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White 9000 from Maximum Overdrive.

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This is one spectacular build !  So much on this truck that catches my eye from the rounded fenders, headlights, louvered grill - Wow !

I cant believe you got that cummins stuffed in there, the cab must have a doghouse comparable to a cabover.

Really, really nice work ! B)

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Awesome build! My memory must be failing me, as I dont remember this truck in the movie. I remember the Autocar, the B model that blows up, and of course the Western Star with the green face. Excellent job. Im interested to know what kit this started as, and what you built the hood and fenders from. My guess is a Diamond Reo with modified Autocar A64B fenders?

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^^Terry, it was the air start wrecker that was trying to get the "Just Married" couple at the gas station. In the movie it has busted out headlight, probably from somebody's head, and a bent bumper. I really remember hearing the air starter.

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Thanks everybody for your coments!

This truck was made from Diamond Reo kit. I used only chassis (shortered), cab and engine. Other parts are made by myself: hood, fenders, grille, bumper, cab interior, air filter, fuel tanks (right one was taken from GMC Astro kit), wrecker boom.

I desided to make it without blood because of my children. Lets imagine the truck was like this a few weeks before the moovie.

I'm glad you like it!

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