything out of that mail slot rear window, I loved that car. Best of luck to you and your brother on the homage build. I'm guessing you're starting with the MPC kit, so you've got some issues to overcome if you want it to be accurate. Most importantly, don't use any engine that comes out of that box. The Ford guys on here can help you with any other questions.
  5. Interesting thought. My instinct would be to start with a gold or brass base, but your idea seems to have a lot of merit.
  6. Just seemed like it might be a unique color. If you happened to pull this off, I'd love to see pics as well as learn what you used as a base, as this stuff is very translucent.
  7. ^^^ This is exactly what I would have written. Kudos for coming up with an interior/exterior color combo that are realistic while still being unique. You mentioned this kit has a few issues. What were they and how did you fix them?
  8. Never happened before, including a purchase I made on ebay yesterday. Is there a way to fix it?
  9. It's been five hours since it first started. Sounds like you had no problem getting in. I still can't via Chrome, which I prefer, but can through Bing, which I'm not crazy about.
  10. Fantastic work on all of those! My high school German teacher had a light blue Scout almost exactly like the one you built. The manufacturer window stickers are a novel addition & help make them look even more authentic.
  11. Tried to go to ebay to leave some feedback on a recent purchase and I couldn't get in. All I got as this message: Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. I've never had any issues accessing sites like this. What's going on and how can I fix it?
  12. A good friend of mine just had this happen and I'm hoping there's some way to salvage his model stuff, which was comprised of roughly 200 kits plus assorted tools and paint. Many of the kits were unbuilt, but some (mostly semis) were on their way to being masterpieces. Once he's done pumping out the basement, what can/should he do?
  13. Most model tires are vinyl and have a shine to them that you wouldn't see in the real world outside of car shows where they're soaked in Armor-All. Start by scrubbing the sidewalls with an old toothbrush and Comet. Also, look closely and the treat of a 1:1 tire and see what parts are duller than others. Sanding the tread and flowing flat washes through the grooves can also help.
  14. I don't have pics, but while searching for US-based businesses selling the enamels I came across a number of European military builder sites, and they consider Revell enamels to be high quality paints. The Stevens Int'l video shows the acrylic being brushed on, and they seem to excellent coverage without having to resort to multiple coats. From what I've seen, the spray paints are limited in # of colors, and IIRC they're priced slightly higher than Tamiya sprays.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up, guys! I was truly starting to wonder if any US company was ever going to stock and sell these enamels.
  16. Perseverance pays off. Gotta be a good feeling to take a difficult kit and make it turn out this well. May I ask what specific paint you used on the body? Love that shade.
  17. I had some bad experiences in the last couple months, starting with an ebay purchase that was within three hours of here at the Denver facility, then was inexplicably sent way out west (Salt Lake City) before it was finally rerouted back to here. Another purchase went from a small town in Pennsylvania to Philadelphia, where it sat for about ten days before it was sent off to a facility in Florida. God knows why. I live in the heart of the midwest. My most current ebay buy was purchased on the 20th and "shipped" from Houston on the 21st. This should be about a 4-day trip at most, but the latest "update" on the 25th says it will be late (possible delivery date - Feb 6th) and is currently on its way to the next facility. Funny how the tracking doesn't show them having been anywhere near another facility in all this time.
  18. I'm an old-school guy who loves his enamels, but the number of high quality paint jobs achieved with "craft paints" over the last few years has me intrigued. Feel free to pat yourself on the back for the way that paint flowed out. Nice assembly and decal work as well.
  19. As a former 'Vette owner, I typically tend to side with the "purists", especially when presented with something like the main car from Corvette Summer. This, however, is well thought out and skillfully executed. Between the body mods and the wheel and engine upgrades, you've created something special here. Kudos. Quick question: you alluded to using Testors square bottle paints, but I can't recall anything in that lineup that looks like the paint on the body. I would've guessed it was Tamiya Gunmetal. Care to share which specific paint you used?
  20. Yeah, for some reason the idea of "candy black" paint as a secondary color kinda intrigues me. If I see results I like, I'll order the paint and give it a shot myself.
  21. I was considering trying this as a different take on stripes or flames over red paint but wanted to get some input before committing to buying the paint and doing the masking. If you've tried it, can you post pics?
  22. Only one response, but it was the only one I needed. Tom, that's the look I was going for. Thanks!
  23. Lookin' good! Could we talk you into a few more pics? I'd love to see the engine, chassis and interior.
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