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Hudson With A Judson

Chuck Most

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I just had to pair up a Hudson Hornet and a Judson supercharger, courtesy of the AMT '64 Cutlass Convertible. The main bulk of the '53 Club Coupe is box stock, with the following exceptions- the Judson supercharger (obviously) and drive belt, the finned cylinder head from Morgan Automotive Detail, a spin-on oil filter, a Replicas and Miniatures MSD ignition box, a floor shifter and steering wheel from the AMT '51 Bel Air hardtop, and some old MPC Polyglas GT tires with the five-spokes from an AMT '69 4-4-2. 

I wanted to indicate old collision damage, repaired with junkyard mismatch parts, on an originally red car. To that end, the main body was painted red, the fenders black, and the hood aqua. All of this was covered in grey primer, then light blue, which was then sanded away to expose the respective original color coats. The red is also clearly visible on the firewall. 

Also still getting the hang of my new camera- which is my phone (LG Stylo 6). Not thrilled with the pics but they'll work until I get the hang of the phone camera. I've had a few LG phones in the past and the camera is usually pretty good. Ironically this is the most expensive LG I've had and the camera is only kinda so-so. 🤣🤣


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I think your pictures look great. I like how created the paint effect on the body. The super charger idea is a great idea along with the other engine upgrades. Wheels almost look to good for the rest of the car but that's just me. Your build tells the history of this model. 

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