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53 Chevy Panel


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I built this kit long ago from the original redish plastic release. Looking for a different twist for power I swapped in an AMT mid engine subfame with a Chevy 454  with a tunnel ram and 2 four barrels. I put luggage under the hood and displayed with the hood open. 

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Finished the basic paint job. The off white paint turned out pretty good. I will need to clean up a few areas. You can see the front left corner of the bumper. When I removed the masking tape, the paint pulled off. I am also going to add trim to separate the two colors.



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On 2019-04-24 at 5:38 PM, B-Ram said:

The wheels and tires came from my parts. Let me think about it. It will probably come to me around 3 in the morning.

Lol, sounds about right, then if you're like me you'll promptly forget if you don't write it down. If you remeber great. 


Looking  forward to seeing this progress further.

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