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“ THE STORMING BULL” 1955 Chevy F/ Gasser

M W Elky

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1E800CA6-FC78-468D-8453-4469D552E8E4.thumb.jpeg.64b00789464c47e86c0481fa3e6073a1.jpeg129F4067-0CF6-4587-9232-5D399BDFAA97.thumb.jpeg.b85e045212156361268750ad93fba31a.jpeg36E9B98E-3EDB-4ACB-A2F8-4FF5EA60AE5C.thumb.jpeg.714f17954690abc0a69eb10c33cb4dc8.jpegD92FAA5C-15DE-491B-9D7B-536BE48C594D.thumb.jpeg.f17e30eb20ad84f9ceeee30232dff447.jpegA cool and easy 55 Chevy gasser build. Start with the amt kit and the flowing:

amt slicks 

amt rear steel wheels from the 1962 bel air or the 62 Pontiac 

hood scoop from amt’s 1963 impala 

scratch build a roll bar with evergreen 0.80 rod, and fashion up a set of fender well headers from solder & aluminum tubing.

I robbed the fuel tank from the mpc 60 corvette, and made the grill bar from a large paper clip

decals are from smp and my spares box

I hope you like it thanks for looking, mike

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Nice Ferd Napfel rendition.  Seems like I remember him and Gene Moody’s d/g 55 went to England in the Sixties and match raced each other.

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I saw the original car on ABC's Wide World of Sports when I was seven or eight years old. Up until then any race cars that I saw on TV ran on oval tracks or road courses - this car and the 55 Chevy that it was running against went in a straight line. It was the first time that I had ever seen a drag race. I couldn't figure out why they didn't turn corners, but I was hooked.

I am now 65 and retired, but watching The Storming Bull on TV started me on a lifelong love of drag racing that continues to this day. Thank you for rekindling that memory and for posting your build.

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