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Tamiya R35 Skyline


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3 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

just as i thought....AWESOME!!!!

Thanks Dann.  I'm on the fence about the decals. As much as I love the classic  "Rays Engineering"  and large text "Volk," I can't decide on these or just the one simple Volk Racing Decal as pictured below.


Image result for r35 te37

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I decided to go with the smaller simple logo on the wheels. It looks a little cleaner in my opinion. I also realized I didn’t have the pins on the calipers that hold the brake pads in painted. 

I finally got around to taping up and painting the front bumper as well. I am extremely pleased with the way this turned out. Again, Tamiya tape is awesome, I never expected the complex shape of this to turn out so clean. 

Tomorrow I will try to get the roof and spoiler painted black in preparation for the carbon decals.







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Let me start off saying the Studio 27 precut carbon decals that I bought for the R35 suck. They were not in any way easy to handle and were stiff as a board. So I made my own from Tamiya Extra Fine Weave Carbon. Much happier with the results. 

I sprayed the roof, a pillars and spoiler in Splash Paints Beluga Black. I still have to use the Studio 27 decals for templates to make my own for the spoiler tomorrow after work. But here is a quick shot of what I got tonight. Keep in mind the tape marks on the panel line will disappear once cleared and panel line accent is put on



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3 hours ago, oPROJECTMAYHEMo said:

Very nice indeed. 

Any plans to add some color n detail to the engine bay?

Thanks Blake.  Yes The engine bay will be fully detailed once the clear is laid down.  I just wanted to get all of the carbon down on the body in preparation to have clear put on.

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On 2/2/2020 at 10:33 PM, lghtngyello03 said:

I got the rear spoiler and mirrors done tonight. Let me just say, I’d rather get kicked in the nuts and do the front or rear splitter on the previous R34 Pennzoil build I just finished. 






LOL, its looking Amazing, Bud!!!

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Man that’s a sick car for sure. And yes I got the same Scale Motorsports copper weave and they blew up when they touched water. 

Im glad to see the tag is blurred out. Someone locally snapped a pic of my evo one evening and posted it all over Facebook, commenting on wishing they had one. Well I wasn’t friends with that person but a guy I work with is and he sent it to me. I Told him thanks for the comments, but at least please blur the tag. Some people don’t get it. 

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