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Hit and Miss engine.


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On a Facebook page about garage dioramas there is one which fascinates me more than most. In it there is a beautifully rendered hit & miss engine. I thought if FTB can do them all it has to do those too. So I spoke to a local collector, well into his eighties about where I could find one in town to copy. Right here he says. So I went. I attach  photos of some of the memorabilia he collected over the years. I say some because this is what is left of it. He has been giving and selling for several years to get out of the large building where he kept it. He used to run a B/A station with his dad. I photographed and sketched the engine and he even let me take its manual home to scan. It is a 1936 Fairbanks-Morse. One more for the back burner.



Fairbanks Morse.jpg








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56 minutes ago, BallisticMsl said:

Is that Dio on this forum? That engine looks awesome on that pallet and that cuckoo is cuckoo. the lighting, dust.........just wow.

No,it is on facebook. Roadside relic diorama and the poster is Gerry Tee.

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Very cool project Pat! I really like the sound of those. There are quite a few of those in this neck of the woods. The Southeast Threshers Reunion is held about 15 miles up the road every year the week of July 4th and there are several there in various sizes. I like the great big ones. There's a store about 3 miles up the road that uses one of the smaller ones every weekend to make ice cream. Looking forward to seeing this one!

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45 minutes ago, Gramps46 said:

That diorama is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing.  But …. from my experience in the '50s the 2 post lift is not  period correct.

He has more modern cars too. The realism is just mind boggling.

Gerry Tee 2.jpg

Gerry Tee.jpg

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  • 8 months later...

The thread spool will supply the flywheels, a baby's crib post will donate the water tank, a dragster gas tank will turn into the cylinder head (pun intended) and the watch & clock parts bin will donate some gears.





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Ah yes a hit & miss.  You really need to experience one to appreciate it.  Attended a tractor show and heard them in action.  There is probably a U Tube somewhere that would be worth seeing.

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Built in the hole by adding concentric pieces of tubing until the desired diameter was achieved. Since I didn't have the first diameter tubing I had to turn another one down on the lathe. That was fun. Then added a Wire to fill in the taper on the outer rim and added a flat piece to finish it.





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7 hours ago, kilrathy10 said:

This is too cool... I love how you boys get into these dio's... I'm thinking of doing one, myself... Lots of ideas from y'all... Awesome....

And when you think all it was supposed to be is a background scene for photos. Dios are extremely dangerous.

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