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  1. Patrick, try google images "1965 chevy stepside" or you could just ride around south ark, there's plenty of ideas sitting in yards in this area!
  2. This is an ongoing parts box build. Italeria cab, snap kit wheels, scratchbuilt box & bed. Trailer is freuhauf with 4" added to length and bottom skirts. . Graphics are vinyl and hand paint. Had to buy another snap kit to scavenge parts from. Maybe I can finish now and start on the car to go inside! Post more when finished.
  3. Burnout, thanks for the link. probably the best reference guide out there. I'm building a Joe Ralph Thompson version, red w/ black steel wheels. The 1st time they ran it was at Stuttgart Dragway in Arkansas. They were having a co-driver day, you had to have someone riding with you. I was 13 and 90 lbs. They wanted to tie me to the seat, but they could'nt catch me! I spent the day in Fuzz Sander's Fairlane stocker and most of the ride home throwing up my hot dogs! I think they put the dart in modified production that day cause no one knew how to classify it!
  4. Wecome Randall! Looking good so far. Keep the pics coming.
  5. I bought 4 of these the other day for a couple of projects and parts. So far all the tires have gone together well. One of the best things revell did was the cardboard piece inside the box to keep it from crushing!
  6. Casey, that was me looking for the astro a month or so back. Bracket raced one for about five years. Wanted to build a model of it. Contacted Jimmy Flintstone and got an email back that said he didn't carry it anymore. My real one was an '85 cargo van with a 355 smallblock.
  7. Just kidding. Lucky you! I've got a freind of mine that still has the model collection we grew up building in the 60's. They are in boxes in his mothers attic. Would not sell them for the world
  8. As long as we are wishing, how about medium duty trucks, a CH 613 Mack, 1-tons, a reissue of the Volvo 670. The list goes on & on. Just thankful for what we are getting!
  9. Coming along nicely. I wish I had made the visor on mine bigger, it looks good. Maybe on the next one.
  10. They opened a new Atwood's Ranch-Home store in our town a couple of months ago. I was walking thru it this morning and guess what? A model car section, small, but there! Who would have thought it.
  11. Some people that bought the real explorer probably asked themselves the same question!
  12. hey tj, the good thing about a snapkit, if you mess it up and have to throw it in the parts box, you won't have to tell your loan officer at the bank that you had to scrap it!
  13. Don't let the name snap kit fool you! They can be made into nice models.
  14. Good looking truck & trailer. Hope you don't have to turn it around in a tight spot!
  15. Haven't had time to work on the orange sherbert truck much. Added rear fenders & light bar today, aluminum w/ stainless steel. Guess it qualifies as a long wheelbase?
  16. See this alot down here. Good looking truck with a hired driver that don't care!
  17. Looks nice. I'm drooling all over my laptop, brings back a lot of memories!
  18. Nice looking truck. Really captured the look of the real one!
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