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Just Paid My Highest Price EVER For a Model


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"Professionally built" Philippine mahogany "desk model" of a T-6A Texan II for my son, for his birthday, next week. It's the airplane he trained on. If he likes it, I'll get him the C-17 he's flying now for Christmas. 

Paid $155, topping my previous high of $130 paid for a mint unbuilt AMT '66 Barracuda kit in the early '90s. I could have bought a kit of the T-6A for about $40 or so, and built it myself, but it would have taken me at least 40 hours, including the intricate paint job, spread out over weeks or months (I know how I am). $155 for it was a bargain. 

If anyone's interested, I'll post a pic of the thing after he opens it. 

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37 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Man...it's a long way from a Texan II to a C-17. Cute little bugger...always kinda made me think of a P-51's little brother.  :D

Texan II isn't that small. When he told me he was flying it, I looked up the specs on T-6A and found that size, weight, and horsepower were remarkably similar to P-51s. When I mentioned this to him, he said, "Yeah, they told us pretty much the same thing on Day One." 

Texan II won't do 400 mph, though. At least not in anything resembling level flight. It IS full aerobatic, though. 

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4 minutes ago, High octane said:

Here's a photo of a Texan I had built a few years back to hang from the ceiling of my hobby room. The first plane kit I've built since the 50's.


That's a WWII-era North American T-6. I'm talking about the modern Beechcraft T-6A Texan II. 



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