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1/16 55 Chevy !

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Hi Guys, 

Back with a new project, something I built as a a kid and messed up, AMTs big 55 Chevy Convertible !

After finishing a Tamiya kit recently this was a bit of a shock when you start test fitting pieces, you can tell its an old molding, put it that way !

So what am I going to build ?  Probably my usual Lowrider style but with no rims etc available, this will probably be more of a Bomb style, more original with period extras..

I`m hoping to add some scratch building too, full length fender skirts and a continental kit, plus hydraulics..

But first its straightening out the body, starting at the front and working back, with a few custom touches for good measure !

Here`s the box , and thanks for looking in !





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Starting with the front corner, the lower front wing is further forward than the grill surround, there`s the usual seam between the headlight and the corner of the bonnet too which all 55 kits have ??
Plus a chunk missing from the headlight `eyebrow` , the second pic is the other side ive just finished sanding smooth...

Wish me luck its gonna take a while this one, more soon,  I`ll keep you updated as i go... 



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That's a Big boy Martin.  You've got a good start and looking good.  Had a 55 & 57 1:1 back in the day.  Love the the double nickel.    

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Your vision for this '55 is aces  !  Been toying with buying one -- likely the '55 Nomad -- but have relented due to the size of the finished piece .

Any ideas for colours / themes ? I know that you'd stated stock tyres and wheels ; just curious about paint scheme . 

I wish that Round2 would update some of the Tri-Fives' components : those 'custom' tyres are rubbish , resembling off-highway models  ; and that turbo option smacks of late 1970's poodle ) .

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As you pointed out there is some serious mold lines to be removed on the front fenders, wings. A thought on the wheels and tires. Not knowing what you have on the hobby shop shelves in your area but some die cast assembled models can be purchased that have a set of wheels and tires that could be used. Should you want to build it as a low rider from the mid to late fifties maybe just lower the suspension and some sort of full wheel covers. 

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Thanks guys !

John, not sure yet about colour, generally its going to be fairly subtle build with some lowrider/custom touches !

Good idea David, thanks I`ll keep my eyes peeled for new rims now !

Talking of custom touches, the firewall was up next..  !

There`s a trans hump that glues to the firewall, that fits really badly and can be seen clearly behind the block..  

After thinking it over I decided to add a smooth firewall, after cutting out any lumps n bumps i made up a template, then glued in plastic sheet to match the template.
Took ages but i carefully cut out the transmission hole, leaving an overlap so you cant see where the hump joins the firewall.
Hopefully the pics will make more sense of it !
Oh and the thin black line at the top of the firewall is sharpie pen, i coloured it all black then sanded it !




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Posted (edited)


Back on this, to take a break from bodywork Ive started the Interior...


Well there`s just as much cutting and sanding to get this to fit as the bodywork !

Carpet was fun, being 1/16 I used felt, 13 seperate pieces !  Seats were painted and outlined in black cotton..

Door panels are BMF, engraved chrome card, Molotow pen, and white fur !
Im happy with the dash now,  i like the billet transfers,  but the kit comes with all the dials/radio etc molded in, so i had to smooth the panels out before adding transfers.


Any guesses on the cars name ?  Clues on the dashboard ! 






Edited by Lowlife ! !
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Nice work on smoothing out the body Martin. These old AMTs take some work, but I bet you’ll turn this in to a cracker. Nice work on the interior too. 

is this to be the first of a series of Gotham cars?

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