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A future Willys project

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I found a side profile drawing of a Willys pickup online. Then I cut and pasted to achieve a bunch of different looks. The extended cab 4x4 with rear 1/2 doors won out. I made two castings last year that each have flaws. This splice uses the best sections of each. I pinned the two sections and connected them with CA.






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I used chunks from another NFG casting to complete the rear 1/4 windows and I enlarged the rear window to the larger ‘54? and later size. Some Milliput and some sanding and it is starting to shape up. I have no idea yet what I’m doing for the frame, running gear and box yet. I have to finish the one I have started first.





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18 hours ago, Zippi said:

Looking pretty nice so far.  Nice mods.

Thanks, this stretch was actually easier than the previous one.

12 hours ago, Mattilacken said:

Great work!


4 hours ago, Kool Kat said:

4x4? big tires? has too bee!! nice work on the cab.

Thanks.  I don’t have a plan for the rest of it yet, but it will absolutely have big tires. I’d like to find some super swamper boggers for them, unfortunately, Scenes Unlimited no longer has them.☹️

1 hour ago, espo said:

I like the extended cab design but any of these would be a great one to build. 

It has been done a fair amount on 1:1 trucks since the cab is so tiny on these things.🤨 A lot of them definitely look like they have been modded. There seems to be a narrow sweet spot where they look OK. Likely a slight front door stretch would help the proportions, but that would be two splices to blend.

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