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2018 Annual 24 Hour Build - Revell Target Reynard

Nacho Z

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I haven't been active on the board for some time.  Work is going to be the death of me.  With so many hours being put in at work, it leaves little time to work on models.  I always have an unofficial New Year's resolution of spending more time at the bench, (don't we all?)  Every year I have a good start due to the Annual 24 Hour Build.  Being one of the original 5 builders in the current iteration, I have participated in all 12 years.

This years model is Revell's Jimmie Vasser Target Reynard Honda.  I always have the goal of finishing the model in the given 24 hour period.  I did not finish this one in 24 hours.  I took a little longer.  I had a bad paint reaction on the driver figure which more than doubled the time I spent on him.  There are a bazillion decals that took a lot of work to get to settle down.  All in all, I like these kits.  I think they look good when finished.  This is not a contest model, it is a 3-footer.  The paint is a little rough.  The paint masking on the under tray is not perfect.  When looking over the pictures, please remember that she was a 24 hour build.









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3 hours ago, geetee66 said:

Turned out very well, especially as it took hours, not months!

 I'd need to get a dehydrator, if I was going to try this. No way I could get my paint dry in 24hrs.

 I might try a quick build, one day..

Thanks!  Yes, we all shoot Tamiya primer and paint.  We let it gas out a bit and then stick the parts in dehydrators.  As for doing a 24 hour build, I always pick a kit that I don't plan on entering in contests and don't really have strong feelings about.  This way if it does not come out perfect, I don't mind.

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Interesting idea to start and finish within 24 hours.  It looks good in pictures!
Totally understand about work.  I'm self-employed, seems like when I have dry spells, not much work.  Then I go full-obsession with models and all of a sudden work comes out of nowhere.  I wouldn't feel buried if I wasn't building models.

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Very nice.  I did a NASCAR Dodge in a day once.   Used Krylons through airbrush and dehydrator for major assemblies and did the details while that dried.   Lots of metallizers and satin black from Krylon too.  Can be done - just have to plan your paints.  This one looks great.  Nothing to apologize for.  

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