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A friend told me the only thing missing from his new “man-room” was a model of the MG TD he owned in the late sixties. He asked me if I knew where he could get such a model. I did a Google search and could only come up with 1/43 or expensive and in some cases very poorly done larger scale TD models.  I also became aware that there were 1/32 TC kits issued in the early fifties by Dapol, Pyro, Aurora and Revell – all being the same kit I take it.

After doing some research I found out the TDs had the same track, wheelbase and basic body shape as the TCs although a different frame, suspension and steering systems. The most distinguishing differences were that the TDs had steel wheels and bumpers. I wanted my friend to have a TD model so reckoned I could build him a facsimile from a 1/24 Revell MG TC kit I had bought many years ago at a swap meet. It contained the parts of almost two model kits that had been previously poorly.


The modifications I did were

-         Installed tires and steel wheels with hubcaps of a smaller diameter than the TC wheel. I initially thought the wheels had circumferential recessions but once dechromed saw that they were raised so drilled a total of 75 holes. The wheels were from Monogram 1/24 ’34 Ford, the tires from a Revell ’37 Ford Panel and the hubcaps from an AMT ’49 Ford with the script removed and then foiled.

-         I did not try to replicate the shape of the TD front fenders but lowered them a few scale inches. I think ’32 Ford front fenders might have worked fairly well.

-         Added front and rear bumpers made up from narrowed Revell ’37 Ford Panel bumpers and over-rider vertical bumperettes removed from AMT ’49 Ford bumpers. The rear bumper is mounted to a pan made from the extra fuel tank I had

-         Converted to left hand steering

-         Moved handbrake to between the seats

-         Dash detail scaled down and printed from Internet image. Added glove-box door

-         Modified taillights from optional AMT ’34 Ford PU to sort of look like those on a TD

-         My friend said his TD was bright yellow but was not sure if it was the original color. I saw images of MG TDs painted various shades of yellow from pale to bright. Of the yellow paint I had on hand I thought this shade suited the car the best. It is Model Master Custom Lacquer Daytona Yellow and Clear from the rattle cans

-         Added some strips to running boards, trim around the cowl and BMF here and there

-         Added aluminum tube exhaust tailpipe extension

-         Replaced air cleaner on engine

I think this model looks pretty good for what it is. It reminds me of the TD replicas mounted on a VW chassis. Most of those you can identify by the phoney wire-wheel hubcaps they tend to have but the good ones are pretty convincing until you hear them.

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10 hours ago, Bantoft said:

Nice job Phil. Apart from the Wills Finecast TD I am not aware of any in 1/24th

Dave B


7 hours ago, ChrisR said:



6 hours ago, Foxer said:

It sure looks right to me, although I'm a Triumph TR guy .. ehheh

Very nice job!

Thanks guys - It was a fun one week project and I learnt a lot about T series MGs

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10 hours ago, Speedfreak said:

Very cool! Nice to see something different on here. Nice work getting this car done.


2 hours ago, Peter Lombardo said:

All things considered, it looks great, nice job.  The yellow is really bright.,  Love seeing the MG's as I own a "A" and a "B".  Very cool  I am thinking about finding a TD or a FT, preferred between the two., again, nice job.


1 hour ago, Danno said:

Very nice. 

Thanks guys.  I have built two British sporty cars this year but still have maybe a dozen kits of other UK cars in my closet I hope to someday get around to building.

BTW - you all have great avatars !!

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