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“Garbage” AMT Chevy Rescue Van

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Here is my version of the “garbage” AMT Chevy Rescue Van. Not too bad for garbage. It presented some challenges for sure, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. I was not at all happy with the decals, but, live and learn. This van is strictly a fictitious rig. Overall, I’m fairly happy with the end result. Thanks for looking. 






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14 minutes ago, oldscool said:

Doesn't look like garbage to me.

Nope, it isn’t. There was someone on this forum that labeled it as such a while back when I asked a question about it. After having built it, I think it’s a pretty nice kit. Offers a couple challenges, but I guess that’s what keeps us on our best game. 

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Nicely done. Having built two of these, I agree that there are some minor issues but compare to others, they can be fairly easy to overcome. That's what model building is all about. Frustration is part of the learning curve. I don't tend to criticize older kits, they have the excuse of being old, I am less forgiving about brand new kits that have fitting issues. But in the end I am glad we have them , warts and all. A challenging kit can be extremely rewarding when done correctly. Yours is a good example . I like the light weathering on the chassis.

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