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29 Ford NOT What you think!


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Fantastic!  You're making it look too easy - this is really challenging work.  It's starting to have a bit of a Prowler vibe.  To make it more practical, you could use a perimeter frame, drop the seats as much as possible, and bump out the firewall for leg room (see a Jag XKE).

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Well it's been some time since I felt like doing in kind of model building. June 10, I crashed my motorcycle which cause this.

It's now been three weeks since the surgery and tonight I tried a little sanding and filling. Not to bad! The MoJo is coming back....

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Well I have been feeling much better and have found myself with more bench time lately, so! As if the 53 Ford Custom wasn't enough I have been fiddling with the Bubble as well.

Still smoothing out the body. Have made some progress with the interior and fitting the fenders. Unfortunately I managed to loose some of the Bandit parts for the hinges. Necessity being the mother of invention, we'll see what comes of it...

Here is a peek as it sits... 


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