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post just your cabovers here

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All of the Cabovers posted are incredible! Mine do not compare, but here are a few that I have built over the years.

Brian:Don't compare to what? Those are righteous man!!!

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Guys, -I'll bite!!!!

Some model....Completed like 22-25 years ago, I took an entire year to build this one! (I no longer have this model).... :(

I took 2 of this one truck and made what your about to see. The tractor has a multitude of working lights, and it plays the radio while at the same time you can hear the roar of the CB blaring away too. the bunk, has a "red" light in it for laughs....

The trailer? 100% scratchbuilt, thee only factory parts? the tires and rims, as well as the mud flaps! I took this to a rather intense show once, and this show had a serious and I mean SERIOUS contest, I was scared as I was standing in line to register to see what was going by that had entered. ALL 18 wheelers..... I don't have this model today. BUT I do have the ribbon I got from that contest, and spent $500 nicely! I got 1st place, for the type truck, 1st place flat bed trailer. 1st place 2 models combined, and best of show over all..... I never thought it do it, but really, this truck does EVERYTHING but run! ALL the lights work, turn signals, headlights, amber marker lights all tail lights EVEN the BRAKE lights worked on a momentary switch.....CRAZY stuff... I wish I still had this one. Only way I'd do it again, is if I could cough up a Western Start from the late 80's......








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Sorry Clayton. Learning my way around still. Excellent job though.

It's alright man. I've been on here a little over a year and still learning. Thank you for the kind words.

Just for grins. Since your reletively new. Here's a link to all of our 2014 builds. Some really good stuff.


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