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Where to get a Pontiac Straight 8 or Straight 6 engine?

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I am looking for a 1/25 or 1/24 scale Pontiac straight 8 or straight 6 for a project. what kits have these? there was resin straight 8s but  the seller is no longer in business. I know there's a monogram Packard with a straight 8 but its expensive and I only need the engine. anyone know of other kits that have flathead straight 8's or 6 cyls that are readily available? or anyone else doing resin kits of these engines? in model form it doesn't matter if its a Packard or other brand motor, just a after a close looking one. 


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The MPC '69 Firedbird (and occasionally the '69 Camaro SS kit, too) included the Pontiac OHC inline six cylinder engine, but you'd need to modify the head and valve cover for a more traditional I6 look.


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The only flathead Pontiac straight eight was a resin one from Kitchen Tables Resins.  He closed his business a couple years ago.  The many time reissued AMT 1941 Plymouth has a flat six.  I have modified this engine to be a reasonable copy of both a Studebaker flat six and a Ford flat six.  Going farther back the Monogram 1930’s Packards have flathead straight eight engines.  Another person answered the Replicas & Miniatures has a Pontiac straight eight.  Not really, first it is an overhead valve engine and while it is supposed to represent a Buick straight eight, it is not real accurate. But it is still a nice looking motor.  Your best and cheapest route would probably get a couple of the ‘41 Plymouth’s  and do some cutting on the flat six to create a flat eight.

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